Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jang Guen Suk? U Kiss? 2PM? SNSD?

Quite a few have been asking me about Jang Guen Suk's flight details. I'm afraid I don't have the details right now except, he should be arriving on the 22nd Apr, if no further changes. The organiser has not been the friendliest I'm afraid.

Some of you have also emailed me to inform me about U Kiss appearance in Singapore. Thanks for the tip-off. Originally, from what I know, they should be performing in the 2nd half of the year but it seems now they are not appearing in that particular event now I got to play detective and find out if and when they are coming. hehe!

On a bright note, for the event that U Kiss was orginally supposed to appear in, I've been told that a high profile group will be appearing. Now please don't ask me who coz I think they are still trying to negotiate with various groups, so please be patient. (Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Big Bang). ^^

Aa for the rest of the rumoured groups coming. Yes, I've heard too...from 2PM to SNSD to SS501 etc. But so far, they are still rumours for me, so I really rather not write anything. But you know, fans are always faster than any media, so if you guys do hear confirmed news in your local kopitiam, tell me hor.

Just another bit of news re Kim Boem's World Date. Yes, Mio TV did select a winner and I believe she should be in Korea now. I would love to get updates on this. Hmmm... YY?

EDIT: Thanks to annonymous for the tip-off and infor. Oh...wouldn't I love to have an ice-cream together with Kim Boem. ^^

Click on KBS site here to look at the rest of the photos.

And oh...something else that caught my attention related to TV. This is news that appeared in ST on Monday. Daniel Henney will be appearing in a new American medical series, 'Three Rivers'. The following is the quote from the article:

"We really needed the really hot kind of lothario doctor and we were seeing the usual suspects, who were not bad, but I wanted to do something a little different."
(quotes Barbee, who is the executive producer for the show. Credit: Straits Times, Cheryl Tan, 19th April).

Who is Daniel Henney?

'Three Rivers' starts this Wednesday (which is today) on Mio TV, 10pm. Those who catch it, can tell me if he is any good?

Hmm... but I still prefer Dennis O leh.

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Anonymous said...

hi, according to KBS twitter, the name of the winner for Kim Beom's World Date is Ho Ruo Yun! and she is indeed in Korea right now because KBS has tweeted a few photos as well. please look at the following links:

hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

performance "in the 2nd half of the year"??? when is that?? do you know the rough date?? >.<

tiffany said...

Thanks so much annony for the infor. Aren't the girls lucky? ^^

tiffany said...


I assume you are asking about U-Kiss. As I mentioned, they were supposed to appear in that particular event in the late 2nd half of the year but now that are not.

As to when U Kiss will be here, let me check and confirm on the event organiser 1st, ok?

winterlove said...

wow, I am so envious of the winner for the Kim Beom's, my heart is fluttering now, hope we can watch the program soon. I guess it must be hard for Kim Beom and the girls to communicate with each other though because of communication barrier...

tiffany said...

Hi winterlove

I think the programme will be shown sometime in May on KBS World.

Anonymous said...

according to what i know, it'll be shown on MioTV in May. Not sure about the exact date though, but last i heard should be mid-May thereabouts.