Friday, January 22, 2010

You Are Beautiful merchandise and Korean maagzines (Jan 10)

I just realised that I haven't updated the January list of magazines. Sigh...too many things happenning at the same time.

Anyway, here it is, please refer to my post at Tiffany's Attic- January 2010 magazines for the list of Korean magazines that were in for January 2010. They have been om sale at Kinokuniya- Takashimaya since last week. Same goes for Asta TV Jan 10 and Junior 10. Just click on the title for the link to the posts. The calendar given away for the Jan issue of Junior quite interesting.

Speaking of calendars, 'You Are Beautiful' calendar is also in. Click here for more pictures and the retail price.

And for fans of the drama, the You Are Beautiful novel photobooks (click here) as well as the You Are Beautiful comic books (click here) are in too. I showed it to a couple of friends this afternoon and they were drooling over Jang Geun Suk's photos. hehehe!

You Are Beautiful Comic Book Vol 1

You are Beautiful Novel Photobook 2

I've only watched the first 2 episodes so I can't comment on the drama much. I do know that everyone was drooling over Jang Geun Suk (whom I first got aquainted in 'Hong Gil Dong') and found Jeremy dorky and cute. But I was actually keeping my eyes on Shin Woo (Jeong Yong Hwa). ^^ Guess what, his band, Code Name Blue (C.N. Blue) has just released it's first mini album and I'm absolutely loving the main song- I'm a Loner. It's the song I'm playing now on my blog and if you take a look at the left side of my blog, you will see the details there, including a link to the mv. Thanks Deb for the heads up on this.

The band reminds me very much of FT Island...and that was before I found out they actually belong to the same company. It reminds me of FT Island and the reason why I like FT Island...they all play an instrument in the band. ^^

Enjoy the song. I know I do.

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