Friday, March 26, 2010

Now showing in Singapore- TV (26th March 2010)

These are the dramas now currently airing on our little island, Singapore.

Now showing in Singapore- TV

Singapore Cable Vision
Channel 55

Queen Seon Deok
Cast: Lee Yo Won, Go Hyun Jung, Park Yeh Jin, Uhm Tae Woong, Kim Nam Gil
Showtime: Weekday daily
Start date: 9th February 2010
End date: 5th May 2010

Cast: Chae Rim, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Jong Hyuk, Oh Kwang Rok, Lee Hyeon Shik
Showtime: Weekday daily
Start date: 23rd March 2010
End date: 13th April 2010

My Wife is a Superwoman
Cast: Kim Nam Joo, Oh Ji Ho, Lee Hye Young, Choi Cheol Ho
Showtime: Sunday, with repeats on Saturday
Start date: 31st January 2010
End date: 25th April 2010

Channel 56

Brilliant Legacy
Cast: Han Hyo Joo, Lee Seung Gi, BaeSoo Bin, Kim Mi Sook, Moon Chae Won
Showtime: Saturday, with repeats on Sunday
Start date: 27th February 2010
End date: 29th May 2010

Channel U

Here Comes Ajumma
Cast: Park Im Hwan, Lee Tae Ran, Kim Hye Sun, Choi Jung Won, Lee Seung Gi
Showtime: Weekday daily
Start date: 31st March 2010
End date: ?? (it's listed as 242 episodes!!)

Fantasy Couple
Cast: Oh Ji Ho, Han Yeh Seul, Kim Sung Min, Park Han Byul
Showtime: Weekday daily
Start date: ?
End date: 3rd April 2010

Hong Gil Dong
Cast: Kang Ji Hwan, Sung Yu Ri, Jang Geun Suk
Showtime: Weekday daily
Start date: 6th April 2010
End date: 19th May 2010

Mio TV
Channel 73

White Lies
Cast: Shin Eun Gyung, Kang Joo Suk, Kim Tae Hyun
Showtime: Daily
Start date: 15th March 2010
End date: ?

Cast: Lee Jung Jae, Lee Seon Gyun, Min Hyo Rin, Kim Hee, lee Ha Na, Yoon Kye Sang
Showtime: Daily
Start date: 15th March 2010
End date: ?

Channel 315

My Precious You
Cast: Kim Sung Soo, Lee Tae Ran, Ji Hyun Woo, Park Im Hwan

Cast: Lee Jung Jae, Lee Seon Gyun, Min Hyo Rin, Kim Hee, Lee Ha Na, Yoon Kye Sang

Friends, Our Legend
Cast: Hyun Bin, Kim Min Joon, Seo Do Young, Wang Ji Hye, Lee Shi Un, Bae Geu Rin, Jung Yoo Mi

Swallow the Sun
Cast: Ji Sung, Lee Wan, Sung Yu Ri, Jung Kwang Ryul

City Hall
Cast: Kim Sun Ah, Cha Seung Won, Choo Sang Mi, Lee Hyung Chul

In Soon is Pretty
Cast: Kim Hyun Joo, Kim Min Joon, Lee Wan, Seo Hyo Rim, Lee in Hye

The Posessed
Cast: Lee Seo Jin, Im Joo Eun, Ji Yeon, Lee Jin, Kim Sung Ryeong

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Seperated at birth....or not?

Super tired with work, so pardon for not writing the last few days. The Korean magazines for the month of March have arrived. Finally!!! They should be out in the stores by tomorrow.

Anyway, I wanted to do a quick post coz when when I saw the picture in this month's issue of Cosmopolitan. I did a double take. The top picture was scanned from Cosmomen- a supplement of the magazine, Cosmopolitan. The second one was from the maagzine, Asta TV (Jun 09)

Don't you think they look alike? With that similar hairstyle and the pose etc..Hmm...Can you tell who is who? ^^ Wait a minute...some fans think Kim Hyun Joong looks like Bae Yong does that mean Rain looks like Bae Yong Joon??????

