Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jang Guen Suk arrival details

Ok..for all those who have been asking me this question. Here's his flight details

Arrival date: 22 April
Airline: KE641
Time: 2120 hrs
Terminal: T2

And for the record, just in case you are thinking of asking me, I do not know which hotel he's staying in. I'm sure it would be no problem for the fans to find out though. ^^

Have fun.

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Elle said...

Hahha Please keep us updated! Btw, do you have any idea if any sponsors is giving out/having competitions for free tickets? I've no money!:( spent it on junsu:( so yeah, but i really wanna see JGS. his like my favourite actor since 3/4 years ago already(loved him since non-stop4) but yeah, i've loved dbsk for a longer time as my favourite band. But i don't have enough money for both! Please update if you know anywhere giving out tickets! THANKS:DDDDDD

joanne said...

Hi elle, I'm selling away JKS fan meet ticket at 170 for a pair. are u interested?

tiffany said...

Hi Elle

I don't know of any promotions by them leh. They very low key. The only one I know was the U Weekly - 1-for-1 promotion. But I think only for one day.

I many artistes right? Better save more coz more will be coming in July & Aug

tiffany said...

Hey Joanne

If you are still selling your tix, can contact me at

I got friends interested....

Mai Rose Lee said...
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Mai Rose Lee said...

Hey tiff,
Would you kindly post the departure details soon of Jang Geun Suk ( if you know )? :)


Nineteen said...

Could you elaborate on the July & Aug part, thanks :) i havent really had time to find out the latest kpop happenings, so im not very informed :x

Elle said...

Hahhah yup! I managed to get a ticket:DDD Hahahh chasing JGS was super awesome. HIs fanservice is like NO.1!