Thursday, February 04, 2010

Kim Jun Ho showcase in Singapore

Hmmm... I noticed an increase in the number people following my Twitter since yesterday. Wonder if it's related to what I posted. it is...

Kim Jun Ho will be staging his concert/ showcase here in Singapore in April.

Kim who?

Kim Jun Ho...the brother of Kim Jun Su also known as Xiah...a member of DBSK.

I think Jun Ho released his album last year and already this year, he's going to do a showcase. Wow! I think his first stop is Beijing, which is happenning on the 28th March.

But of course, what most people will be interested in is his special guest star- Kim Jun Su or Xiah. Now please don't ask me what is the programme like, where is the showcase or when it is. I have no idea. I believe the organiser is sitll trying to finalise the details. I only know that it will be in April....possibly later part of April. Here's a message from this twins with regards to the Beijing showcase, translated into English by the fans.

JH: Hello everyone, I'm JunHo.
JS: Hello everyone, I'm JunSu.
JH: Long time no see, everyone.
JS: Hello.
JH: On the 28th of March, I will be holding my debut showcase at BeiJing. I hope that everyone can attend and support me.
JS: Hi, it's been so long since I last greeted everyone. My brother will be holding his debut showcase at China. I hope that everyone can support him. I will also be attending the showcase this time, and I hope that everyone can give my brother support and warm encouragement. Hope to see everyone there. Thank you!
JH: Thank you!
JS: Fighting!

Source: YouKu
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks! how many of you will go and watch him?

You can refer to the facebook link here

Will reply all comments tomorrow. Dead tired now. Also write about the press conference in the next few days. Got to edit the videos first. ^^


Mai Rose Lee said...

Wow cool! :)

More korean artistes is coming to Singapore!
yay ~~~

Mai Rose Lee said...

Btw i'm wondering how you get all this information from? :)

Anonymous said...

may i know for the age range for the K-club ?

Anonymous said...

i heard about sum fans tour happening soon in spore? any idea with dat???

_germx said...

i think this showcase will be quite cool ^^
hope it doesnt clash with my exam dates so that i can enjoy the mini concert in peace without the worry of my modules! =P
thanks for sharing this awesome piece of news! =]


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy & excited! Thank you for sharing this news! Please update us the details when they are out ;)


Joyce said...

This is really awesome and I'm excited about it ^^

Anonymous said...

yeah how's the k-club charges and is there any age limit? also, post more details of this showcase!!

tiffany said...

Hi Mai Rose Lee
The news is directly from the organiser. You can check out their facebook link on my edited post.

tiffany said...

Hi! annonymous and happy puppet

The age limit for the K Club party is 18 years and above. It's on my post- K scene around town. Facebook link posted as well.

tiffany said...

germx, zarah and joyce

Glad to know you're all excited. Will update when I have more news. ^^

winterlove said...

Hehehe...I was wondering who is actually Kim Jun Ho when I first saw his name on ur twitter? So he's Junsu's brother? And there's high possibility that Junsu is coming to Sg for the showcase, wow...such a great news. I bet there will be a dongbang hype going on if Junsu appear. After all, we have waited so long for DBSK to visit Sg and they never come even once before even after stopping almost all Asian countries but they just choose to leave out Sg.

Anonymous said...

Hey this is what I got from the organisers regarding the fans tour. Sounds pretty cool actually.

"the fans tour is in progress now. quest group is bringing k-wave fans over to seoul to see their favourite idols in action! waiting for the final confirmation. ;)"

- pris

tiffany said...

Hi winterlove

It would have been better if it was DBSK...but with the legal dispute now on..I'm not sure if it will ever happen. So I guess having one member of DBSK is better than none. ^^

tiffany said...

Hi Pris

You going to the tour? Yes, I'ma aware of the trip being planned by the organiser. But I normally prefer to post things that are confirmed, so untill I have more details from them, I won't write about it.

But, do look out for details here when it does happen. ^^

From what I gather, it should be interesting....if all goes well.

자스민 said...


tiffany said...

Hi Sze Min
Err... no...DBSK not coming. Only Jun Su coming as guest star for his brother, Jun Ho's showcase.