Saturday, May 29, 2010

K Pop fever in June 2010

It never rains but it pours. I used to complain that the Korean music artistes never come to Singapore. They were always going to Thailand, China, Japan but never Singapore because our little red dot was considered too small.

Guess what. for the month of June, we have not one, not two., not three but FOUR Korean bands in town. All I can say is...

Áll you parents out there, no need to plan for any school activities coz your children will be busy chasing the stars almost every weekend.

Super Junior
Date: 6th June
Time: 7.30pm
Event: showcase
Venue: ???
Organiser: Samung/ Singtel

Although I had blogged in my earlier post that you need to reserve the phone first and Singtel will inform you by 31st May of the price before you confirm on the purchase, it seems that Singtel has changed it's tactic. The phone is already on sale now and the price plans is all out. I guess Singtel must have been flooded with phone call and emails after the official release of the phone reservations. Anyway, I read that all 800 tickets have been given out, although the phone is only officially available on the 5th June. There are already quite a few people selling the tickets online...namely the techie forums. The phone is meant to be a really great one, therefore quite a few buyers are guys, hence the techie forums. From what I saw, I think the average price seems to be $300 for a pair of tickets. But I think the price will go higher as more fans become aware of it. I also got a ext message from my friend that you can go down to Plaza Singapura this weekend to pre-order your phone. The 1st 100 get the tickets. Now, I am unsure how true this is as it has not been verified, so go down at your own risk.

Sintel's link

Wonder Girls
Date: 17th June
Time: 2:00pm
Event: Meet the Wonder Girls
Venue: M1 Paragon

Date: 17th June
Time: 3:00pm
Event: Meet the Wonder Girls
Venue: Starhub Plaza Singapura

Date: 17th June
Time: ? (1pm??? 4pm????)
Event: Meet the Wonder Girls
Venue: SingTel hello!Comcentre

Date: 18th June
Time: 7:00 PM
Event: Wonder Girls Music Showcase
Venue: Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Hall Basement 2, Hall E
Organiser: Sony Ericsson

*This time, this is organised by Sony Ericsson and a tie-up with all 3 telcos. Wonder Girls (with the new member Hae Rim) was in Singapore earlier this year for a event with Sony-Ericsson as they are the spokesperson for them in Asia Pacific. And based on their twitterings (yes, they were twittering quite alot), they enjoyed themselves here. So looks like more food tasting this time?

And there is an auction going on now at Sony Ericsson's facebook. The top 3 bidders will get the Sony Ericsson X10 mini with 5 different covers personally signed by the members. Unless my eyes are deceiving me, the top bid is $10,000, followed by $2,000 and $1,500. Woaaahhh! However, the money is going to charity- Singapore Children's Society, so it's for a good cause. Joon's Family had also donated to the same charity once. ^^

And lastly, I have misgiving about them appearing at M1 Paragon. The shop is in the basement and though it is not small, it is not huge either and no one can see them on the other levels as it is not 'open', if you know what I mean. Oh well....let's hope there's won't be too much chaos.

Sony Ericsson's facebook

U Kiss
Date: 20th June
Time: 4pm
Event: U-KISS “Only One” Meet & Greet Session
Venue: Level 3 Garden Plaza, IMM

Date: 21st June
Time: 7pm
Event: U-KISS “Only One” Showcase
Venue: Powerhouse, St James Power Station
Organiser: Warner Music Singapore

The VVIP tickets @ $170 are already sold out via the local fan club. The VIP tickets @ $70 are now on sale. Though I'am unsure where they are being sold. Through their company or via the local fan club? But it does say that the tickets will be on sale at HMV outlets from the 6th June at HMV. Well, at least the ticket price is not as expensive as I thought it was going to be. The space at St James powerhouse isn't big so it won't be more than a thousand...maybe a thousand at the max? However, it would have been nicer if they could have made the ticket sales a little more public as not many people know about the U Kiss fan club. Still, from an organiser's point of view, it is the easiest and fastest to sell the tickets.

