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Live Party @ Zouk with Brown Eyed Girls, Lee An and Sachoom

Wow, I just realised that quite a few of you have left comments..mostly for that one question...when are they departing. Well, I hope there were enough fans at the airport last night to give them a good send-off.

Did you all enjoy yourselves? I haven't checked with the organiser yet but I think there should have been about 1,000 people at the concert last night? Just 2 days before the event, they managed to solve the alchoholic problem and let the 14-15 years old attend this party. I'm sure that must have pleased quite a lot of BEG's fans. At the autograph session in J8, I saw many still in their school uniform and quite a few boys too. ^^

Now back to the party. I know some of the fans had started queuing early in the morning, so it was no surprise that by the time I arrived at 8pm, there was hardly any decent location left to watch the performance. Ironically, the only sort of 'ok' location left was in the 'below 15' section. So U and I had to forego our vodka during the 3 hours concert. I believe many fans did the same as nobody would have been willing to give up their I'm not sure how well the drinks sold.

At about 9pm, Sachoom came on stage to start the concert. I had seen them perform the day before at the NATAS Fair, having been told that there was going to be eye candy. Hehe! Well, not exactly eye candy but still the performance was good enough for the eyes. They had so much energy, fun and enthusiasm. I really enjoyed their show.

Sachoom at Natas Fair on 26 Feb 2010

Unfortunately, I think the stage at Zouk was way too small for their performance. But the dance crew wore much nicer outfit and of course, the audience was alot more appreciative than the mostly middle age audience at the fair. If you are going to Korea, do check out their show if you have the time. Click here for more infor on them.

Sachoom at Zouk

After warming up the audience (which really didn't need any warming up), BEG's picture came onto the screen...and that's when the crowd went wild. Thank god for the few TV screens that were strategically placed around. I had this big huge black 'thingy' that was blocking about half my view. *Urghhh!* Still, it was great to hear and see them again.

Of course, they sang their signature songs like L.O.V.E, Abracadabra and How Come. I think the girls were quite happy to be in Singapore coz they kept reaching out to 'lightly' touch the fans' hands. I wonder how many of these fans went home that night looking at their hands in wonder. hehe!

BEG singing Abracadabra at Sundown Festival on 12 December 09

They were dressed in white at the Sundown Festival but in black for the Zouk Party. Not sure if it's the same clothes they wore for the MV. Hmmm...

BEG singing Abracadabra at Zouk

By about 9.45pm, it was Lee An's turn to perform. I hadn't seen him since MC's wedding last year and haven't watch him perform since 2008 at Joon's Family annual gathering. It was good to see him again. I must say he is looking good. Unfortunately, I think not many of the fans know who he is, so hopefully he will gain a few more fans after this. He's got a good voice and a few of us have liked him since his debut a few years back. So if you want a little more infor about this Korean singer who launched his singign career in Singapore, do visit his blog here. They've uploaded lots of photos. hehe! Or check out my blogs about him..look at the links on the left side panel.

Lee An at Joon's Family 2008 annual gathering

I like his last song, I'll be there for you. But Lee An got to release new album soon leh.

Lee An at Zouk

There was a very short break and then the host/ mc/ dj came on. It was time to start the games and BEG was invited back on stage. Hehe! They sat on bar stools and were givem shawls. Hmm....was it due to the cold air-con or to protect thie decency as ahem... their clothes were a little short. ^^

Anyway, 2 games were played.

The first game- 4 fans had to do dance to BEG's songs...obviously with BEG's dance moves lah. It was apparent that one of the girl was pretty good. She looked like a very studious girl...those that you thought would be most likely studying biology than BEG's dance moves. But she must have really watched and watched BEG's mvs coz not only did she know them, but she was also good at it as well as singing to the song as she danced. Never judge a book by its cover. I was impressed.

BEG was asked to pick the winner but of course, being smart and diplomatic, they declined and left the decision to the audience...that's us. And yes, that girl won.

The second game- another 4 fans had to sing. Now I thought this would have easier than the 1st game but as it turned out, it was actually harder as they couldn't remember the lyrics (or froze) once the music stopped. 2 of the girls were pretty ok. 1 of the girl completely froze (don't blame her really) but the only guy was really quite funny and innovative. He improvised alot and was really funny and enthusiastic. A group behind me was cheering for him very loudly. Wonder if they are his friends. In the end, though he may not have been the best...he was the most charismatic and was voted overwhelmingly as the winner by many of us. ^^ Think the prizes for both the games were handphones sponsored by Sony Ericsson.

The last segment quickly started with BEG singing 'You Raised me up', which was first performed on Mnet to raise the awareness of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. With this performance, it raises no doubt about their singing abilities...they are definitely not just another girl band. Listen to original performance here. Jea is fantastic in hitting the right notes.

At the mention of this song, this now brings me to a point that I felt marred the night's concert- the sound system.

