Thursday, April 15, 2010

April issues of the Korean magazines out on sale now

For those who buy the Korean magazines regularly, they are out on sale now.

For fashion and entertainment magazines, they should be out on sale at Kino- Taka tomorrow. Check out the magazine titles here:

Fashion and Entertainment. The free pouch from Ceci is rather nice.

Both Junior and Asta TV feature DBSK for the month of April. With the band pretty much seems timely to have them on the cover.

DBSK is on the cover for Junior- April issue and U-Know Yun Ho is on the cover for Asta TV- April

And the good news is, both Asta TV and Junior will now also be on sale at the following places:
Kinokuniya-KL (NEW!)
Kinokuniya- Liang Court (NEW!)

Kinokuniya- Takashimaya
Comics Connection
Poh Kim Video (selected outlets)

I was going to write about Zuno tonight. I thought there wouldn't be much information about him and wouldn't take up much of my time. What a surprise to find that there are actually quite a fair amount of news and clips about him. So I think the post can only be up tomorrow when I've sort out the information. Do look out for it tomorrow (or rather today). In the meantime though, you can check out the latest update about Zuno's showcase on Quest FB.

I'll be writing about the various ongoing contests and promotions for the showcase. You can find out how to win those elusive tickets to the show and the exclusive passes to his fan meeting at IMM.

Have you bought your ticket to Zuno's showcase yet? If you have not, click here for more information and details.


Anonymous said...

they are NOT "pretty much gone"

tiffany said...

Oops. My bad.

You are right, they are not pretty much gone though whatever status they are in seems pretty unclear to all. What is clear is that all group activities have stopped for the moment whilst they concentrate on their own individual activities.

It would be great if things can be sorted out and made clearer soon.