Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sundown Festival 2009- T Max

Most people probably came to know about the group, T Max when they samg the ost for 'Boys Over Flowers'. Me too. Of course, the fact that Kim Joon (or should I call him Kim Hyung Joon) also starred in the immensely popular drama, helped to propel the group to fame (as it did for SS501).

I remember reading somewhere at that the time that the group was under rated and indeed compare to the other 2 groups who are also coming to the Sundown Festival, T Max has less information.

So I did a little research on them. I don't profess to know the group well but I will agree with the view that they deserve a little more recognition.

Debuted in July 2007 (yes, they are a very young group) with the single 'Blooming', there was some interest in them then. Consisting of Kim Hyung Joon (or Kim Joon), Park Yoon Hwa and Shin Min Chul, they were supposed to be different from the usual pretty boy bands as they were influenced by Japanese music and inspired by the Japanese group, Arashi. Now I have absolutely no idea who Arashi is as the only Japanese group that I know of is SMAP. However, their title song, Blooming, from the same album title, which I'm playing on my blog now, sounds pretty good.

Speaking of SMAP,in 2007, T Max released another mini album in that same year, which was the ost of the movie, 'My Love'. The ost, Lion Heart was a remake of SMAP's. Watch the Lion Heart mv here and then compare it to SMAP's performance here. What do you think? ^^
cover picture for their album Lion Heart

Fortunately or unfortunately, T Max will be associated with 'Boys Over Flowers' for a while. Besides the original song, Paradise, they also sang Fight the Bad Feeling. Well, strictly speaking, the song sppeared in the special, 'F4 Special Edition', a music drama that is set 5 years after the original drama ended. (If you have a winning formula, must milk it for all it's worth).

Recently this July, they released an album, Single Collection. Each of them recorded a song and Kim Hyung Joon (Kim Joon) even invited Kim Hyun Joong to star in his mv. (Ok, I don't know about you but I get totally confused with all the Hyuns and all the Joons somwtimes) You can watch Kim Joon's mv, Jun be Ok here. This is Shin Min Chul's song and this Park Yoon Hwa's song in the album. Hmm... I think I like Min Chul's and Yoon Hwa's songs better, especially Yoon Hwa. Btw, Min Chul also sang one of the song in the drama, 'Return of Iljimae'

Personlly, I am looking forward to seeing them perform their latest single (yes, another single), Love Parade. It's got a really nice upbeat tone to it.

Credit: soompi

I think this was taken during an autograph signing session during the release of their latest single, Love Parade. Hey, is this the local Rotiboy that I know? Do they have a franchise in Korea?

I read that Min Chul dressed as Gam Jandi during their performance in Japan. Will he do the same here? hehe!

In case any of you are interested to find out more about them, here are some sites to search.

Official site
T Max blogsite (unofficial)
T Max facebook (unofficial)
soompi forum
International English Forum

Meet-and-Greet session
The Meet-and-Greet session will happen on the 11th December afternoon. There are limited passes to this event. You can win them from:
Sistic (when you buy the festival tickets)
Time Out (not sure about this)
Yes93.3 (I think you got to listen to the station this week)

and of course, on my blog, where I will have 2 tickets to give away.

And in case, you have not bought the tickets to the festival, you can either buy them via Sistic or me

I think the concert will be fun. Now got to cross my fingers and toes that it will not rain. ^^

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Sundown Festival 2009 - Seoul'd Out ticket sales

Tiffany in Kimchiland is very pleased to work together with the organiser of Sundown Festival and offer the sale of the tickets here on this blog. What's the difference between ordering via me and via Sistic? Well..
‘티파니 인 김치랜드’는 썬다운 페스티벌 주최측과 함께 티켓 판매를 진행하고 있습니다.
시스틱을 통해 판매되고 있는 티켓 구매에 불편을 느끼시는 싱가폴 한인 여러분들을 위해, 아래와 같은 티켓 판매 방법을 제공해 드리고 있습니다.

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2) you get your ticket mailed to you directly free
티켓을 우편으로 무료 배송해 드립니다.

Now I think that's a pretty good deal. ^^

Terms to note:
1) The ticket price is S$85.
티켓 가격은 S$85불입니다.

2) Last day for sale of ticket is on 7th December, 2359.
마지막 티켓 판매일은 2009년 12월 9일 오후 11시 59분 까지 입니다.