Of course, all similarities disappear when you look at their latest photos.

They couldn't look more different. Wahaha!

Ok, I'm not sure I dig Rain's look for his latest can't say he's boring. I've always said that Rain is a perfomer more than a singer. A bit like Aaron Kwok. I guess the fans are all looking forward to his album, afterall, his last album was released in 2008, which was a long while back. His latest album will be out on 1st April and you can preorder yours at Yesasia. Hmm...only 5 songs though.

As for Kim Hyun Joong, he recently did a CF with Yoon Eun Hye and other stars for UNICEF sponsored by Basic House. Take a look here. Btw, bb, who is a big fan of BYJ and Kim Hyun Joong (or Leader as he is kown) has started a forum for Kim Hyun Joong. Check it out at Fallen for a Star- Kim Hyun Joong. She also has a blog for him here.

Just a little note:
It seems there is another Korean artiste in town in April for a mini fan meeting. But he is not from any boy band or in the current 'hot' category. And I'm not really sure how big a following he has, despite the fact that he's been here recently. Will post more later.

Friday, March 19, 2010

K events update- Zuno, Jang Guen Suk and K Club party

Zuno's showcase

Those of you following Zuno's showcase on Quest's facebook would have known by now that the venue as been decided. Here's the poster with the details:

It's going to be at the Resorts World Convention Centre, Sentosa. It should be exciting as it's a new venue. Maybe the 2 brothers can pop into the casino after the performance. hehehe! Or go for a ride at the Universal Studios. Hmmm...just an idea..wouldn't it be a fantastic if the fans can sit in the same ride as the 2 brothers?

Anyway, the tickets are on sale now. And the deadline to join as member has been extended to the 15th April (it's tax filing day!!!! sorry...think many of you won't have to pay tax yet). Anyway, here's a short clip of Zuno's new song- 放开我 (Let Me Go). Yes, the song is in Chinese and he will be singing Chinese song at the showcase. For more information, go to: Quest site on Zuno's showcase

Jang Guen Suk's Singapore Fan meeting

According to the little poll I did on my blog last week, 73 people were going to Q to get SHInee's album whilst only 33 were going to Q to get Jang Guen Suk's fan meeting ticket. Hmm... Well, tickets are still available at IMM for the normal tix. The 50 VIP tix were sold out....the day before. Yes, by Friday afternoon, all 50 spots had been taken up. In fact, I heard that some of the fans actually went down on Thursday night to Q for this limited tix. Wow! I can only say, I'm speechless. Here's more information on their website

Anyway, here's a little promo clip from him. His English isn't too bad. At least I can understand what he said, even though he said the wrong date- 25th April instead of 24th April. wahaha! ^^

K Club Party
Have you bought your tix to the K Club party on the 27th March yet? I had fun the lst time, so I hope it will be just as fun this time round. It seems there won't be another K Club party till end of the year, so do go now if you can. Check out their facebook for more infor. They will be at Starbucks Raffles City this coming weekend from 4pm to 6pm, so you can go there and buy tickets as well.

Just another thought to the organiser- wouldn't it be cool if they serve Korean beer like Cass at the party? Better still if Yoon Eun Hye, Nichkhun, Lee Min Ho etc are at the party as well. Wahaha! Steph and Cat- you reading this?

I hear... I hear...I hear...that a boy band or two will be coming to SG in the next few months. Oh...a girl band too. But that's just what I hear and no way to confirm anything now. Anyone hear anything???

