Friday, February 05, 2010

K scene around town

Wow! This is the first time I've receive so much response so quickly for a posting. I guess everyone is really excited about the Jun Ho and Jun Su's appearance in Singapore. Unfortunately, that's all the news I have now....Will definitely update when I have more news.

In the meatime, there are other things happenning around Singapore.

Brown Eyed Girls Live Party

In case, you didn't catch the infor on my twitter, Brown Eyed Girls will be back in Singapore on the 27th February for a live party at Zouk. The tickets go on sale this weekend.

Tickets available at Zouk 6 - 7 Feb from 11am - 3pm
Tickets available at HMV stores (313 Somerset and Citylink) on 8 Feb onwards
Take note though, got age limit- 16 years and above. Early bird ticket of $98 is inclusive of 2 drinks. Price ok lah...but the young girls and boys cannot go lor.

I forgot that KTO was organising a contest for this. So for those of you aspiring to be BEG wannabes, you may want to join the contest and perhaps win for yourself a free ticket. Now I got confused about the number of winners, so in case you are blur like me. It just means that there are 2 winners each for the single entry and the group entry. 알았어?

Facebook link- here

K Club Party
Remember when I wrote about the K Club party here earlier? Well, if you had missed it ealier, you can catch it on the 27th March at DXO Club again.

Time - 6 pm to 11 pm. Early bird price of $18 for the 1st 200 tix.
Sorry, got age limit also- 18 years and above.

Facebook link- here

Ok, the next 2 ietms don't need age limit. ^^

New K Drama release

'My Fair Lady' starring Yoon Eun Hye is out on sale already. So if you can't go to any of the above events and still want to relax abit...maybe can consider getting this. This is released by Poh Kim and I think you can buy online also. Err...I haven't watch this so can't comment. Does anyone know how the drama is? Ok or not?

K Pop station with Lee An
Don't want to strain your eyes? Then listen to Lee An's latest K Pop station, where he will introduce a 'hot' song each week. This week he introduces Girls Generation's latest song, 'Oh'. I think 'Gee' was better.
Anyway, you can click on the picture below and go directly to Lee An's K Pop station on youtube. He's already done 3 session.

And know Lee An will also be a guest artiste on Brown Eyed Girls' live party right? Click here to go to his blogsite.

Whew...and I'm still editing the videos for the press conference. Should be out by Friday or Saturday.


Anonymous said...

i love "my fair lady" :)

it's been quite sometimes YEH back from drama... was it... 2 years at least? And it's applied the same to YSH who always away from the small screen quite sometimes...

OH YSH is like at least 10years older den YEH, something to look forward to, and maybe there's some sparkle between them too :)

both sing for the OST as well, and Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls too :)

YEH is very stylish in this drama, lots of nice clothes gonna showcase in this drama. and, need no say, she can definitely bring it out :)


turquoise said...

i didn't like my fair lady.

i initially wanted to watch it since it was somewhat YEH's comeback drama after goong and coffee prince.

4-5 eps into e drama, it got boring. her character seemed inconsistent. also, too much 'drama' abt the whole butler appt storyline - YSH promising to quit, then didn't quit, then want to quit again. nonetheless, i finished it cos i enjoyed YEH's banter with YSH.

her fashion in the drama was a bit over the top for me. >P

winterlove said...

I think "my fair lady" isn't that popular, sad to say that. I didn't watch it too, because it doesn't appeal to me actually.

I can see that your blog has gotten so much active lately thanks to all the kpop coming in. I hope GOD would just keep this up, more korean stars coming please and hopefully I can see Jang Geun Suk soon...

Tiffany, you really should watch You're Beautiful, it's such a pity to miss out on that drama.

Chris in South Korea said...

Hey there,
Just discovered your blog via KoreanBlogPost - keep up the good work! I'm over at Chris in South Korea ( and have been blogging about Korea for the past 2 years or so. Check me out sometime - I've linked to you on my bloglist :)

tiffany said...

Hi all!

I didn't watch My Fair Lady too because I thought the character was too much like the one in Vineyard Man. I liked her in Princess Hours and especially in Coffe Prince. I thought she showed real spunk and another dimension to her acting career in Coffee Prince.

Can't comment about her clothes but as she is supposed to be the onyl successor to a big, big company..I guess it was the perfect opportunity to glam it up.

I believe she was quite upset about the negative comments and worked really hard to get the ratings up.

tiffany said...

Hi Chris in South Korea

Thanks for the link up. Give me a couple of days. I'd like to check out your blogsite as well. ^^