Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Music of Oh Joon Sung

I must admit, I had no idea who Oh Joon Sung was before this concert. But I'm sure I'm not the only one. I think most of us actually do not take note of composers, lyrists, music arranger etc. But people like Oh Joon Sung are as important as the singers. A good song can propel the singer from obscurity to fame. Of course, you also need the right singer to bring that special feel to the song.

For Korean dramas (and to a lesser extent, movies), the songs are so much part of the whole package that it's hard to seperate the music from the drama. I guess because music conveys so much more than words sometimes. I had started off on my Korean interest with 'Winter Sonata'. Of course I was mersmerised by Bae Yong Joon, the plot and the scenery. But the songs in the drama was also a big factor. From 'Missing You' in 'Stairways to Heaven' to Perhaps Love in 'Princess Hours', can you imagine the dramas without the songs?

So, though you may not know who Oh Joon Sung is, I'm sure you will know the dramas that he has composed music for.. like

If and Love Comes to me for Witch Yoo Hee (I wasn't impressed with this drama though...sigh..despite the presence of 3 cute guys. Sigh..)

Because I Love You and Come with me from Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung

Motion and Run! from Heading to the Ground (this was DBSK's Yun Ho's 1st drama ^^)

One interesting aspect of this composer was the fact that he incorporated classical music into some of the songs. Actually, I wasn't aware of it until Michelle of Esplanade told me about it. (well, those of you who were at the press conference yesterday would have known that Michelle got interested in Korean dramas about a year back and was captivated by the music immediately...which was how this concert came about). The reason for incorporating popular classical music? To enable the viewers to know about the new drama fast. Listen to these songs, do they sound familiar to you? If from 'Witch Yoo Hee' and Never Say Goodbye from 'My Girl'.

Speaking of the drama, 'My Girl', most of you would have known that the singer for this song, Mario& was just here last December for Sundown Festival. What is not known is the fact that Mario% is a project group formed by Oh Joon Sung. That is to say, the singers in this project group may change from time to time. I believe he did this to give more aspiring singers a chance to perform. As you know, it is fiercely competitive in Korea's entertainment scene and without backing, you may not stand a chance. This is the same as his band 8 man band, Green Cacao. Take a look at 'Boys Over Flowers ost 1' and you will see them listed in it (I know most of you would have the ost^^).

And of course, everyone knows Shinee sang Stand By Me in 'Boys Over Flowers', and also 'Countdown' in 'Dream'. Bobby Kim, the other guest artiste, sang 'Look at the Sky' from 'Heading to the Ground' and Live or Die, also from 'Dream'.

At yesterday's press conference, Oh Joon Sung told the media that he thought very highly of both his guest I'm sure there will be more songs from them in the future.

Actually, whilst doing research for this blog, I noticed that he has worked with the same artistes in quite a few of his dramas. One of them is 나무자전거 (Tree Bicycle), who has sang in 'Boys Over Flowers', 'Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung' and 'My Girl'. The other is Ashily in 'Boys Over Flowers' and 'Witch Yoo Hee' and Someday in 'Boys Over Flowers' and 'Dream'.

Oh Joon Sung also mentioned that 'King and I' was one of his most memorable work. I must admit I didn't watch the drama (it stars Goo Hye Sung, who was also in Boys Over Flowers). But I really like the song 'Please'.

Frankly, I think it will be quite an interesting concert, hearing these familiar songs performed in a concert hall will be something unusual.

And I'll let you on a little secret. I'm not a fan of Shinee. But after yesterday's press conference, I will be looking forward to seeing them perform live on stage. The composer himself was singing praises of them. To have a well respected, established composer like him thinking highly of the group (out of so many 'man' bands in Korea) says something. And I believe it would be unusual for the boys to perform on stage with a live orchestra.

Of course, the fact that I'm going to hear Bobby Kim sing live is a good enough reason for me to attend already.

So have you bought your tickets yet?

To buy the tickets, go to Sistic

See you all at the concert!

A little news about the Shinee's fan sign today-
Nope, I didn't go down. I knew it was going to be chaotic... as bad as Lee Min Ho's event at Plaza Singapura. Sure enough. It was mad house...judging from all the fans' acounts. BUT! At least they did appear and signed for the 1,000 fans as promised.

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TASHA said...

This is really useful info for me because the only dramas that I watched is My Girl and BOF so I'm not really familiar with other dramas OST. Thanks! I think concert will be definitely worth watching! :D

tiffany said...

Hi Tasha

I think the concert will be enjoyable. ^^

Thanks for dropping by.

Sue said...

Thank you for the post.. Really appreciated it with so much info.. as I'm still wondering whether to go or not to go, but then when I read your post, I can't control myself not to buy.. hehe... I think the concert will be worth watching as well.. may I know Tiffany, when are you going to the concert? tonight or tomorrow? :)

tiffany said...

Hi Sue

I'm looking forward to the concert too. I will be going tonight and hopefully, will have enough energy when I'm back to write a review. ^^

Sue said...

Hi Tiffany,

Oh, you are going tonight, that's great.. I'll be waiting for your review after the show tonight, so that I can be prepared for tomorrow. Please save your energy for the review tonight.. :P

Sue said...

Hi again Tiff,

I would like to check with you whether we can bring any camera to the concert hall? thanks.. Hope the concert is good tonight..