Warner Music Facebook

Date: 23rd - 25th June
Time: ?
Event: Autograph sessiona nd showcase
Venue: ?
Organiser: Universal Music Singapore

I had blogged about this earlier too and was told at that time that it would probably be in July. But I guess the schedule has been changed. I guess the number of fans who indicated their desire to the boys made is easier to confirm the event. So far, nothing has been announced yet except for the dates, so keep a lookout people if you are going.

Universal Music Facebook

Well, it's going to be an exciting June. I just hope I don't wake up tomorrow and see Stahub announcing that they are bringing some bands in as well coz June is already very, very, very full.

There are other bands being mentioned and floating around now...including 2PM, SS501, SNSD and MBLAQ. But who knows if they are just rumours or in the midst of negotiation? I tend to view all these news as rumours till confirmed. Even when it is confirmed, they can still changed at the very last minute. So don't hold your breath. Still, it looks likt 2010 is shaping up to be a good year. Now, if only some of the singers that I want to watch would come instead. Sigh... Unfortunately, bands have a higher chance of being invited than solo singers.

Ok people...let me know if there's any exciting new updates ok?

* there is a slight editing with regards to the organiser. As M1 had come out with the ad on Friday first, I was under the assumption that they had an exclusive tie-up with Sony Ericsson. But actually, all 3 telcos- M1, Singtel and Starhub are involved in the promotion. BUT, the appearance is only at M1 Paragon...maybe that's why they got a headstart with the ad first.


jasssss said...

OHMY! This is so exciting! I was also thinking if Starhub will be having similar events like Singtel & M1. From the looks of it, they may just hold such an event. Singapore has never been so exciting before! I bet the airport security will also be very busy in June! Hahah :)

Ana said...

Hey.. Anybody knows if Universal Music SG has an email address we can contact for feedbacks and stuff?

Anonymous said...

I cant make it for SuJu's showcase this time round, hopefully they will come down again for SS3. *crosses fingers and toes*

juma48 said...

Yeah finally beast are comin to sg so happy about it and seriously june is really a kpop month for sg fans...And ana universal music sg do not have a email add i think but u can leave ur feedbacks and stuff at their official facebooks.

Btw tiffany can i know who are u expecting? hehe...

Anonymous said...

hi tiffany, you're really nice.. greatly appreciate all the updates you've been giving us all this while(: (: who are your fav soloist? I pretty like K.Will and Kim Tae Woo(:

Anonymous said...

oh, may I know if SJ is only going to be here for a day? :(

tiffany said...

Hi jasssss
Hope I haven't missed out an 's' in your name. I made a little mistake. Wonder Girls is brought in and organised by Sony Ericsson. All 3 telcos are joining in the promotion.

Although as I said, how many phones can you have and how often can you change?

Still, it is exciting...^^

tiffany said...

Hi Ana

You cna leave your comments on their FB. Thanks Juma for helping to reply.

tiffany said...


I've heard so many names being mentioned this year. But you never know...they may all come. Afterall, it's been very exciting so far.

I think if 2PM and SS501 come, they will create much news and excitment. ^^

tiffany said...

Hi Anonymous

I like too many...but I would love to watch SG Wannabe perform. I also like K.Will and Eru, and Lee Seung Gi, Lee Seung Chul....

I would love to watch Cho Sung Mo and Sung Si Kyung perform again.

And Bobby Kim. I would definitely love to watch Bobby Kim's solo concert.

But I think not much chance here leh...

tiffany said...


Re SuJu''s schedule, I don't have any confirmed infor yet. But I did hear they will be in SG for about 24 hours. I may be wrong of course.

Elle said...

Anymore means of getting sj ticket? i reach roadshow gone liao:((((

Anonymous said...

Anyone selling the vvip tickets/package?! Please sms me ty! 97391532 Pls, pls pls!

Anonymous said...

sms me to 81484501. i WANT to buy BEAST VVIP tix, Willing to pay any price, as im really a hardcore fan of them. Name any price,im serious.