Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Music of Oh Joon Sung- Shinee

Shinee is really quite a young group, having officially debuted in 2008. And like many of the boy bands, all the 5 members are extremely young too- Tae Min is only 17!!!! Alamak, can be my son man...if I had gotten married early enough.

I can't remember when I became aware of them. Maybe from their album Amigo Repackaged album. Certainly, refrains of 'Amigo'..'ottoke, ottoke' and 'hajinman sexy' was a little difficult erase. I must admit though, with so many boy bands out there, I've never paid much attention to them. The fact that their songs have yet to appeal to me does not help. Now, before I get thrown rotten eggs by all the fans, I'm not saying they are no good...just they are not on my yet. Speaking of the song, 'Amigo', whilst doing a bit of research work for this post, I found this clip. It's a mandlish version of the song, Amigo. What's mandlish? hehe! Watch the clip lah. Quite funny, I must say.

Shinee won the 'Best Style Icon Award' in 2008 and apparently, is known for their style of skinny jeans and colourful sweaters which are very popular with the youngsters. Hmm... why am I not surprised? I guess that's why they are the spokesperson for Clride.

Most bands (whether boy bands or girls bands) work really hard. And I think if you are under a big agency like work tripple hard. So these young boys were not only been busy promoting their latest album- The Year of Us, they are also busy involved in a few variety the same time. Whew!

These include Dream Team, where the celebraties pit against the public in obstacle race. Quite fun, you can catch a glimpse here. Then there's 'Idol Maknae Rebellion' and of course, the one show where all Shinee fans are chasing...'Hello Baby' where the members are supposed to take care of a baby (well, more like toddler). Anyway, you can catch part of Episode 1 here. I must say the baby is rather cute. But I'm not sure how these boys are going to do as 'fathers'.

I guess most of non-shinee fasns would have become aquainted with them via the drama, Boys Over Flowers, where they sang the song 'Stand By Me'. Here's a clip of them singing live. And related to the drama, the band also sang for Samsung's Anycall, starring none other than my fav couple in the drama- Yi Jung and Ga Eul (actually, it's more Yi Jung or Kim Bum I'm interested in...hehehe!). The ad is funny enough but did they have to make her whine: 'sunbae' half the time? Aiyoh...

But I know all Shinee's fans are only dancing to one song now...'Ring Ding Dong'. Don't know why...but I keep thinking of SuJu's 'Sorry, Sorry'.

Shinee will be singing 2 songs at the concert- both composed my Oh Joon Sung- 'Countdown' from the drama, 'Dream' and of course 'Stand by Me'. You know, when I first heard that Shinee was going to perform at the Esplanade, I was totally baffled, because of course, no matter how you look at it...the image just doesn't seemed to fit. But now, I'm actually looking forward to it just because it will be unusual to see this live-wire group perform a very upbeat song in a concert hall.

Anyway, if you want to watch Shinee perform at the Esplanade, you can get the tickets from Sistic

Just a note before I finished off with this post. I thought I'd post the latest updates here from their autograph signing event on facebook. I believe not everyone has a facebook account. So here it is, word for word. Any queries, you will have to check with the organiser coz err... I won't have the answers.

Purchase a copy of SHINee "YEAR OF US" album On-The-Spot and receive SHINee members' Autograph!


Every album purchase entitles you to a pass to get SHINee members' autograph!

No pass no autograph. All other albums will not be signed and entertained.

*************** :: LATEST UPDATES 260110 :: ***************

- After the first 1000 albums are sold, you can still buy the album, but you CANNOT get SHINee's autograph NO MATTER WHAT!

- Number queues will be given out to the person who is queueing. Once the 1000th queue number is given out, the rest will know, so they won't be 'queueing for nothing'!


****The queue for purchasing the album and queue for signing is different, please queue to PURCHASE ALBUM FIRST, before approaching the queue for the SIGNING!

*****Those WITHOUT albums will still be allowed entry to see SHINee during the Autograph Session!

As I've commented to someone's query... I'm really wondering if they can sign all 1,000 copies..coz that would mean each member has to sign 200. How long would that take? Hmmm...

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Anonymous said...

how much is the album(: ?

MINJAE♥ said...

Do you have any idea how much is the album? I am afraid that it might cost as much as F.T Island..'s.. $50 T-T ~

tiffany said...


To answer the question by both of you...I really don't know. As I've written on my blog, whatever infor that was posted on the official event's facebook, I'v reposted on my blog.

However, I have heard that the album may cost between $20 to $25.

But please don't take my word for it as I'm not the organiser and they have not released any official infor about this.

averlyn said...

Hi! Just to clarify, when you say we can only join the autograph queue once we buy the album, does that mean some form of...tag will be given to prove that we bought the album there and then at the counter?

tiffany said...

Hi averlyn

As I've mentioned quite a few times, I'm not the organiser and whatever that has been posted re the event was taken from the event's facebook-

It would be better that you leave your queries and comments there as I don't have the answers.

However, it was clearly stated that in the organsier's post that number tags will be given. Hope that helps.