3) All payments must be made by 8th December, 1400.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Girlfriend is an Agent/ 7th Grade Civil Servant

Cast: Kim Ha Neul (Ahn Soo Ji,안수지), Kang Ji Hwan (Lee Jae Joon,이재준)

thread on soompi
Official site- Encore
My Girlfriend is an Agent trailer- Singapore version
Kiss scene BTS
Behind the scene

According to Kang Ji Hwan during the press conference in Singapore, 'My Girlfriend is an Agent' beat 'Terminator 3' when it opened in Korea in April this year. It has since sold 4 million tickets. Not bad for a romantic-comedy movie.

Kim ha Neul (Ahn Ji Su) is a veteran secret agent- cool, calm, well versed in martial arts and very observant. She's good at her job.

But it is a slightly different case when it comes to love. She loves her boyfriend, Kang Ji Hwan (Lee Jae Jun) dearly. But being a good secret agent comes at a cost- She works 24/7. Her boyfriend is sick of her lies and frequent absence due to her job as a 'tour guide'. He decided to leave her and Korea for good. He calls her one last time at the airport...hoping...

But she is unable to answer the phone or get to the airport in time because...she was busy working again.

3 years passed. She does not hear from him at all and is broken hearted. She starts dating this very nice man, who seemed to offer all that a woman could wish for in a marriage.

Then one day, whilst working undercover as a cleaning lady in a toilet (hmm....do men in Korea continue their nature call even if there's a woman cleaner around? For that matter, does it happen anywhere else?), she spot a familiar 'jet of spray' (I'm not sure if it was the 'hose' or the 'spray' she recognised. Hehe!). It was none other that Lee Jae Jun.

Lee Jae Jun had come back to Korea, officially as a certified accountant. But in actual fact, he had joined the secret service organisation too, but in the overseas department. So now, they are both working in the same organisation, just different departments. But of course, neither knew.

Along the way, they both end up working on the same case and in the process, each thought the other was the baddie.

Will they save their love and their counry without killing each other?

It is actually not easy to do a action romantic comedy movie as easy as it seems. Not only must it be funny enough, the couple must have enough spark between them.

Kim Ha Neul had proved that she was capable of being funny in the hit movie with Kwon Sang Woo, 'My Tutor Friend'. I've always wondered why she never did more comedy roles in dramas. Until 'On Air', I'm afraid she's been a little typcast to do the 'sad, crying' roles. Indeed, one of the reason why she took on this role was because she has never done a action role before.

In the first 5 minutes alone, you see her doing a high speed boat chase in a wedding dress. Throughout the movie, she attempted many more stunts. Not bad for one who has never done any action movie before.

As for Kang Ji Hwan, I had already know he was a funny guy from the drama, 'Capital Scandal'. And in this movie, he was in his element (I loved the way he flexes his fingers. hehe!) Playing a bumbling, newbie secret agent, he was 'blur as a sotong'. He certainly managed to deliver that comic look effects.

But it was his squabbling moments with Kim Ha Neul that was at it's best and funniest. The discussion about breast was hilarious. And the last fight/ dance scene was a nice touch. And I do like the final twist about the her boyfriend (the one she was going to get married to during Kang Ji Hwan's absence)

Whilst the is not laugh-a-minute nor as action packed as I thought it would be initially, the chemistry between Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ji Hwan was good enough to cover everything else. It was enjoyable and worth spending that precious 90 minutes or so to watch. No wonder there was some rumours about the 2 of them dating. hehe!

Kang Ji Hwan has since received the Best Actor award for this movie in the Daejong award and Kim Ha Neul has been nominated for the Best Actress in the upcoming Blue Dragon award.

Kang Ji Hwan's latest movie has already aired. Titled 'Love is Blind', his co-star is Lee Ji Ah. This is part of the 'Telecinema' series. You can watch the mv here

And Kim Ha Neul? She is also involved in the same 'Telecinema' series, though her co-star is with Ji Jin Hee. Titled Paradise, it will be released later in December I think.

My Girlfriend is an Agent promotion:
The very nice people at Encore films have given me 5 sets of movie premiums to be given away. Consisting of the official movie poster and the spy set below.
(p/s- Don't ask me how to use this. I haven't figure it out beyond the fact that it lights up)

Just answer the following question:
Where did Lee Jae Jun and Ahn Soo Ji furst meet again after 3 years?

