Monday, March 01, 2010

Brown Eyed Girls departure details

Brown Eyed Girls should be leaving tonight by Asiana Airlines, OZ752, 2240, T2 if no further changes.

I was told that the girls wanted to see abit more of Singapore and reading some of the experiences, it would seemed that they have. I hope the girls have really enjoyed themselves here and the fans here have given them a warm and welcome experience for them to come back again.


Please credit me if taking infor out of here or my twitter.


Anonymous said...

ahh thank you! i hope to see them tonight as i will be going to korea to but diff flight!

Anonymous said...

may i know shinee arrival time to singapore ?

tiffany said...


HOpe you got to see them at the airport.

tiffany said...

I'm sorry, but I do not have infor on Shinee's arrival at this point in time. If I do, I will definitely post them.

Anonymous said...


I was wondering if you have any news on Wonder Girl's trip to Singapore this month ? Any updates ?
Its been known that Yeeun & Yubin stated at their twitter saying that they'll be in Singapore soon.
Yeeun even said they'll be leaving for Singapore this saturday ?
So i was wondering, why isnt there any news of their activities here ?