The sound system was bad. And I wasn't the only reviewer commenting on this. I don't mind the idea of artistes performing at a club as the atomsphere can be quite electrifying as opposed to performing at a sit-down concert venue. But please do make sure the sound system do not disappoint. Sigh...

I half expected the fans to whip out their fans and dance along with the girls when they performed Sign. Haha! But everyone was too busy taking photos and videos..but they did sing along.

Besides these signature songs of theirs, they also sang '하필이면' from their 2nd album...which unfortunately not many in the audience (including me) know but it is one of their favourite song. So I guess fans should go and check it out. Catch one of their live performance here and their performance at Zouk, here.

Oh...there was only one 'unusual' incident. You know that Ga In is in the reality show, 'We Got Married' with Jo Kwon right? They are pretty popular and there is even much talk that the reel relationship has become a real relationship. Anyway, during the concert, Ga In was handed a 'No Jo Kwon' signage, with a no skinship text behind the signage. Pretty funny. hehe! Watch the clip here.

The whole show ended slightly before 11pm and everyone made a beeline for the drinks and the toilets. Unfortunately, because they were going to open up the venue to the public at about 11pm, we were asked to leave. So basically, many of us left Zouk holding a cup vodka + mixer (sprite, apple etc).

And one more thing that I wasn't too thrilled about. Singtel, as one of the sponsor, flashed the 'vote for your favourite song via sms' whilst the girls were performing. I know why they had to do it but sigh... it was rather irritating when you can't really see them on stage and can't see them at all on the screens.

Not a perfect concert (and I'm not referring to their singing abilities) but it was still good. And I think we should really thank Red Spade for starting the ball rolling with the Sundown Festival last year, inviting guests like FT Island, T-Max, Lee Ji Su, Mario& and of course Brown Eyed Girls. Hopefully the girls will be back again when they release their new album this year. ^^

I've been reading a few fans' accounts of their experiennces in meeting the girls. Now when I was told by one of the organiser earlier that they wanted a holiday, I didn't expect them to really do it. But they did...from going for spa eating road side going to the Singapore Flyer. I hope they leave with pleasant memories of Singapore and Singaporean fans and spread the word around back in Korea on how fun it is to come here. ^^ If you want to read about what they did during their 'free' days, go to Brown Eyed Girls International Forum

I guess the artistes to come will be Shinee.....


hh said...

hi tiffany, there is also a facebook page for SG fans by a diff. group at

thx fr the kpop infos :))

Miichibi said...

hey i heard Yoobin and Yeeun coming on 9 march??any details??


jlwx-gal said...
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jlwx-gal said...


jlwx-gal said...

2 of the wondergirls is coming to Singapore. Information found on their twitter and SgWonderful forum.

Anonymous said...

yea i also heard that lee ji soo is coming to sg in april for a fan meeting! glad to see that more kpop stars are coming to sg. ^^

tiffany said...

Hi hh

Thanks for the link. I'm really glad to know that the girls enjoyed themselves so much here.

Personally, I was thrilled with the roadside ice cream part. Coz I love the home made ice cream myself. ^^

tiffany said...

Hi Miichibi and jlwx-gal

Thanks for the heads-up about the WG. I did hear some rumblings about them coming a month back but I don't have the full details at that time and I wasn't too sure if it was just rumblings or for real. I'll try and find out more and post here if I do have the news.

: )

tiffany said...

Thanks jlwx-gal. _germx had also posted about the event details on the comments section in another post of mine.

I guess Warner music have taken the opportunity to do another event after the massive turnout at the last time. This should be after the E-Pop's event on the 13 March.

But 3,000 does seemed alot to me. Will the roof top garden be able to hold that many? Hmmm... Well at least the cd is cheaper this time.

But I wonder how long is the showcase....

tiffany said...


Yes, I heard Lee Ji Su is coming in April for fan meeting. But I have not heard any other news about it on the organiser's website as yet....

hh said...

hi tiffany,

the ice cream part is rly cute. and well i thought it wld have been better if they tried the one wrapped with bread. i know a lot of tourists loved it. (inc. me)

i hope they did enjoyed themselves. :)

marcus said...
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BEGinternational said...

Hi there tiffany! This is Alvin here from Brown Eyed Girls International Forum.
First of all i want to thank you for mentioning our small little forum on your blog here, its really an honor for us to be mentioned. We hope that we can work closer with you if there are any other opportunities in the future.

On the other hand, Just to update you something really interesting here. One of our forum members has just created Individual Brown Eyed Girls brain maps like the one on Invincible Youth, just that this one is on the activities breakdown of the girls during their stay here in Singapore.

The pictures link are attached below:

The Thread could be found here:

Thank you for the time to read this post!

Yours sincerely,
Brown Eyed Girls International Forum

tiffany said...

Hi Alvin

Sorry for this super late reply and I'm more than happy to mention about your forum. You people certainly had some amazing moments with BEG.

And thanks for the drawings. Interesting. ^^