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[Guest Blogger] Song Joong Ki for TM | Fansign

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Annyong! This is the last installment on SONG JOONG KI's Singapore visit for TONYMOLY. Just in case you didn't know, he'd already left town in the morning of 21st Dec (Tue). He had left via the CIP (Commercially Important Person) exit, so there're no photographs of his departure.

This post will be on his last official event during his stay here, yea, the fansign event that took place at Bugis Junction on 20th Dec (Mon) at 4pm.

This is how the fansign area looked like. There were rows of barricades so that people could be assigned and confined within certain sections. The front-most section was reserved for people with media passes, and unlike the earlier press conference, the media pass holders for the fansign were mainly the online media. Yup, am referring to the Kpop news portals, etc.

The next barricaded section after the media section was reserved for the 100 lucky winners for the autograph passes. These fans would have a chance to go on-stage for SJK's autograph.

Fans without passes could stand behind those with the autograph passes, or they would squeeze at the side whereby they could see SJK from a closer distance, but from the side.

Gotta applaud TonyMoly for their careful all-inclusive planning such that there were ample opportunities for fans to see SJK even if they were not lucky enough to win passes to attend the fansign event.

Guess what? There were fans waiting hours before the fansign event. Aigoo, it was so hot, so hot, so hot! Ahhh... the love for an idol!

I went to the fansign event rather late and the host LI YI was already on-stage by the time i got into the media area. The media area was not very crowded; believe there were fewer than 20 people and there was plenty of room for everyone.

Here's a picture of the fans who were standing just behind the media area. (Just in case you were going to tell me the picture's blurry, well, it's deliberate^^)

And here's a picture of the fans standing at the side near the stage.

It wasn't long before SJK appeared on-stage.

Omo, there was so much screaming from the fans when he appeared! In fact, the screaming continued for a good ten minutes when Li Yi was chatting with SJK on-stage.

Before SJK settled down at the table to start the fansign, there were some 'admin stuff' to take care of. First up were two representatives from the fanclub to present him with their Christmas pressie and a book of fans' messages.

Here, you can see SJK watching the fans as they walked up the steps to go on-stage. Don't ask me why he's puffed up his face like that, but omo, so cute!!

The two gals were so shy, especially the one with the short bob and light denim shirt! Song Joong Ki was practically initiating a hug and she was too shy to respond to it. Aigoo, wasted opportunity!

The pressies that the fanclub had prepared were all put into the Santa's bag that SJK was holding up in the next picture. I had asked the girls what they had prepared, and was told the bag's full of munchies! They said they had bought 'keropok' (a kind of local crackers) and also 'tidbits that we used to eat as kids'.... Okie, that ain't telling me much at all!

I tried asking if they had a fansite whereby they would be putting up photos of the foodstuff that they had prepared. Errrr... the girls said they didn't take photos of the items, but had taken photos of the bag after putting everything.

Oh ^.^;

SJK also spent some time flipping through the book of fans' messages. He looked like he was genuinely interested to read what the fans had to say to him. Nice fan service there, I must say...

After the two girls, it was the boys' turn!

Yup, the four(!) boys of Ms CALLE TENG, the Director for Tony Moly Singapore, went on-stage to present a bouquet of flowers to SJK. He obviously likes kids! He took the flowers and immediately picked up the youngest boy and held him.

Hee, cute seeing how he was struggling with the bouquet and the boy!

One of my dear dongseungs 9OANNE was helping me to record the proceeding of the fansign, so here's Part 1 of the four parts that she's helped me take. This is Part 1 of the four-part fansign clips, and this one's a nice 8-minute clip where you can watch the interaction between Li Yi and SJK and also the fanclub and bouquet presentation.

credit: 9oanne @Seoul2359

Three seats were prepared. SJK sat down in the middle and initially, the gentleman, whom presumably is his manager, took the seat on SJK's left.

Subsequently, that gentleman moved to SJK's right and Mr BRIAN PAEK of TonyMoly Korea took the seat on SJK's left. Then the fansign started!

I think it's really nice how he would look at each fan as he or she approached him. The eye contact started even then! And yes, I was watching him rather closely throughout the fansign event and he did it for practically every fan. I suppose those few seconds of eye contact would be really really really precious to the fans!

If the fans had anything to say to him, he would stop everything he's doing and just concentrate on the fan. Quite often, we would see him throw back his head and laugh. Wonder what some of the fans had said that's so funny! And there're also some fans who would bring up stuff to show to him and he would look at the 'stuff' intently too! I love how he tried to make the super-brief interaction with every fan special.

Some of the fans got their handshake even though Li Yi had said there's to be no handshakes. But each time a fan extended her hand, he would oblige smilingly. Hey, this fan even high-fived him!

I think he's really cute! Like all these little gestures from him... from how he tousled his manager's hair at the beginning of the fansign, how he puffed up his cheeks whilst watching the fanclub representatives walk up on-stage, and how he laughed heartily when he's with fans.