Send you answer with the following details to: kimchilandpromotion@gmail.com
1) Your name
2) Your contact
3) Your email
4) Your address

1) This promotion is open only to residents of Singapore
2) Promotion ends on 2359, 30th November 2009
3) Winners will be notified via email and also posted here
4) Please do not post your answers here as it will not be accepted. Please send your entry to the email above
5) The poster will be folded for easy mailing

Ok. I think that's all. Hope I haven't missed out anything. ^^

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Korean November 09 magazines out

The November magazines are in and should be on sale at Kinokuniya Takashimaya, Comics Connection and selected stores of Poh Kim Video.

For Asta TV, which features SS501 this month, you can check it out at Tiffany's Attic- Asta TV, November 09

For Junior, it features 2PM. Check it out here at Tiffany's Attic- Junior, November 09.

For the rest of the fashion magazines, which is available at Kinokuniya Takashimaya, you can take a look at what's available here at Tiffany's Attic- Korean magazines 09.

I also have very, very limited stocks of 'Boys Over Flowers' calendars and notebook. You can find out more here and here.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Byun Woo Min in town

If you have been following my twitter, Tiffany on the mov, you would have known by now that Byun Woo Min is going to be in town next week.

Byun who?

Those of you who watched the immensely popular (but very long) daily drama,
'Temptation of Wife' or 'Cruel Temptation'

This is Byun Woo Min

In the drama, which really made him 'famous' or 'imfamous', he was not very nice. He had an affair and pretty much killed off his wife. In other words, the guy you would loved to hate. But I guess he must have done a brilliant job in the drama if everyone hates him so much. Whilst looking through his filmography, I realised that he has been very busy since the drama, 'Temptation of Wife', appearing in 'Tamra, The Island' and now the weekend drama, 'Creating Destiny'. I guess that explained why he can only come on a weekday.

'Creating Destiny' (credit:soompi)

'Tamra, The Island'

But what really caught my attention was the fact that his first drama was 'Barefooted Youth' starring my favourite K man, Bae Yong Joon and Ko So Young. Bae Yong Joon was really, really good looking in this drama. One of the best (yes, even better than Winter Sonata). Ko So Young was of course in the limelight recently because of her relationship with Jang Dong Gun. Anyway, I feel more connected to Byun Woo Min already. Wahaha!

'Barefooted Youth'

Anyway, he will be in Singapore next Wednesday to promote his drama. Here are his flight details:

Arrival, 17th November:
2.35pm, SQ603

Mall appearances:
12pm, West Mall Atrium & Poh Kim Video Store
1pm - Junction 8 Atrium & Poh Kim Video Store
3pm - City Square Mall Atrium & Poh Kim Video Store
7pm - Quest Modelling agency party at Infusion, Block 16A Dempsey Road

11.50pm, SQ602

Coming together with Byun Woo Min and appearing with him at the 3 malls are 2 other K artistes.

James Kim has appeared in the movie, 'Seoul Raider' (pretty droolicious)

Lee Seul is Miss World University 2007 and will appear in her first movie, 'Tears' next year.

You can find you more information about them on Quest Models facebook

'Temptation of Wife' is out on dvd now and available from Poh Kim Video stores. All 129 episodes of it. Happy watching. ^^

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kim Ha Neul & Kang Ji Hwan- The Secret Agents' Press Conference

미안해요 :(

I have not been feeling well for the last few days and everytime I sit in front of my laptop and open up the blogging site to continue my story about the secret agents, I fall asleep...

So here it is, almost 2 weeks after their visit, I am going to continue with the story. Hope my account is not too stale considering that Kang Ji Hwan had won an award for the movie, had some rumoured relationship with Lee Da Hae after holidaying with her in Phuket and Kim Ha Neul has already announced her new project, which is going to be a horror movie. Now that will be a new attempt by her.

Still, I feel I should share what I saw and felt during their visit here to Singapore as I know there are many fans of theirs out there.

So here it is.

29th October 2009, 10am- Press Conference

I remembered someone was asking here on my blog if the press conference was opened to the public. The organiser had made the answer very obvious.

