Friday, April 16, 2010

Zuno aka Kim Jun Ho

Credit:Zuno Fan club Singapore

I must admit... I know pretty much nothing about DBSK...much less Jun Ho, Jun Su's twin brother. I'm guessing that many of those going to watch his showcase on the 1st May are there mainly because of Jun Su. Nothing wrong with that. After all, Jun Su debuted long ago and DBSK is well known where as Jun Ho is only just making his official debut.

Actually, I'm curious...seeing as they are twins...why did one enter showbiz under SM at the age of 11 and the other stayed away till now? Hmm...does anyone know the answer?

It's also unusual that he chose to launch his career in China instead of Korea though he wouldn't be the first Korean artiste to start his stage career outside Korea. Afterall, Lee An also launched his career here in Singapore. It's probably quite a good strategy though. The market in China and the entire Chinese speaking is huge.

But hor I like K Pop because I like to listen to Korean songs. So I do hope his next album will be in Korean despite the fact that I understand very little Korean.

So...although I'm quite pleased that Zuno is able to sing in Chinese (I wonder how good is his Mandarin), and am really quite happy to hear him sing in Chinese, I much, much, much prefer that he sings in Korean....most of the time. hehehe!

Jun Ho was officially introduced to the public by his brother Jun Su on MBC's programme, 'Introducing a Star's Friend'. Quite funny, the things they made him do. Catch the clip here. And then hor, he has to show off his 'talents' to win the girls, so he danced to Wonder Girls 'Tell Me' and Lee Hyo Ri's 'You Go Girl'. It was quite hilarious but the best part was, he actually said that he can't do guy's dance. Oh no! Does that mean he's going to dance all these girls' dance at his showcase? No lah, of course not. Glanced through a couple of fancams of his Beijing showcase on the 28th March. Not too bad. It certainly looks like there were lots of bang. Watch them here and here.

Personally, I think Jun Ho looks better but that's just my personal opinion. But in this clip, he does look at bit errr...It's the hair! It's the hair!

And the organsier has just released his official trailer for the Singapore showcase.

Does it look exciting? It's countdown time, people.

Catch the updated news about him on his Fan club and his fan club's facebook.

Credit: Zuno Fan Club Singapore

I found this really cute. ^^

Credit: As stated on the photo.

One more thing before I end this post. Both HMV and 100.3 are running contests to give away tickets. You can try your luck. ^^ Otherwise, I guess there's no choice but to buy the ticket. ^^

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ritzcheese said...

so you won't be holding any contest to win the fan-meet tix? or is it later?

tiffany said...

As posted on my earlier post, those who bought tickets from me will be enteredt into a lucky draw auotmatically for tix to the meet-the-fans session at IMM on 2nd May.

For the rest of the general readers, a question will be asked later and 3 winners will be picked.