Here's Part 2 of the fansign clips, and this one's all on the fansign proper.

credit: 9oanne @Seoul2359

After the fansign event, there was one more surprise item. What happened was SJK had seen the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) project when he was being ferried from the airport to his hotel on the night of his arrival on 18th Dec (Sat). He had asked about it, and was told that's MBS. He was also told about the SANDS SKYPARK and how beautiful it is and all that.

They were initially planning to bring him there on the 19th night (Sun). However, they had finished (chilli crab!!) dinner too late and it was about 11pm by the time they reached the Sands SkyPark. Too late, yes... since the SkyPark's operating hours were 10am to 10pm. So yup, he missed the opportunity to see the beautiful Singapore nightview from the Sands SkyPark.

credit: Sands SkyPark @MBS

But the very thoughtful Tony Moly Singapore team decided to prepare something special for him. They had arranged for someone to take a photo of the nightview from the Sands SkyPark and then superimpose SJK's picture on the SkyPark photo! It was obvious to see that SJK was very pleasantly surprised by the gesture. Nice one, TMS!

Later, Ms Calle Teng and her four boys went on-stage to have a group photo taken with SJK. Yes, there's one beautiful lady and FIVE(!) cute boys in this picture!

Check out how the littlest boy's shirt has flipped upwards, keke!

Here's Part 3 of the fansign clips, and this one's on the Sands SkyPark surprise gift and the group photo taking.

credit: 9oanne @Seoul2359

Here's Part 4 and also the final part of the fansign clips; it's an ultra-short one of SJK waving his goodbye.

credit: 9oanne @Seoul2359

Curious about SJK's signature? I 'caught' one of the lucky 100 fans to have gotten his autograph and snapped a photo for you guys to see, keke!

Before I end off this post, will just share some of KANDACE's shots from the fansign event.

till laterz!

p.s. I believe Tiffany is already back in SG from her holidays, so you should be hearing from her pretty soon. Meanwhile, merry christmas!

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[Guest Blogger] Song Joong Ki for TM | Bugis Shop Visit

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Just want to put up the gorgeous pictures that KANDACE took. I mad love them, no, no, I think I mad love this girl, keke!

This is what has come to be known as the 'CF photo'... Doesn't he look like he's filming a CF?

(For the uninitiated, CF is short for Commercial Film which is essentially what we call TV commercials (TVCs) over at our part of the world. CF is the Korean term, and in Japan, it's something else (again!)... In Japan, they refer to TVC as CM, which is short for Commercial Movie. So CF, CM, TVC... they all mean the same thing, got it?)

He looks like a cute little boy here, doesn't he? (Something random, I love that tiny swish of unruly hair jutting out, haha!)

You know, he's actually 178cm tall, but he's so lanky and his limbs are kindda long, so I had actually thought he's taller!

Actually he had two (rather angry!) zits when he touched down on Saturday night. I wonder if the zits are gone, or if it's just great makeup. Either way, TonyMoly can either sell me the magic anti-blemish product that he'd used to make the zits disappear, or they can sell me the concealer! He looks like he's got incredibly good, supple and nourished skin! Very fair too! I want, I want, I want to have skin like that!

One thing I've noticed after spending practically the whole day on SJK is how easily he laughs. I find that attractive in a person.

SJK has been doing lots and lots of signing during his trip to Singapore!

Still signing on the poster.

And now, he's signing on the standee.

Signing products now...

Omo, so cute! He's blowing the ink dry!

Another product!

Another angle.

Time to sign on the Morning Pack under the Latte Art range! Yes! Fresh off the oven, and just launched in Singapore on 20th Dec!

And of course, SJK had to sign on one of TonyMoly's bestselling products, the Tomatox Brightening Mask!

The photo-taking session for the 10 lucky winners for the couple shot opportunities was also arranged to take place at the Bugis Junction flagship store during SJK's shop visit at 3:30pm. Although Kandace has taken these lucky fans' photos as well, I think I'll not put them up to 'protect the innocent', keke! Suffice to say the lucky winners (all gals) look very very very happy. TonyMoly has advised that they will be putting up the couple photos on FACEBOOK in due course. So if you're one of the winners, do check back on their FB page.

Meanwhile, please check out KANDACE's BLOG for more marvellicious photos!

[Guest Blogger] Song Joong Ki for TM | Press Conference

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Yes, I was invited to attend the Tony Moly Press Conference cum Product Launch held at Hotel Intercontinental on Monday afternoon. Arrived just minutes before the press conference was scheduled to start, good thing my dear dongseung KANDACE was early and saved me a seat, so we both were seated at the second row.

Other than introducing Song Joong Ki as the brand's current and latest spokesperson, the press conference was also to launch the LATTE ART range of two products and the FLORIA range of six products. More about those later (and yes, I did say I'll be doing product reviews for the Latte Art range)

I was going to do a report of the presscon, but seems like there is no need to since RazorTV has put up the clips of all the key parts. Of course there's some editing on their part, so the sequence is not quite the same as what actually happened on Monday, but ah, that's just details.

