Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brown Eyed Girls arrival details

So is everyone queuing overnight just to get the posters? Don't forget, sitll got to queue up to get the autograph hor.

BEG will be having media interviews on Friday. ^^

But before that, if you are planning to go to the airport, here's the flight details which were posted on my Twitter earlier. Lee An will also be arriving on the same flight as well as the members of Sachoom. Since BEG arrived seperately on their last trip here, do give them a warm welcome at the airport. But don't forget to welcome the others too, and not just BEG.

Arrival date: 25th Feb 2010
Flight number: Asiana Airline, OZ751
Time: 21.30
Terminal: T2

Enjoy and let me know how the crowd is like at the airport. : )


Anonymous said...

where and wad time is that autograph session ???

Anonymous said...

at airport but not very crowded

tiffany said...

Wow! Thanks for the update. Maybe it's because it's a Thursday night? And everyone saving energy for tomorrow?

Oops. Flight delayed till 10pm.

Anonymous said...

For the fansign, we just need to spend a min of 20 bucks in a single receipt right? After that the queue for posters n autograph is first come first serve basis? Do u have any idea?
I think the flight no.
change to 1053 that's why not many pol just now.:) more people at airport now.

jlwx-gal said...

To Anonymous:

From what I see in the FB, the fans say that the counter will see the reciept and IC as they need to take down.

Have fun in seeing BEG later. :D:D

hh said...

hi tiffany, thx for the info. rly grateful. :) it was much lesser than Seoul'd Out definitely. but def. more than their suprise arrival last time. it got delayed till like 11pm. the girls looked tired.

Anonymous said...

Hi , do you have their departure details ???

Anonymous said...

do you know which hotel they are staying at?

Kellson =] said...

Sachoom rocked the house too! Browneyedgirls were awesome at zouk

Anonymous said...

yeah i would also be grateful for any news on their departure thx.

tiffany said...

Apologies for not answering some fo the questions but I thought it best that you check out with the mall as I am not the organiser. Glad to know it turned out well.

tiffany said...


yes, the flight was delayed. I hoep due to some tail wind or something.

tiffany said...

I like Sachoom too. Would have been better if the performance was longer.