Friday, March 19, 2010

K events update- Zuno, Jang Guen Suk and K Club party

Zuno's showcase

Those of you following Zuno's showcase on Quest's facebook would have known by now that the venue as been decided. Here's the poster with the details:

It's going to be at the Resorts World Convention Centre, Sentosa. It should be exciting as it's a new venue. Maybe the 2 brothers can pop into the casino after the performance. hehehe! Or go for a ride at the Universal Studios. Hmmm...just an idea..wouldn't it be a fantastic if the fans can sit in the same ride as the 2 brothers?

Anyway, the tickets are on sale now. And the deadline to join as member has been extended to the 15th April (it's tax filing day!!!! sorry...think many of you won't have to pay tax yet). Anyway, here's a short clip of Zuno's new song- 放开我 (Let Me Go). Yes, the song is in Chinese and he will be singing Chinese song at the showcase. For more information, go to: Quest site on Zuno's showcase

Jang Guen Suk's Singapore Fan meeting

According to the little poll I did on my blog last week, 73 people were going to Q to get SHInee's album whilst only 33 were going to Q to get Jang Guen Suk's fan meeting ticket. Hmm... Well, tickets are still available at IMM for the normal tix. The 50 VIP tix were sold out....the day before. Yes, by Friday afternoon, all 50 spots had been taken up. In fact, I heard that some of the fans actually went down on Thursday night to Q for this limited tix. Wow! I can only say, I'm speechless. Here's more information on their website

Anyway, here's a little promo clip from him. His English isn't too bad. At least I can understand what he said, even though he said the wrong date- 25th April instead of 24th April. wahaha! ^^

K Club Party
Have you bought your tix to the K Club party on the 27th March yet? I had fun the lst time, so I hope it will be just as fun this time round. It seems there won't be another K Club party till end of the year, so do go now if you can. Check out their facebook for more infor. They will be at Starbucks Raffles City this coming weekend from 4pm to 6pm, so you can go there and buy tickets as well.

Just another thought to the organiser- wouldn't it be cool if they serve Korean beer like Cass at the party? Better still if Yoon Eun Hye, Nichkhun, Lee Min Ho etc are at the party as well. Wahaha! Steph and Cat- you reading this?

I hear... I hear...I hear...that a boy band or two will be coming to SG in the next few months. Oh...a girl band too. But that's just what I hear and no way to confirm anything now. Anyone hear anything???

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Anonymous said...

can i know which boyband or girl band that u hear that goin to come to sg in few mths though its juz a hearsay?

Anonymous said...

heheee, looks like this quest is taking k-showcase to a new level huh! so classy to hv it at such a venue!! my friends r talking abt it n we r feeling good! finally i can meet our oppa!! i heard dat this company will be flying in more k-stars this year hope it's true.

Anonymous said...

JKS tixs too ex already! Not worth it. I rather go for Junho one better. :@

Anonymous said...

k party 27 Mar.. hee ^^ don't forget is also earth day. Dunno what time is the event, in case is in the evening.. then remember to bring a torch light or candles.. cool man, must be very romantic nite then ^^


tiffany said...

Sorry... I can't say anything as it is all being discussed at the moment by the various organisers. And of course, some are heresay from friends etc.

Don't worry, once they are confirmed, you will get to hear about it.

tiffany said...

Well, Quest does plan to bring in more K artistes...but I guess alot more companies this year are also planning to bring in more K artistes.

So that's good news to all right?

tiffany said...


I guess whether the tix is worth it or not depends on whether you are fan. If you a fan, even if it's $500, you will still Rain's concert in Singapore previously.

tiffany said...

Hi Von

Nice to see you here and posting a comment finally.

Oh yeah... I forgot. That would make it exciting...dancing in the dark with torches. ^^

Fiqah said...

Jang geun suk at imm must pay to get in ?

Anonymous said...

which bands? please tell us!

Anonymous said...

can give us some hints?? pretty pls.. :)

Anonymous said...

from the second comment, "i heard dat this company will be flying in more k-stars this year" is it SM? ^^

Joyce said...

Wow...after reading your post...I'm starting to imagine.. What would it be like if I were on the same ride as the two brothers? ^^ IT'D BE FANTASTIC.
Yes, it's very impossible, but a girl can dream~ Haha <3 (Should I visit Sentosa that day?)
Thank you so much for the updates :)
Kpop hwaiting! Kpop artistes are jjang ♥

tiffany said...

To watch the auto signing session at IMM is free. But I think it will be very crowded.

tiffany said...


It's free to dream. ^^ But then sometimes, dream do come true.

amanda said...

hello there!
can i be able to know which flight or hotel will Jang guen suk be staying at? thanks you so much!!:D

vanessaa said...

hey! do you have any idea what hotel he stays, or his arrival/departure details?