Lazy guys listen up! (Song Joong Ki Pt 1) |02:40
Song Joong Ki, the new face of Tony Moly, was in Singapore for the opening of their flagship store in Bugis. Check out the press conference where he talks about his first trip to Singapore and his plans for the future.

Cute or seductive? (Song Joong Ki Pt 2) | 01:11
The new face of Tony Moly reveals what he wants his image to be and how he feels about being the brand ambassador at the press conference for the opening of the Tony Moly flagship store at Bugis.

Flawless skin like his (Song Joong Ki Pt 3) | 01:33
Want to have skin like pretty boy Song Joong Ki? He shares his skincare regime and tells us which Tony Moly product he would give his girlfriend.

The new Coffee Prince? (Song Joong Ki Pt 4) | 01:29
Song Joong Ki tries his hand at coffee art on a real cup of coffe, as part of the launch for the new Tony Moly Latte Art product line.

There, you have it, all the SJK bits. RazorTV has edited out mostly the brand and product-related parts, so I'll just share those and also some other little tidbits with you briefly here.

The press conference started on time at 12:30pm (see his arrival clip LI YI was the host for the press conference and I must say I like her style more than the more casual (and even 'slapstick-humourous') style. She was totally appropriate and composed throughout.

Just before his entry into the hall, the latest CF for the Floria range was played.

credit: TonyMolySingapore @YT

(You can click HERE to watch the BTS for the CF above)

The Floria skincare range consists of patented essential ingredients and stem cell substance and promise to deliver fast and optimal skin improvements. The six products launched currently include the Floria Hydra Energy Toner, Floria Hydra Energy Emulsion, Floria Youth Energy Capsule Essence, Floria Youth Energy Cream, Floria Youth Energy Eye Cream and Floria Moisture Energy-Skin Emulsion. This skincare range is targeting mainly at people in their 20s to 30s.

The panel of representatives were (from left to right) Mr BRIAN PAEK (TonyMoly Korea), Mr SONG JOONG KI (SJK) and Ms CALLE TENG (TonyMoly Singapore). Mr Paek also assisted to translate for SJK; incidentally, Li Yi is fluent in Korean as well.

Li Yi commented that there are many TonyMoly fans in Korea and all over the region, and proceeded to ask Mr Brian Paek to share how well the brand is doing in Korea.

Mr Paek said that TonyMoly is good at creative design, and at formulating a diverse range of skincare products suitable from the young to the old. Despite having many competitors in Korea, the brand has its own uniqueness and will continue to do well.

When asked about TonyMoly's expansion plans for the Singapore market, Ms Calle Teng revealed that they plan to open at least 12 stores in three years. In fact, after Marina Square and Bugis Junction, they will be opening their third store at Raffles Exchange as soon as next month!

Now we were just talking about TonyMoly's strength at creative design, right? Once again, they have demonstrated their creativity with the way they launched the latest Latte Art range of two products. Check out how keenly interested everyone was!

What happened during the press conference was that when it was time to unveil the Latte Art range, the hotel staff walked in with a large(!) cup of latte, and... SJK was supposed to do latte art on the spot. He seemed rather surprised during the event and I wondered if they didn't prewarn him about it, keke!

The big cup is real latte and SJK had created the TM latte art that you can see from the picture. The smaller item beside the real latte is one of the two newly-launched products from the Latte Art Range. Cute, right?!

SJK took a sip from the cup after he had completed his handiwork and proclaimed that it's real latte. Uber cute!

The enterprising and quick-thinking Ms Teng quickly asked SKJ to sign on the TM cup! I suppose that cup would either be on exhibit at one of the TonyMoly stores, or might be used as a giveaway or auction item...?

The packaging of the products are just adorable!! They look like they're drinkable! The 'spoon' that you see sticking up from the 'cup' is actually the spatula! So cute, so cute! More reviews later.

This is the Morning Pack under the Latte Art range.

And here, the Cappuccino Cream in Scrub under the Latte Art range.

I didn't take many photos during the press conference, since I was planning to use Kandace's sure-to-be-fantabulous pictures, and yes, she did not disappoint. But let me put up the rare few that I took so that you can enjoy and appreciate Kandace's pictures a million fold, keke!

A picture of SJK with the very beautiful Ms Calle Teng.

Next up, two pictures of SJK.

Here, the press conference through KANDACE's eyes.

The ballroom, all set up and waiting for the arrival of the invited guests and the star.

The life-sized standee that greeted the guests before the real McCoy arrived.

The composed host, Li Yi.

Ms Calle Teng with SJK.

The panelists.

He looked so adorable! Don't you just want to pinch his cheeks? So 'plump'!!

Oh, SJK the perfect spokesperson... holding the newly launched Latte Art range.

Another shot.

And, there're lots more 'treasure' where these come from! Click HERE to check out the rest of Kandace's photos.