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Woman who still wants to marry

Park Jin Hee - Lee Shin Young
Kim Boem - Ha Min Jae
Uhm Ji Won - Jung Da Jung
Wsng Bit Na - Kim Bu Ki
Choi Chul Ho - Na Ban Suk
Lee Pil Mo - Yoon Sang Woo
Park Ji Young - Choi Sang Mi

Official site
thread on soompi

Taking a look at my drama reviews, the last one I did was for 'Style' in September last year. I have since speed watch a couple of other dramas like 'You Are Beautiful' (yes, yes, I have watched this much talked about drama and may yet review it later) and 'Will it Snow for Christmas' (Goo Soo is great here after his miltary stint) and the latest one- 'Woman who still wants to marry'

This is another one of those 'younger men-older women' drama, of which Korean TV stations seemed to be churning them out on a regular basis in the last few years. I wrote about about it on my blog sometime back here. But unlike those 3 dramas, this particular one didn't do as well in terms of ratings. This is in no way a reflection of the cast, who delivered but I feel was a little let down somewhat by slightly weak storyline and character development.

Three women, Shin Young, Bu Ki and Da Jung are single women in their mid 30's. Successful in their work, it would seemed the next step would be to get married and have kids. At least that's what the society and even they themselves expect. But finding that someone special is hard work and elusive. Just when you thought you've found a diamond, you discovered it's just a bead. This drama attempts to portray these women's trials and tribulations in their lives via the choices they make. This is apparently a sequel to the earlier drama, 'The Woman who wants to marry'.

Lee Shin Young is a reporter in a TV channel. She is 34 and has just broke up with her boyfriend. Her supervisor is making life difficult for her at work. Everyday is the same-o, same-o. And then she met Min Jae, a young university student, who is also a brilliant musician. She suddenly remembered what falling in love was all like. Unfortunately, he is also 10 years younger than her. Will this last or is this just a passing fancy? And does she have enough courage to make this work? I must admit- this was the first time I've seen Park Jin Hee and I am impressed. She was natural and funny and yet not outragreously OTT. And she didn't looked too out of place with Kim Boem either despite all the protests. ^^

Jung Da Jung is a brilliant translator whose one goal in life now is to marry well. But is there such a thing as the perfect man? Ban Suk seems to meet the bill but you know the saying, you're not just marrying the man but also the family. ^^ I find her little too loud at times and seems too naive on certain occassions. If she is a translator, she would have come into contact with many foreigners and a little more worldly wise. But I guess this is K drama?

Bu Ki is an entreprenur in the F&B industry- calm, confident and what every woman at that age aspire to look like and be....including me. haha! Having seen what life could be for her if she married her long time boyfriend, she dumped him and used the money she had saved up to further her studies. This woman oozes with sexuality and doesn't need a man to complete her life. This, I feel, is her attraction.

Min Jae is an university student, an accompished student and a ladies' man. He made a bet with Ban Suk that he can make Shin Young fall in love with him (typical K drama..haiyah). Of course she did and he fell in love with her too. Bold in the face of love..he is every girl's dream (mine too!!!). But will he overcome his mother's objection to this relationship? I started watching this drama because of this young boy. I've been impressed with him ever since I watched him in 'Rude Woman'. Not only is he good looking, he can act too!

Sang Woo, a pilot and Shin Young's ex boyfriend. Wanted very much to get back with Shin Young until he met Sang Mi...who is Min Jae's mother. Yes, gets complicated in terms of relationship and who is related to whom. I like him very much more in the second half of the drama and I really like how Sang Mi blossomed when she is with him.

Ban Suk is a TCM physician looking for the sweet, unspoilt, innocent woman to complete his life. He met Da Jung, who may be a little innocent but is certainly not unspoilt and she definitely likes the finer things in life. Originally interested in Shin Young but seperated due to a misunderstanding. The comic character in the drama. This man is a veteran and his filmography shows that he is capable of achieving much more. It also says he is in 'Slave Hunter' but I'm not sure what character though. 'Slave Hunter' has of course been beating every drama in the same time slot (including this drama) and some to pulp. Btw, this guy has an amazing figure underneath his comic role. Yummy!

