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Sundown Festival 2009- T Max

Most people probably came to know about the group, T Max when they samg the ost for 'Boys Over Flowers'. Me too. Of course, the fact that Kim Joon (or should I call him Kim Hyung Joon) also starred in the immensely popular drama, helped to propel the group to fame (as it did for SS501).

I remember reading somewhere at that the time that the group was under rated and indeed compare to the other 2 groups who are also coming to the Sundown Festival, T Max has less information.

So I did a little research on them. I don't profess to know the group well but I will agree with the view that they deserve a little more recognition.

Debuted in July 2007 (yes, they are a very young group) with the single 'Blooming', there was some interest in them then. Consisting of Kim Hyung Joon (or Kim Joon), Park Yoon Hwa and Shin Min Chul, they were supposed to be different from the usual pretty boy bands as they were influenced by Japanese music and inspired by the Japanese group, Arashi. Now I have absolutely no idea who Arashi is as the only Japanese group that I know of is SMAP. However, their title song, Blooming, from the same album title, which I'm playing on my blog now, sounds pretty good.

Speaking of SMAP,in 2007, T Max released another mini album in that same year, which was the ost of the movie, 'My Love'. The ost, Lion Heart was a remake of SMAP's. Watch the Lion Heart mv here and then compare it to SMAP's performance here. What do you think? ^^
cover picture for their album Lion Heart

Fortunately or unfortunately, T Max will be associated with 'Boys Over Flowers' for a while. Besides the original song, Paradise, they also sang Fight the Bad Feeling. Well, strictly speaking, the song sppeared in the special, 'F4 Special Edition', a music drama that is set 5 years after the original drama ended. (If you have a winning formula, must milk it for all it's worth).

Recently this July, they released an album, Single Collection. Each of them recorded a song and Kim Hyung Joon (Kim Joon) even invited Kim Hyun Joong to star in his mv. (Ok, I don't know about you but I get totally confused with all the Hyuns and all the Joons somwtimes) You can watch Kim Joon's mv, Jun be Ok here. This is Shin Min Chul's song and this Park Yoon Hwa's song in the album. Hmm... I think I like Min Chul's and Yoon Hwa's songs better, especially Yoon Hwa. Btw, Min Chul also sang one of the song in the drama, 'Return of Iljimae'

Personlly, I am looking forward to seeing them perform their latest single (yes, another single), Love Parade. It's got a really nice upbeat tone to it.

Credit: soompi

I think this was taken during an autograph signing session during the release of their latest single, Love Parade. Hey, is this the local Rotiboy that I know? Do they have a franchise in Korea?

I read that Min Chul dressed as Gam Jandi during their performance in Japan. Will he do the same here? hehe!

In case any of you are interested to find out more about them, here are some sites to search.

Official site
T Max blogsite (unofficial)
T Max facebook (unofficial)
soompi forum
International English Forum

Meet-and-Greet session
The Meet-and-Greet session will happen on the 11th December afternoon. There are limited passes to this event. You can win them from:
Sistic (when you buy the festival tickets)
Time Out (not sure about this)
Yes93.3 (I think you got to listen to the station this week)

and of course, on my blog, where I will have 2 tickets to give away.

And in case, you have not bought the tickets to the festival, you can either buy them via Sistic or me

I think the concert will be fun. Now got to cross my fingers and toes that it will not rain. ^^

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