Saturday, May 08, 2010

Make-a-Wish Foundation & Zuno's auctioned items

Just a short little note with reference to Zuno's IMM fan sign.

I received a very nice and sweet email from Ms Dionne Wu of the Make-a-Wish Foundation the other day. In her words, she said:

'...the money will definitely fulfil our cause in creating a brighter and happier world for children with life-threatening medical conditions' and ' please help to convey our thanks to all the bidders especially Tara who got the ring (what a mind-blowing $800).'

This was of course in reference to the money raised during the charity auction of the various items like the pig-rabbit toys, the Zuno figurine and Zuno's ring. Just in case you are still blur what all the commotion was about that day after going through a couple of blogs on the internet ...I realised that some people really didn't know what was happenning and thought the organiser was trying to get more money out of the fans and audience), some items were auctioned off that day, with the proceeds all going to the charity, Make-a-Wish Foundation

I've always felt that it would be ideal if we can combine our perosnal interest with charity. Certainly, for many years in Joon's Family (Bae Yong Joon's fan club in Singapore), the club members have always raised funds for a charity during our annual gathering. And they are always very generous.

So I am very pleased that this time, Quest managed to incorporate it into Zuno's official events. Perhaps advanced announcements could be given next time as I'm sure we would be able to raise more money.

Just a little note about the charity, taken from their website:

We grant wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. Each wish brings smiles, laughter and a sense of wonder, together with many special memories to cherish.

So Tara and all those who bought the items the other day, you have made a sick child somewhere in Singapore very happy by helping to fulfil their wishes.

Isn't that a nice thought?

If you would like more information on the charity, you can refer to their website here or perhaps give the very nice Ms Wu a call at 65-6334-9474


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