Friday, April 30, 2010

ZUNO showcase- Meet him @ IMM winners

Sorry for a being a little late...had to be at the airport earlier.

So here they are...the winners for the 10 passes.

1) Nurazlin Binte Razak- Sxxxx175J
2) Kek Chin Wen- Sxxxx192A
3) Siti Risziana Binte Rosli- Sxxxx951D
4) Tan Yi Ming Amelia- Sxxxx631E
5) Zhao Ruoxu- Gxxxx340K
6) Retno Ambarsari- B xxx958
7) Amanda Lim Jia Min- Sxxxx963Z
8) Kwon Kyung Ha- Gxxxx481T
9) Liang Yi Jun Danica- Sxxxx350G
10) Nadhrah Zuhairah Monersawi- Sxxxx617D

All winners will be sent an email. Please go to The Garden Plaza, 3rd Level, IMM on the 2nd May. The IMM fan meet starts at 2.30pm.

This is a public event, which means you can see Jun Ho even without the pass. The pass entitles the winner to receive a handshake from Jun Ho.

Congratulations to the winners. ^^

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