Compared to a lot of dramas with the same genres, I did not find this is as captivating nor as funny. Personally, I think it's due to character development and storyline...and a little too many distractions which resulted it in neither here nor there. And the relationship is so complicated, though I supposed the writer wanted to show the 'younger man- older woman' scenario at different stages. But as this is K drama, complicated relationship is the norm.

Therefore- Shin Young dates Min Jae, whose mother is dating Sang Woo, who used to be Shin Young's boyfriend. And Da Jung marries Ban Suk who used to be interested in Shin Young. And as a last possible development, Shin Young's not so nice supervisor, got interested in Bu Ki. Thankfully, they didn't develope this any further.

I'm not saying it's bad, on the contrary, it was a watchable drama BUT, it could have been better. I do like some of the touches in the drama. Like when Shin Young's supervisor tricked her and axed her programme, Min Jae asked why was she afraid to retaliate. And her reply was: "She is afraid...afraid of loosing her job at her age.". Now that's realism for you. Surprisingly, although the focus was supposed to be on Shin Young and Min Jae.. I like Sang Mi's and Sang Woo's story better. There is a certain bittersweetness to their story.

There is no passion, ie, not much of stipping...the most you got was lying down next to each other which was quite tame. But it is full of nice cozy, warm kisses. Which is fine with me coz I'm not sure if it would feel right if Shin Young and Min Jae have some blow-me-up, rock-the-bed scenes. There were a lot of criticisms from netizens (especially Koreans) who think that Park Jin Jee is too old for Kim Boem. But personally, I think it is not that obvious. Maybe because both of them have baby face look?

And I love the clothes worn by all the women in here. I know some of the people were discussing about where to get them and fashion is one thing (besides the music) that I've always loved about K dramas. And Kim Boem is really, really to drool for..but his sliver hair... Hmm...

Kim Boem sang 2 songs in this drama. Ok lah. He's definitely no Yong Hwa as a indie musician. hehe! Catch his performance in the drama here with the song, 'The woman who cut my guitar string'.

He also sang 'Confession', which sounded really, really familiar to me when I first heard it. Thank goodness for google and youtube. This song was orginally in the movie, 'Wolf's Temptation'. It starred Jo Han Sun and Kang Dong Won and remains one of my favourite movie. Coincidentally, Jo Han Sun made a cameo appearance in this drama in the first episode as a two-timing boyfriend. ^^

Kim Boem's version of 'Confession' in 'Woman who still wants to marry'.

Lee Su Hun's version of 'Confession' in Wolf's Temptation'.

Last note:
There were quite a few sweet scenes between Kim Boem and Park Jin Hee and I know most will think of the candle scene or sharing of headphones etc...but to me...I thought this scene was rather sweet. Especially after coming after a near quarrel due to the jealousy of Shin Young. And doesn't Kim Boem look good in black. Now what wouldn't I give to have him lying in the same bed as me. Ooops...mustn't let hubby read this.

This is such a nice, warm jazzy song. Great for listening in the night. Lyrics as translated from the Chinese subs

Under the light of my street corner lamp
I hope there is someone waiting for me
In the midst of my happiness
I really hope to share it with you
I hope it is you
If you hadn't come to me
I wouldn't have such thoughts
I really thought love would not come again
Gathering up my courage
To walk to your side
Overcome all obstacles in my path

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Calendar of events

Just a very quick note before I go off to zzzzland.

I've added an events calendar on the left bar of this blog. With so many events and K stars popping by recently, I'm beginning to loose track of what's happenning what, where and when. So I thought an events calendar would be useful to me and those of you keen to jot them down in your little iPhone.

Do drop me a note and let me know if I've missed out on anything or perhaps events that you would like to be listed on the calendar. But it has to be Korean related hor...and no birthdays please. There are too many birthdays to note. ^^

Lastly, it's going to be utterly chaotic at IMM this Sat. Are there any conflict of interest for any of you? ie, you want to buy tickets to both Jang Guen Suk's fan meet AND watch SHINee's showcase? Which one wins? I'm curious to know. I've created a poll just for fun. It's on the left bar, so do place your vote. And you can only vote for one answer hor. We'll see the final results on 12th March.

