Monday, February 22, 2010

Junho's showcase- update

Weekends are always busy for me...even worse than weekdays, so apology for this late post. Although I've already updated the news on my twitter Tiffanyonthemov.

Quest is opening up the tickets sales Jun Ho's showcase for its members first. Confusing? Ok, let me see if I can explain this.

Quest is setting up a general fan club. They are expecting to bring in more K artistes, organise tours and plan other activities, so I guess there should be more exciting events in the coming months. Hence, they started a fan club. Now, when I say Fan Club, I guess it is no different from say...becoming a member of Kinokuniya or Poh Kim Video etc.

There are 3 packages- the most expensive being Package A @$250 which give you:

Seats in the platinum category (sounds so much like credit cards) to watch the showcase, photo and autograph session (with the 2 boys), one Zuno cd. I believe there are other privileges as well like discount in the stores etc. But seriously, at this moment, I think everyone is only interested in Junho's showcase. Of course, membership means got renewal fees lah. But I supposed you can always decide if you want to renew it later.

Membership is now opened. Refer to Quest page for your FAQ and infor here. Please read properly hor. seems the membership card and t-shirt designed by the twin brothers...and Jun Ho even wrote out letter for SG fans. I must say all these events getting more and more professional. FT Island had a personal message for SG fans for their showcase earlier.

Also, you may want to check out Quest's tour to Korea if you are keen to go Korea anytime soon. Most of the venues are normal- like Coffe Prince cafe, Namsan Tower etc. The one spot that really stands out is the visit to M.NET and MBC for the variety shows. 2AM is confirmed for M.NET Countdown and SNSD is confirmed for MBC's 쇼 움악중심. I guess 2AM will be singing Can't let you go even if I die and SNSD will be singing Oh!.

More details here

Too bad I can't go. I would have loved to visit M.Net. I went to KBS's Music Bank some years ago and had a great time. ^^


Anonymous said...

I like the comparison to Poh Kim and Kino... hahahaha!! "Fanclub" sounds sounds a lot more enticing!!

Looks like MBC is jumping onto the bandwangon to sell music show seats to foreigners. Last I heard, only Mnet did it - to the all powerful Japanese yen market. It makes perfect economic sense for them - they sell seats instead of giving them away for free to the Korean fanclubs.

Ah, but it's always more fun to attend the pre-recordings where you can see your fave artiste go through the same routine up to 3 times ^^.

L said...

Ok.. JGS fans meet ticket will be on sales on the 13th March but did not release the venue for the sales of the ticket. Tickets at $250(limited only) and $168.

tiffany said...

Of course membership fees for Poh Kim Video and Kinokuniya is very much cheaper then Quest Fan Club.

Yes, I agree that attending these music shows are great fun, especially the rehearsals. Nothing beats watching the artistes perform live. Think I saw UN at the KBS music bank. The group has since disbanded. Well, if the stations can make some money, why not right? And the tours are not every month, so there will still be seats for the fan clubs. ^^

Have you been on these variety shows?

tiffany said...

Thanks L!

So S$250 confirmed then? Really expensive huh? If it's really free seating.....will be utter chaos man.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Yes, I have gone to all (actual recordings and pre-recordings) except Mnet.

I love pre-recordings but the actual show can be a riot too haha! I've seen groups which are so "wannabees" that I don't understand how they were allowed to debut!

I love the music shows! The sound systems are great (our indoor stadium is really a shame) and sometimes, depending on the artiste's requirements, there are pyrotechnics too!!

tiffany said...


You've been to all? I'm really jealous. I heard tix is relaly hard to get for these shows, especially when there is a hot star performing. I remembered I was actually a little frightened by the intense response of the fans during the show.

I'll tell you a secret...I tend to FF the front part when I'm watching Music Bank. Some of them are really bad. Having said that, sometime 'established' singers are just as bad when they sing live.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Ah yes, it is difficult to get in when groups like DBSG are appearing >< . But if one has tickets, it is definitely ok. ^^

I saw a group called "Fly Boy" (or they performed a song called "Fly Boy") on KBS Music Bank in 2008. They were so black hip hop, gangster wannabe that it was FUNNY!! They looked totally ridiculous hahaha!

I admire how Korean fans can queue overnight - yes, even in the middle of winter - just to get in and support their idols. And they are very organised. The fan who arrives first will start the queue list on a piece of paper. And you can only queue for yourself. The best thing is that you can leave and not lose your place in the queue - because you'll be informed of the times they will check the queue numbers(to make sure no one cuts in and whoever is absent will be struck off the list). It's totally fair and it works because Korean fans RESPECT the queue list. But then, they have music shows every week so I suppose they had to come up with an orderly system. Can you imagine the police being called in every other day - like what happens in Singapore when fans queue. ><

I don't like to queue in Singapore because sadly, most fans here don't respect any system, or anything for that matter. If there was such a queue list (or maybe there was!) for Shinee in Jan 2010, there would still be a stampede because those behind would just ignore it and rush to the front.

Sorry for the essay - just some grumbles :P . So, when I see "free-standing" or "free-seating" events in SG, I just shake my head @@.

tiffany said...

Apparently, there was a queue list for the Shinee autograph but I think there were lots of miscommunications, and then it seems the organiser, Warner Music didn't recognise the queue list (or something like that) and of course, the usual queue jumpers.

Haha! I have pretty much avoided most free standing concerts, unless got big space (like fort canning). At my age, I much prefer to have a proper confirmed seat. Cannot compete against the younger fans. hehehe!

You must have been to Korea quite often to catch all these shows.

Anonymous said...

Warner Music? No comments hehe. I heard that SS501 autograph session in KL was a mess too. No prizes for guessing name of record label.

I've been to Korea 20 times. And I have friends who have "done better" than me in that aspect.