Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sundown Festival- Departure details

I'm sorry I couldn't update this earlier as I was busy with the BEG autograph session this afternoon...but I did update it on my twitter this morning.

So here it is, if any of you are still at home surfing the internet.

Brown Eyed Girls:
Thai Airways, TG 410, T1, 9pm

T-Max, FT Island, Mario, Park Si Nae, Lee Ji Su:
Asiana Airways, OZ 752, T2, 10.40pm

Good luck..and give them a good send-off so that they will want to be back again soon.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tiffany,

I am from NUS, requiring assistance on a research project.
I dropped you an email on because I could not find any other means of contact. It will be much appreciated if you could give me a reply? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

May i know what's the date?

Mi said...

Hello :) Really glad to find your blog where you share with us so much precious information m(_)m

Tiffany is a kind soul! Hope they went back safely and got sufficient rest ^^

May i ask if you know what promotions in singapore are there for ft island as on their site it stated that there will be promotions on the 14th? I really really want to know...i am just a normal person who is not lucky enough to know the organisers of have them care about so can Tiffany please share with us anything you know? :) Thank you so much for all you have done till now m(_)m

Anonymous said...

티파니 씨, 한국인 아니죠? 그냥 한류 펜 맞죠? 한국어를 잘 할 수 있습니까? 아니면 정말 못합니까? 저는 궁금했다~

Anonymous said...

미안, *팬*

Be Pear said...

Dear Tiffany,

Iam from UK. I love your blog. Can you tell me who are the people here

tiffany said...

Hi Mi
Sorry for the late reply. Err...I don't always know everything and I'm more interested in events happenning here (and Korea). Sorry, I really don't know what's the promotion on the 14th Dec. Perhaps you can ask one of the moderators on the site?

tiffany said...

Wow! My a Korean guest. Ok, shall reply this in English since it's easier for me.

Nope, I'm not Korean. 한국사림안이에요. I'm interested not only in Hallyu but also the food, customs (though I can't cook well) and generally things Korean. I know a little Korean but not well enough. I hope your English is better than my Korean so we can chat. ^^

tiffany said...

Hi Be Pear

Not sure who you mean by the people here. Do you mean who is writing all the articles?If so, it's just me, me and me. ^^