Thursday, May 20, 2010

Korean magazines- May issues in in the stores

This has got to be one of the longest week ever. My laptop crashed last week. Tried rebooting, resetting etc but all I got was a pair of panda eyes after staying up the whole night looking at the blank screen. Rushed down the next day to get it repair but was told after an agonising wait of one day that it was obsolete and beyond help! (well, the very nice engineer at HP didn't say beyond help, he just said extremely difficult to get the parts and I would have to wait for about a week or two, which in this modern instant connectivity world, equals eternity).

So I opted to get a new computer, which was great because the screen is so much better...except that it uses the super new ^%4#@!^% windows live mail, which doesn't seemed to work like the old outlook express at all. On top of which, when I tried to sync it with my wiped out all my contacts!!!!!!!

In conclusion...a very stressful week and I'm still trying to find my way around locating the various files. Sigh... So if I've stayed away too long from here...sorry!

Anyway, the Korean magazines are already in the stores. Those of you who like fashion, you can get the magazines from Kinokuniya- Takashimaya. For Junior and Asta TV, you can get them from Kinokuniya- Taka and Liang Court, HMV, Poh Kim Video (selected stores) and Comics Connection. For those in Malaysia, you can get them from Kino-KL sometime next week.

Check the list of fashion and entertainment magazines here

For Asta TV, the cover is Lee Min Ho, with quite a spread of his photos. Others include SHINee and Rain. To look at Asta TV, click here.

And of course, there's Junior, which always comes with the free posters. This month, the posters feature Rain, Lee Min Ho, 2PM and 飛輪海. Look at the posters and magazine here

I have limited stocks of Junior and Astv TV on hand. The prices are listed on the site. Free delivery within Singapore only. For more enqueries, email me at

Will post the winner for The Chaser contest tonight plus some updates on the showcases coming up. Though I'm sure most fans know about them already. ^^

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