The stage. It was Lee Min Ho's picture on the same stage last week. ^^

Unlike Lee Min Ho though, both Kim ha Neul and Kang Ji Hwan were on time. I had already received news the night before that Kim Ha Neul has some problem with her eye and had gone straight to Mount Elizabeth after touch down. Poor girl had stye and had to wear her sunglasses. Must have been really uncomfotable. And there were going to be press interviews the whole day.

Still, she looked beautiful and he was droolable. I must admist that initially, they seemed a little severe and serious.

But they soon warmed up and by the end of the session, I found Kim Ha Neul to be warm and friendly and Kang Ji Hwan having a sense of humour.

During the press conference, one of the questions asked was "What was the most memorable part of the movie?" Kim Ha Neul replied that at the end of one fo the kissing scene, she saw blood on Kang Ji Hwan's lips and thought he was bleeding. But in actual fact, she was the one bleeding as she had kissed really, really hard, (Hmm...never thought she was capable of doing this. ^^). She didn't say which scene though, but I'm just wondering.. could it be this scene? It sure seemed passionate enough. As for Kang Ji Hwan, he replied that the fact the movie beat Terminator Salvation in Korea was memorable for him. Unfortunately, it didn't beat Michael Jackson in Singapore.

Now, most fans would know that there is some rumour of romance between them. But they took pains to portray that they are dissimilar in character during their Hong Kong visit and did it again in Singapore. When asked if she would choose career or love, she answered that she would choose love over career as a job is just a job. Kang Ji Hwan on the other hand, replied that although he would have chosen love when he was younger but now that he is older, he thinks career is more important, because "women will not like you if you have no money'. Wahahaha!

As if to further prove to everyone their opposite character, Kang Ji Hwan revealed that Kim Ha Neul may be laughing and joking with the team but the moment the camera rolled, she could really cry. Kang Ji Hwan on the other hand, would be dead serious busy studying his script before the filming but would be really funny once the action starts. Hmm...sounds like a good match to me. Ok ok, don't read too much into this. I'm just speculating. ^^

There wasn't much surprises in the press conference. Singapore media is not known to ask explosive questions. Still, I came away with a good impression of both stars, in particular, Kim Ha Neul. She seemed aloof and cold, and yet, she does emit a sense of warmth. And I'm not saying this to be polite. There was a certain K artiste that I saw not too long ago who was completely bored during a fan meet and it was so painfully obvious.

Anyway, some photos taken during the press conference.

How's my front profile?

What about my side profile?

Hey, I look good even with my eyes closed.

You'd better agree or I'll ask my secret super agent to 'take care' of you.

Musn't laugh..must remain cool. I'm a secret agent.

I tell you I won't laugh. I'm tough. I won't crack.



His and hers.

A short clip on the autograph signing.

Bye! The end of the press conference.

Here are a couple of photos taken by my friends at the gala premiere on the 28th October at The Cathay. Enjoy!

Credit: Kelly

Credit: Esther

Kim Ha Neul looks great. Kang Ji Hwan looks err.....

The movie is showing now in the cinemas and was number 2 on the list last week. Will it remain so this week? I'll be doing a short review of it later. Stay tuned. ^^

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Lee Min Ho's Fan Meeting in Singapore

Sorry, have been really busy with the Secret Agents' visit to Singapore last week. I don't know about the other media and fans, but I'm totally exhausted after covering Lee Min Ho, Kang Ji Hwan and Kim Ha Neul within one week. Did any fans chased all 3 of them? If you did, how did you managed it? I would really be interested to know.

Back to Lee Min Ho visit.

I decided to give Plaza Singapura a miss and went straight to Movida @ St Hames Power station for the fan meet. And I'm so glad I did, coz the event @ PS had to be cancelled in the end due to safety issues as a result of overcrowding. Most of us had already expected it to be a major problem due to the location but I never expected it to be cancelled. Most of the fans only had this one chance to see him. Not surprisingly, many fans were really angry with Etude House for not organising it properly. Initially, I had thought it might have been a contractual agreement for him to appear at the store but according to the organiser, it was Lee Min Ho himself who wanted to visit the store and take photos with the 2 winners. Now this puts it a different light. And my impression of him, which was rather good at the press conference, just went another notch higher. ^^

This scene greeted me as soon as I alighted from the taxi...a long snaking queue...

