Monday, January 25, 2010

La Coco Hair Salon

I thought I'd take a break from writing about all the K pop and write about something else that I've been wanting to talk about since last year. Although it's not about K Pop, it still has some connection to it. ^^

La Coco Hair Salon was one of the sponsor for the Sundown Festival last year. It also sponsored Brown Eyed Girls' autograph signing session at absolutely no cost to the fans. That is to say, the fans didn't have buy or pay anything to get their autograph. The only thing they had to do was to queue up. At that time, I mentioned that it was rare for a sponsor not to ask for something in return. And I will say it again, especially in light of Shinee's autograph session that is going to happen this coming Sunday. Now I'm not saying that it is wrong for the sponsor to ask for something in return. In fact it is very normal. But what La Coco did was very unusual and for BEG's fans...they were very lucky.

Anyway, that got me interested in the salon. There are many F&B outlets here, from the expensive restaurants to the family types to the mass market stalls in all the foodcourts. But hair salon was rare. So I paid a visit to the salon and had a little chat with the very friendly owner, Mrs Kim.

The decor was designed by Mrs Kim's daughter, who studied interior design. I was glad to note that they didn't cramp every available space with a seat. It was nice and airy with just that little touch of 'glam'. Maybe it was due to the sparkling cascade. ^^

La Coco has 2 Korean hairstylists (I believe they are adding more this year). These Korean hairstylists were personally talent scouted in Korea. Of course, there are also local hair stylists there lah. Btw, the Korean hairstylists speak pretty good English.

예쁜 Rina

Joel & his wife

The salon uses Korean technics and skills. One of them is Speed Perm using these:

 :  :

Apparently, they greatly shorten the time to do a perm. As many Korean women go for beauty treatment during lunch hour, I guess this is pretty useful. I'm not quite sure how long it takes to do a perm using these, so if you want to find out more, please do call and check with them.

Actually, what really made an impression on me was more of the little touches. Now I haven't been to any of those top-end salons like Passion, Le Salon and Monsoon, so I can't do a comparison. But I think these little touches are not that common amongst the majority of the salons here.

Instead of using white, sponsored plastic cover, La Coco uses these robes. They also indicate what kind of treatment you are having, ie, hair cut, perm etc. Nice hor.

You are also given a nice, comfy, plump cushion, where you can place your hands on underneath those robe. I know I always end up twiddling my thumbs as I didn't know where to place them...especially during a hair cut.

But what I really, really liked and won me over was the towel that was placed over me as I had a hair wash. You think 'what's so great about that?' That's the thing. It's just a little gesture but often it's the little thing that makes a difference, isn't it? I almost always go to the salon in pants or jeans because it can be very awkward and difficult lying there and trying to look dignified and decent in skirts. I would be crossing my legs and pulling my skirt down at the same time. : (

La Coco will also be offering a manicure/ pedicure service whilst you have your hair done. Now this kind service is already offered by some salons, so it's not unique. Still, I think it's a brilliant idea. Remember what I said earlier about twiddling my thumbs underneath those white plastic cover?

Whilst getting my hair done, I had a little chat with Rina. She commented that most Singaporeans are quite conservative and traditional about hair styles as compared to Koreans, who tend to be more adventurous..even the men. And having been to Korea so many times and after watching so many dramas, I would tend to agree that the Koreans are more experimental. Maybe that's why we enjoy watching the fashion and style as much as the drama. Strangely, I actually blogged about hair sometime ago. Read my post about 'Bad Hair Day' here.

But what intrigued me the most was Mrs Kim. Most hair salon owners are hair stylists themselves. But Mrs Kim is not. So why did she open a hair salon?

Mrs Kim told me that mother was a hair stylist. Apparetly at that time, there were 3 vocations offered to people after the war- nursing, hair cutting and ..... (I forgot what was the 3rd one liao). So Mrs Kim grew up watching her mother cutting, perming and styling hair for people. And she found it totally fascinating. So although she doesn't actually dot he actual work, she is very enthusiastic about it.

The lovely Mrs Kim

Is it expensive? Let's just say it's comparable to Orchard Road price. So if you don't mind pampering yourself or want something different, then do try it out.

La Coco's address:

181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central, #04-13
Singapore 238896
Tel: 6884 4544/ 6884 4644

One last note- Brown Eyed Girls had paid a visit to the salon before going to the autograph signing session. Here's a photo taken in the salon.

