Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Secret agents in Singapore- Kang Ji Hwan & Kim Ha Neul

Some days, you feel that every Korean artistes are going to Japan (which is true), Thailand and Taiwan but just not Singapore. And then suddenly, they seemed to be pouring in, which of course, I'm not complaining. This month alone, we will see not 1, not 2 but 3 Korean artistes coming to this red dot of ours.

Of course, we all know Lee Min Ho will be in Singapore on 24th October (see my posts here and here. But I just received confirmed news (after flying rumours for the past few weeks) that Kang Ji Hwan and Kim Ha Neul will be in Singapore on the 28th October! Wow!

They are of course in town to promote their movie- My Girlfriend is an agent or 7th Grade Civil Servant.

My Girlfriend is an Agent (hmm...title reminds me My Wife is a Gangster. Think I prefer 7th Grade Civil Servant. ^^) has been compared to Mr and Mrs Smith BUT I think the only similarity is that the couples in both the movies are secret agents. Oh...there were also rumrous of Kang Ji Hwan and Kim Ha Neul being a couple after the movie. Will they end up like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Who knows?

The clips and reviews I've read so far have pointed to it as a pretty decent rom-com. It did pretty well in Korea too. Of course, as I've yet to watch the movie, I can't really comment too much.

Of course, it's not the first time they've acted together. They first acted in the drama, 90 days to Love and their chemistry was pretty good then. I started to take note of Kang Ji Hwan after that drama and was thorougky amused by him in Capital Scandal. As for Kim Ha Neul- I was really, really impressed by her acting in On Air".

They will be in Singapore from 28th to 30th October. Schedule as follow (though not totally comfirmed)

28th October
Arrival from Hong Kong
Evening- Gala premiere at The Cathay

29th October
Press conference
Evening- publicity event (I heard it will be at The Hereen)

30th October
Depart Singapore



Here's the trailer, click here
Here's a little teaser clip, with BTS, click here
And here's the official encore site, click here

Ok, will update more later if I got news. Remember to mark your dates people.

Spsstt.... a little bird told me that there might be a couple of concerts coming up at the end of the year. Watch this space or follow my twittter for updated news. Shsshhhh...


snifez said...

Hi Tiffany,
Thanks for our update. You wont believe how many sites I had search and who I had asked abt Kim Ha Neul coming to SG. So glad is finally true. Can you tell us more?

I have never been a fan before, so am not well contacted or how what I need to do. Can anyone attend any of the events you listed above.. if not, how can we do to get in? Pls advise Tiffany the Guru.


tiffany said...

hi snifez

I no guru lah. I just happened to have the news.

The Gala premiere on the 28th Oct normally for their sponsors and selected press. But I heard there will be some giveaways, so look out in the press.
For the press conf- obviously only for the press and media.
For the publicity event at The Heeren on the 29th Oct, it is open to the public. But you will have to be there early, early to 'chope' good seats lor.
Not sure if there's any other event. That's all I know so far. Will update when I have confirmed news.

Secret Agent said...

For those who may want to know their flight details:

SQ859/28OCT schedule arrival 1420
SQ602/30OCT schedule departure 2350

tiffany said...

Thanks secret agent. ^^

I've posted the details earlier here-

But as there is no official you are absolutely sure?