Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Sundown Festival 2009- FT Island

FT Island is one of those very few rare boy band where I had bought their very first albums. I have most of their albums (well, not the Japanese ones). ^^

When did I get to know them? Hmm... I think it was in 2007 on KBS Music bank when they performed Love Sick (사랑앓이}. Anyway, I was suitably impressed by this young group, with the energy of the music, the song etc. So I went to do a little search and found out that they were new. Frankly,they sounded alot better than many of the new singers who performed on the music show. So I ended buying the first album Cheerful Sensibility.

With so many bands and singers, new and veteran around, they have done pretty well in the last 2 years. I think they have managed to score at least a hit with each of their album release (although, personally, I prefer the first 2 albums more). Along the way, they had a change of member from Oh Won Bin to Song Seung Hyun (not that Song Sung Hyun. Unfortunately, I still can't figure out the faces, except Hong Ki and maybe Jae Jin. Sorry, fans of FT Island, I'm just really bad with faces. Anyway, if you want to see how Won Bin looks like, you can catch him here in an episode of 'Unstoppable Marriage'. Lee Jae Jin acted in this sitcome and all the other members of the group made cameo appearances. Aiyoh, they really looked so young (and a little nerdy. hehehe!). Btw, I really liked the show but stopped halfway as I couldn't get hold of the Chinesse subs anymore. Sob! Sob! I wrote about it very, very briefly here. And oh, listen to ost here, sang by Hong Ki and Nam Gyu Ri.

Most of their songs are rather loud and electrifying (?). Sorry, I kept thinking of the electric guitar and the drums, which are are so much part of this group. Anyway, they can and do sing ballads, and in my opinion, should probably do more. Watch their music videos here and and here. This is from their first album, Cheerful Sensibility. Now watch Bad Woman (나쁜 여자야) from their mini album, Jump Up released this year. They have really grown up. (this song is not amongst my favourite. Don't know why.)

Just like SS501, a couple of the members of FT Island got busy with personal project (well, namely Hong Ki with 'You are Beautiful'). So the other 3 members formed a sub-group and called themselves FT Triple (hmm...wonder who came up with the triple name first, SS501 or FT Island. Good thing it wasn't four of them, or else how to name huh?)

I listened to their songs which is on the Double Date (repackaged album), and you know what, they sound pretty good. I especially like the song, Love Letter (러브레터). Good for them. ^^

Of course, the hottest person from the group right now would be Lee Hong Ki. He appeared in the popular drama, 'You are Beautiful' as one of the lead, Jeremy. Although I haven't watch the whole drama yet, I like his comic dorky character. And he has found quite a few new found fans with this drama. Of course, FT Island sang the ost. Listen to it here. I know alot of fans will be waiting to hear their live performance of this song at the Sundown Festival.

Cute hor?

FT Island came to Singapore for a mini concert (or showcase as it was called) earlier this year. Unfortunately, I couldn't go due to some family commitment, even though I was offered VIP tickets. Sob! Sob! Well, I guess I have another chance when they come down again next year.

Official site
soompi forum
Singapore Fan site

To find out more about the FT Island fan meeting next year, read my post here. I like this song, Bing, Bing, Bing from their album, Cross and Change. Makes me want to stand up and dance. Think they should play this song during the festival. It will get the crowd on the feet.^^

Sundown Festival Meet-and-Greet passes
The contest has ended. Thank you everyone for the support. I will annnounce the winners tomorrow and email them as well. Got to go to bed now or I will never survive tomorrow.


V said...

Hey hey. I just wanted to correct you that You're Beautiful's OST (As Ever) wasn't sung by FT Island..but by A.N.JELL (which is the "band" created for the show) ^^

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for us to queue overnight at fort canning the night before the concert? :X

Anonymous said...

so do u always get those special VIP and Meet and Greet passes?

tiffany said...

hi V

Oops, yes, you are right, it's sung by A.N.Jell, But I am also half right coz the actual one is sung by Hong Ki, part of FTI. hehehe!

tiffany said...


No need to queue over night lah. It's big open field and enough space for everyone. I believe he VIPs are sitting behind, not in front of the stage. Anyway, the gate will only open at 5.30pm.

rainy said...

hi tiff,
kekee.. i thought i missed out one song when you said FTisland sang one of the YB OST songs.

Jeremy is really dorky in there. I was to here Jeremy sing!!