Monday, May 31, 2010

A little update

Whew! Has everyone recovered from all the news yet? I know many forums were buzzing with the 'virtual' sales of SuJu tickets. My friend commented that it's a lot like stocks and shares trading. People are selling something that they do not own or have. The tickets have not been given out as the phone is not even available yet. Still, this is not going to stop SuJu fans right?

Anyway, KTO is giving away limited tickets, so those of you on their mailing list, do look out for the email today. It's not up on their Facebook yet but I'm sure it will be soon once they send out their EDM.

Here's their FB.

As for Beast, I understand that Universal Music will try and finalise the event details by the middle of this week, so please be patient. They are working round the clock to get it done asap ...with staff even going back to work whilst on medical leave. :( Just check out their FB page often.

Finally, don't forget that The Chaser at The Esplanade starts tomorrow. It should be quite fun and definitely different from all the K pop we will be getting this month.

For more details, refer to my blog here. Student get special price and is affordable.

See you all there...I'll be writing about it tomorrow night when I come back.



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Anonymous said...

what is yr job ?? just curious ...

tiffany said...

Thanks for the tip off. Seems Tae Yeon had a good time in SG with her family. Hopefully she comes back soon as part of SNSD to perform. That would be great. ^^

tiffany said...

My job? Amongst other things that I do, I import in Korean magazines and books and supply them to the bookshops and other retail outlets in SG and Kino in KL. You can check it at my other blog- Tiffany's Attic. ^^