Brown Eyed Girls Live Concert:
Brown Eyed Girls will be back for a live concert on the 27th February. Organised by Red Spade, the people who brought you Sundown Festival last year. The pre-sale tickets will only be available after 8th February. You can check out more information on their facebook here. Or check out Boom Korea's site here.


Dong.Tae.Ren said...

hey,i noe this might be a very awkward and old question but i was wondering wheter do they cater to guys or only women...because i really wan to have a korean's hairstyle but local stylist seems to not get how to do it well..

tiffany said...

Hi Dong Tae Ren

Both Joel and Rina are Korean hairstylists and the salon caters to both men and women.


Anonymous said...

heyys i'm sorry but what's the price for a hair cut?
i would really like a korean style hair cut but i'm worried about the price as i'm only a student...

tiffany said...

Hi anonymous

I believe a hair cut would costs between $40 to $60 thereabouts. It's Orchard Road price, as I've posted on my blog.

Anyway, best to call up and confirm on the price. See if got promotion? Or maybe mention my name? No, no...just kidding on the last part.

Just call and check on the price.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for a old question but do i have to make an appointment with them? Or i could walk in and get a haircut?

tiffany said...

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I'm sure you can get a haircut if you walk in but you may not be able to get the Korean hairstylist as they normally have lots of Korean customers going to them.

Anonymous said...

Ouh i see. So i were to get a appointment a few days before i go, i can get a haircut from the korean hairstylist? Do they only service woman or they service both guys and girls?

tiffany said...

Yes, you can fix appoinment with the Korean hair stylist an they service both man and woman..

nuuhwuul bang sesat said...

hi , may i know how much they cost us if we want to have rebonding and cut at the same time ??

maryqueenie said...

may i check how much did you spent there?

Anonymous said...

I did a digital perm and it was terribly done!

Spent $260 and is not the curl that I desire.

I will never visit them in the future.

Christine said...

After perm or rebending, will my hair look still shining and not dry?

May I know the hair condition after perming? who did that before maybe can give me some acvices.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

The price is terribly high and before they did they don't tell you the price. I don't think that is professional. I felt is a trap.

I did rebonding including haircut,Spent $310 and is not that I desire. I don't believe they are worth it.I mean the service that they gave us is bad.

I will never visit them in the future.

Anonymous said...

Though price is somewhat steep but still comparable to some of the salons in orchard area! Lurved my hairstyle now... Exactly what I wanted... Joel's skills are pretty good I would say :)

Anonymous said...

I went to lacoco the first time was to have a haircut. I am very satisfied with my stylist-SHUA.
She is very professional, patience, & caring towards my anxiety as my hair is very long & I am pretty worried if she cut out something which Is not to my liking. As I had been to many famous salon so far not more than 2 person can handle my hair. To my surprise SHUA made it!!! She actually spent a very long time to study my hair!!! Since the first confident SHUA had given me I actually went back to perm my hair...again SHUA made my day as finally I got the kind of curls I always wanted.

Vivien :)

Anonymous said...

Rina is no longer there! Are there other hairstylists to recommend?

Reviews at seem to be pretty good...

Anonymous said...

Hey can i ask, how much is it for a perm and a haircut?

Shaun Badawi said...

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Anonymous said...

Can I find out if there's a store in vivo city? I work near there but I did not come across just a store I prefer to get a haircut ard there.

Anonymous said...

Terrible experience! Not professional & very bad service. Was at LaCoCo Orchard Central yesterday. Bad: hair wash with ears covered in shampoo and fingers with long nails poking ini my ear even after I told her so, she snapped at me in mandarin 'how am I suppose to wash?' - Worst: I told person cutting my hair not to cut short and I show him several angles of photos taken at all angles of my finished hair cut from previous saloon. He used clippers and shave my hair very short. I have not had hair so short for over 10years. The hair stylist Joel was cutting 2 girls hair and came in to cut my hair in abt 10mins. He did not say much and push his namecard to me after. Saw the advert website for haircut $40, but end up paying $53.50. So dishonest and unprofessional to cut my hair like a barber. The result is bad, he shaped my hair parting. The other way against the natural flow of my hair shape. And the place is dirty. I will not waste my money or time with such a place and people like that in future. They have no regard for people and hair. Bad Business. Bad place.

Hair Saln said...

Awesome! Thanks ;)
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