Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh Joon Sung, Bobby Kim, Shinee- flight arrival details

There is a slight change in the terminal. They will be arriving at T2 instead of T3 via Asian Airline.

29th January 2010
OZ753, 2145

Please give everyone a very warm welcome ok... ^^

As pointed out by jlwx-gal, the timing of the arrival flight has been changed to 2005. I would suggest you take note of the flight number, as landing time could change at the last minute. ^^

2nd EDIT
For those doing a countdown...seems the flight has been delayed to 2039. So it would seemed it's almost back to original time. Those who are going to the airport, take note of the flight number. And please do remember to give a warm welcome to the other artistes, especially the composer, Oh Joon Sung. Remember without him, Shinee would not be here.

Enjoy everyone!


jlwx-gal said...

Sorry for interuption, I think the timing you put are wrong, I go check and it's 20:05??

tiffany said...


Flight times are subject to change...up to the last minute. 2045 was the time given to me by the organiser. When I checjed on Asina Airline, it was stated as 2015. And now it's changed to 2005. ^^

But as long as there's a flight number, you can always check to see when the plane will land.

Anyway, I believe all the fans will be there very, very early. hehe!

Thanks so much for updating here.

val said...

hello! hmmm now im very confuse, i know it can be change anytime, but on twitter, you put 8:45pm, and on this blog post, you put 9:45pm aka 21:45, so.... which is which? XD

val said...

oh, sorry for another qn. the fan sign will officially start at 5pm or 130pm? because the tv said 5pm.


its 1:30pm to 330pm right?

tiffany said...

Apology. It should be 2005.

As for the fan I have been telling all of you quite a few times. I really don't know. I must emphasized I am not the organiser. I'm only helping to repost information on my blog as I thought not everyone may have a facebook account.

Their facebook stated the event as 1.30 to 3.30pm. I have not watched the ad, so I don't know. I guess you will just have to be there early or please check out their facebook for updated news.

Joyce said...

Thanks for the information, this is really helpful :D
I hope the flight schedule wouldn't change too greatly though... Won't be going really early unlike many others >.<
SHINee hwaiting! Can't wait to see them <3 ♥

Anonymous said...

do you know which hotel will they be staying?