Will be back tomorrow or rather today for another post.

And oh...bye Wonder Girls. Looks like you all had a great time. ^^

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Live Party @ Zouk with Brown Eyed Girls, Lee An and Sachoom

Wow, I just realised that quite a few of you have left comments..mostly for that one question...when are they departing. Well, I hope there were enough fans at the airport last night to give them a good send-off.

Did you all enjoy yourselves? I haven't checked with the organiser yet but I think there should have been about 1,000 people at the concert last night? Just 2 days before the event, they managed to solve the alchoholic problem and let the 14-15 years old attend this party. I'm sure that must have pleased quite a lot of BEG's fans. At the autograph session in J8, I saw many still in their school uniform and quite a few boys too. ^^

Now back to the party. I know some of the fans had started queuing early in the morning, so it was no surprise that by the time I arrived at 8pm, there was hardly any decent location left to watch the performance. Ironically, the only sort of 'ok' location left was in the 'below 15' section. So U and I had to forego our vodka during the 3 hours concert. I believe many fans did the same as nobody would have been willing to give up their I'm not sure how well the drinks sold.

At about 9pm, Sachoom came on stage to start the concert. I had seen them perform the day before at the NATAS Fair, having been told that there was going to be eye candy. Hehe! Well, not exactly eye candy but still the performance was good enough for the eyes. They had so much energy, fun and enthusiasm. I really enjoyed their show.

Sachoom at Natas Fair on 26 Feb 2010

Unfortunately, I think the stage at Zouk was way too small for their performance. But the dance crew wore much nicer outfit and of course, the audience was alot more appreciative than the mostly middle age audience at the fair. If you are going to Korea, do check out their show if you have the time. Click here for more infor on them.

Sachoom at Zouk

After warming up the audience (which really didn't need any warming up), BEG's picture came onto the screen...and that's when the crowd went wild. Thank god for the few TV screens that were strategically placed around. I had this big huge black 'thingy' that was blocking about half my view. *Urghhh!* Still, it was great to hear and see them again.

Of course, they sang their signature songs like L.O.V.E, Abracadabra and How Come. I think the girls were quite happy to be in Singapore coz they kept reaching out to 'lightly' touch the fans' hands. I wonder how many of these fans went home that night looking at their hands in wonder. hehe!

BEG singing Abracadabra at Sundown Festival on 12 December 09

They were dressed in white at the Sundown Festival but in black for the Zouk Party. Not sure if it's the same clothes they wore for the MV. Hmmm...

BEG singing Abracadabra at Zouk

By about 9.45pm, it was Lee An's turn to perform. I hadn't seen him since MC's wedding last year and haven't watch him perform since 2008 at Joon's Family annual gathering. It was good to see him again. I must say he is looking good. Unfortunately, I think not many of the fans know who he is, so hopefully he will gain a few more fans after this. He's got a good voice and a few of us have liked him since his debut a few years back. So if you want a little more infor about this Korean singer who launched his singign career in Singapore, do visit his blog here. They've uploaded lots of photos. hehe! Or check out my blogs about him..look at the links on the left side panel.

Lee An at Joon's Family 2008 annual gathering

I like his last song, I'll be there for you. But Lee An got to release new album soon leh.

Lee An at Zouk

There was a very short break and then the host/ mc/ dj came on. It was time to start the games and BEG was invited back on stage. Hehe! They sat on bar stools and were givem shawls. Hmm....was it due to the cold air-con or to protect thie decency as ahem... their clothes were a little short. ^^

Anyway, 2 games were played.

The first game- 4 fans had to do dance to BEG's songs...obviously with BEG's dance moves lah. It was apparent that one of the girl was pretty good. She looked like a very studious girl...those that you thought would be most likely studying biology than BEG's dance moves. But she must have really watched and watched BEG's mvs coz not only did she know them, but she was also good at it as well as singing to the song as she danced. Never judge a book by its cover. I was impressed.

