Friday, January 22, 2010

Shinee and Brown Eyed Girls- quick update

Just a very quick post before I hit the sack, otherwise I will be going around half dazed in the morning.

Anyway, if you had followed me on my Twitter, you would have found out about

Shinee's autograph session
Shinee's autograph session is happening on the 31st January, 1.30pm and Lot 1 (Choa Chu Kang). Gosh...this mall really, really far away. You can only get the autograph if you buy the cd. And then the queue to buy the cd is different from the queue to get the autograph. On top of that night, no queuing over night. Hmmmm... so when can one actually queue? 5am? 6am? Is 5am considered as night or early morning? Anway, I'll try and get more infor coz I think they are still trying to sort out the finer details. But in the meantime, you can also check out the facebook here. Btw, only 1,000 albums on sale on sale hor.

The music of Oh Joon Sung- arrival and press conference
All the artistes will arrive on the 29th January, 8.45pm at T3. The press conference will be held on the 30th January, 11am at the Esplanade. Hmm... this means the artistes will be here for a good 5 days as the concert is on 1st and 2nd of Feb. With FT Island arriving on 28th January...I think many of the fans will be very busy for that few days and all those taxi uncles will be very happy. ^^ But wait a minute... Shinee arrives on 29th January, 8.45pm. FT Island got autograph session on 29th January @ IMM, 7.30pm. How are the fans going to split themselves????

Personally, I would like to know if anyone is going to bring Bobby Kim around. I can always volunteer......hehehe!

Brown Eyed Girls concert
Remember I was blogging earlier here about Brown Eyed Girls coming here for a concert? Well, it's confirmed to be on the 27th February at Zouk, 9pm to 10.30pm. Will post more details later, but from what I understand, the tix will be sold at HMV. I think it will be good to see the girls in a full, proper performance.

Ok..that's all for the moment folks. And may want to watch out for Apri as well coz I heard there may be another male artiste coming for a showcase. Let's see if that's going to be confirmed. And no, it's not Jang Geun Suk. Though I'm sure there are lots of people holding their breath and crossing their fingers and toes and necks. But you never know, since it was announced he will be coming to Singapore, he may just touch down on our shores through some kind sponsors.

Wah...I'm so proud of my little red dot. It's never been so happenning in terms of Korean entertainment. ^^


joyce said...

wow honestly i didnt think that what you said in dec (about BEG coming back soon) would be true. not because i doubted you, but rather because i doubted singapore's ability to draw big names here. but now, like u, im really proud of our little red dot!

do keep your updates coming! thanks!

Anonymous said...

lol you must have been too excited when you were typing your title: Browned Eye? hahaha

tiffany said...

Ho Joyce

I think whether an artiste will come or not also depends very much on the fans. I believe the girls and their management were very pleased with the enthusiastic response at the Sundown Festival. The girls never expected to have so many fans as their albums are not sold here in Singapore.

So people, remember to support all these artistes who do come for performance coz word will spread. Go get your tix for The Music of Oh Joon Sung and Brown Eyed Girls when it's out. ^^

tiffany said...


Sorry...thanks for pointing out the mistake. I'ce alreayd corrected it. Actually, I was more like half asleep coz it was already after 3am...


! ♥ KEY!! said...

does anyone has any idea what is the price of the cd? and wah! am uhh? so early? i thought it was late evening sey..

Anonymous said...

FT island, BEG, mario are all coming back to singapore after the seoul'd out concert. is t-max ever coming back?? *crosses fingers and toes*

rainy said...

what is FT's arrival time on thurs?


Anonymous said...

Hi! So since 1000 albums will be sold, once I get the album I can pretty much join the 2nd queue anytime right? Since I'm already guaranteed an autograph.

tiffany said...

Hi Key

I'm not sure about the price as they have not disclosed the pirce of the cd...either to me or on their facebook. But I think it's between $20 to $25. It can't be too expensive.

tiffany said...


I like T Max hopefully someone will bring thme back for a showcase. Btw, it's not the same Mario&... watch out for my post on them in the coming week.

tiffany said...


I haven't found out yet....will post when I do have the infor. ^^ You going to the airport?

tiffany said...


In my personal opinion, I doubt very much Shinee can sign all 1,000 pcs. Eg...BEG signed about 100+ during the recent within the 20-25 minutes they were there. But then again, that's just my personal opinion. Think you will have to check out their facebook often and go down that day to take a look.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

hey is the press conference open to public or closed-door session?thanks!

tiffany said...


Press conference is only opened to media and the press on an invitation basis. So it is a closed door event.

kell said...

Any idea on how to get invitations to go in to it? did u get it?

tiffany said...

Hi Kell

As I've explained is for the press and media and their partners (ie, KTO, Warner Music etc). As to how you can get an invitation....hmmm...are you from the media or media-related?

And yes, I will be covering the event, as I have for others like Sundown Festival, My Girlfriend is an Agent and Lee Min Ho's visit. ^^

cheryl said...

do you have any information on the flight details as for when and what time brown eyed girls are coming? :)
and will they have any other events besides the concert in zouk?

tiffany said...


You can follow my twitter for more information. I've already posted about their arrival but will write about the rest when I proper confirmation as well as event details. ^^