Lee Min Ho was here..


everywhere.... but I don't think anyone minded, judging from this fan's adoring look. ^^

The dress code was pink (in line with Etude House' theme) and these 2 young fans not only came all dressed up but was also properly styled as well. I loved their sphagetti hair Unfortunately, I don't think there were allowed in as they had to be at least 18 years old. :(

The stage

The very pink, but very professional looking make-up set.

Soon, the fans, who had been queuing for a long time outside in the heat started to fill the place. About 70 lucky fans, who would be getting his autograph, were seated in front of the stage. Very good view but hor, those bar seats not very comfortable. The rest had to stand (including most of the media). I did wonder if the fans standing would surge to the front (I remembered the chaos during the Bae Yong Joon fan meet in 2004). Fortunately, the fans were fairly well behaved.

Li Yi of Yes93.3 came on stage at about 5pm to start the programme. It was good to see her as it has been a while since I see her hosting events. And then Joanna Koh, the guest make up artist of Etude House gave some tips on make up. If I heard correctly, I believe she has done make up for Mike He and James King. Unfortunately I didn't concentrate very hard as like all the girls there, we were really distracted by our main, sole aim- to see Lee Min Ho. It was really a shame as she did give out some very good tips- like using the bb cream sparingly to create that 'natural' look. hehe!

The crowd was getting impatient. The media was getting tired. Still no sign of him at 5.15pm. Where on earth was he since the Plaza Singapura event was cancelled? I wonder if they went on a little drive around Singapore. Li Yi was doing a very good but tough job trying to keep the crowd entertained by engaging the fans from various countries- Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia etc...

Finally, he appeared, drawing screams and more screams from the fans, who had been waiitng since early afternoon. And he was still smiling. ^^

There were the usual questions like, 'How do find Singapore?', 'How do you think of Singapore girls (Ans: they are cute...a politically correct answer but who cares!). What I did find amusing was...when he was asked if he would consider Singapore girls, the few Korean fans, who were seated on the front row, shouted loudly "안되". Were they really worried that Lee Min Ho woud really consider a non Korean as a girlfriend? (Ans: yes, he replied that nationality and age would not matter. Another politically correct answer).

And when Lee Min Ho voiced his desire to eat chilli crabs for dinner, these same Korean fans shouted '같이 가요'. Well, they and the rest of the thousands of fans.

Besides Li Yi, there were Q&A for a few fans as well.

Doesn't she look awe-struck. I'm sure she is going to relive these few minutes over and over again.

And still smiling quite happily half way through the event.

There was a lucky draw for a few fans. Needles to say, those picked were in 7th heaven- skaking hands, photo taking and even a hug or two were part of the whole deal. Who needs prizes for the lucky draw? Etude House could have given them packets of tissue and they would have still been thrilled. (I think the gift set consisted of a t-shirt, his folders and some Etude House products. Anyone care to enlighten me?)

Charming smile, long legs....and a nice butt...a lethal combination. wahahaha!

The whole session ended quite soon as he still had to sign the autograph for those lucky 70 fans. So it was 'Good bye' from him. hehe! I didn't realised he actually said it in English till I viewed the clip

Those very lucky fans went up on stage one by one for a 'close encounter' with him. Besides the usual photo taking, signing on everything and anything, I noticed that quite a few were also clasping his hands in theirs in 'hi-five' fashion. L told me it seems to be sort of his trademark action. Hmmm....Those fans must have been thrilled to bits touching him. Wonder if they will ever wash their hands. Wahaha!

Autograph signing

Towards the end, he took photos with the 2 girls who had won the top prize in the Etude House 'scratch card' contest. It was supposed to take place at Plaza Singapura, which was cancelled unfortunately

Just wondering though, did these 2 girls have any special private moment with Lee Min Ho? Coz if they didn't it seemed their top prize was no different from the many fans earlier who had already taken photo with Lee Min Ho. Hmmm...

One final note- poor boy didn't get his wish to eat chilli crab. The rest of the crew wanted Korean food. Sigh...Why?

Anyway, that was the conclusion of his whirlwind 24 hours trip.




I heard some twitterings somewhere that maybe, just maybe, he might be back in Singapore very soon.

Watch this space for more news. ^^

Edit on 10th December
I have already updated about his fan meeting on 21st December 2009 here