Thursday, April 29, 2010

Programmes/ Itinerary for Zuno visit to Singapore

I wonder how many people will be rushing down to the airport tonight. ^^

Ok...for those who are still blur about what's's the schedule for Zuno over the next few days. I must say this is the first time an organiser has posted such details (including arrival and departure flight infor) so so early. Normally, it takes a crowbar to pry such infor out of their mouths and then hor...must wait till last minute then can release. And departure details are almost never given out...don't know why.

Any, here it is... Have a great weekend and look out for my postings. Oh....I will post the winners for the IMM passes tonight. Emails will be sent to the winners.

2120hrs - Zuno & Junsu arriving via KE 641 (T2)

1400hrs - Fans Meet @ Movida, St James Power Station (for Package A members only)
*Photo-taking and autograph session

1600hrs - Doors open @ Compass Central-East Ballroom, B2, Resorts World Convention Centre

1800hrs - Zuno Showcase 2010

1430hrs - Fans Meet @ IMM, Level 3, Garden Plaza (open to public)
*Handshake for 100 fans only (50 lucky fans from the showcase and 50 fans from public on first-come-first serve basis)

2250hrs - Junsu departing via KE 642 (T2)

0015hrs - Zuno departing via CA 970 (T1)

Have fun people.... more thing...I've had a few people asking me if Jun Su is going to appear in the other events. So far, according to the organiser, Jun Su will only appear at the showcase. This is afterall Jun Ho's showcase and not Jun Su. So the focus should be on Jun Ho. But maybe Jun Su will be lurking somewhere nearby to give him support???? Who knows?

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