Sunday, December 20, 2009

A little bit of this and that

Hello, hello.

Sorry, have been really busy with deadlines and family, so had very little time to edit all the photos and video clips and write my account of the whole event. I will be away next week (well, in a few hours actually), so I will only be able to write about it when I'm back. ^^

In the meantime, here are a couple of events and happennings around Singapore to keep you busy.

Lee Min Ho's schedule in Singapore
Most of you all would have known his flight schedule by now...but just in case you are still trying to find out, here it it...

20/12 (Sunday) - arrive via OZ753 at 8.05pm, T2
21/12 (Monday) - press conference in the afternoon
21/12 (Monday) - Fans meeting at 8pm, Max Pavillion at Singapore Expo
22/12 (Tuesday) - OZ752 @ 10.40pm, T2 (there is only one Asiana Flight on Tuesday).

Enjoy yourselves everyone. I gather those going are learning the lyrics to his song from F4 to sing together with him. hehe!

Tom & Toms opening
Tom & Toms, Korea's most well known coffee chain will be opening it's door in Singapore on the 22nd December. Here's their website in Korea. The 1st store is located at 12 Gopeng St, #01-12 ICON Village. The 2nd store is located at Far East Plaza and schedule for opening at the end of the month. I'll go and check it out when I'm back from my holiday. But those of you who manage to check it out first, let me know how it is ok?

Guess that's all...

Have a great week all and see you all after Christmas. ^^


jasmine said...

which hotel is he staying in sg? do u know?
thanks in advance ! :D

Lyn said...

jasmine, she is not in will not be able to reply you...

i also do not know where is he staying...... :(

Anonymous said...

jasmine~lmh staying at fairmont hotel.

thanks for the update.i've been searching all over for the departure details...thanks!!

Lyn said...

Tiff, Tom & Toms at Far East Plaza has already started business yesterday(23th Dec)....from reliable source(my dad, hahahaha... he is working in that building so he knows what's going on...keke)

tiffany said...

Jasmine- hope you managed to see LMH at the hotel and thanks so much for helping to answer this question, anonymou. ^^

tiffany said...

Lyn- hope you had a good time. Must hear all the juicy details from you. Also thanks for the infor about their Far East branch. Will go check it out when I have the chance. ^^