BEG was asked to pick the winner but of course, being smart and diplomatic, they declined and left the decision to the audience...that's us. And yes, that girl won.

The second game- another 4 fans had to sing. Now I thought this would have easier than the 1st game but as it turned out, it was actually harder as they couldn't remember the lyrics (or froze) once the music stopped. 2 of the girls were pretty ok. 1 of the girl completely froze (don't blame her really) but the only guy was really quite funny and innovative. He improvised alot and was really funny and enthusiastic. A group behind me was cheering for him very loudly. Wonder if they are his friends. In the end, though he may not have been the best...he was the most charismatic and was voted overwhelmingly as the winner by many of us. ^^ Think the prizes for both the games were handphones sponsored by Sony Ericsson.

The last segment quickly started with BEG singing 'You Raised me up', which was first performed on Mnet to raise the awareness of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. With this performance, it raises no doubt about their singing abilities...they are definitely not just another girl band. Listen to original performance here. Jea is fantastic in hitting the right notes.

At the mention of this song, this now brings me to a point that I felt marred the night's concert- the sound system.

The sound system was bad. And I wasn't the only reviewer commenting on this. I don't mind the idea of artistes performing at a club as the atomsphere can be quite electrifying as opposed to performing at a sit-down concert venue. But please do make sure the sound system do not disappoint. Sigh...

I half expected the fans to whip out their fans and dance along with the girls when they performed Sign. Haha! But everyone was too busy taking photos and videos..but they did sing along.

Besides these signature songs of theirs, they also sang '하필이면' from their 2nd album...which unfortunately not many in the audience (including me) know but it is one of their favourite song. So I guess fans should go and check it out. Catch one of their live performance here and their performance at Zouk, here.

Oh...there was only one 'unusual' incident. You know that Ga In is in the reality show, 'We Got Married' with Jo Kwon right? They are pretty popular and there is even much talk that the reel relationship has become a real relationship. Anyway, during the concert, Ga In was handed a 'No Jo Kwon' signage, with a no skinship text behind the signage. Pretty funny. hehe! Watch the clip here.

The whole show ended slightly before 11pm and everyone made a beeline for the drinks and the toilets. Unfortunately, because they were going to open up the venue to the public at about 11pm, we were asked to leave. So basically, many of us left Zouk holding a cup vodka + mixer (sprite, apple etc).

And one more thing that I wasn't too thrilled about. Singtel, as one of the sponsor, flashed the 'vote for your favourite song via sms' whilst the girls were performing. I know why they had to do it but sigh... it was rather irritating when you can't really see them on stage and can't see them at all on the screens.

Not a perfect concert (and I'm not referring to their singing abilities) but it was still good. And I think we should really thank Red Spade for starting the ball rolling with the Sundown Festival last year, inviting guests like FT Island, T-Max, Lee Ji Su, Mario& and of course Brown Eyed Girls. Hopefully the girls will be back again when they release their new album this year. ^^

I've been reading a few fans' accounts of their experiennces in meeting the girls. Now when I was told by one of the organiser earlier that they wanted a holiday, I didn't expect them to really do it. But they did...from going for spa eating road side going to the Singapore Flyer. I hope they leave with pleasant memories of Singapore and Singaporean fans and spread the word around back in Korea on how fun it is to come here. ^^ If you want to read about what they did during their 'free' days, go to Brown Eyed Girls International Forum

I guess the artistes to come will be Shinee.....

Monday, March 01, 2010

Brown Eyed Girls departure details

Brown Eyed Girls should be leaving tonight by Asiana Airlines, OZ752, 2240, T2 if no further changes.

I was told that the girls wanted to see abit more of Singapore and reading some of the experiences, it would seemed that they have. I hope the girls have really enjoyed themselves here and the fans here have given them a warm and welcome experience for them to come back again.


Please credit me if taking infor out of here or my twitter.