Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lee Min Ho schedule in Singapore

Well, al Lee Min Ho fans in Singapore are on an overdrive now...counting down the hours, the minutes, the seconds till he arrives tomorrow afternoon. For those still searching for information about his very, very short visit... here they are again...

BR 225 (Eva Air)
12.00 at T1, Changi Airport

Press conference-
14.30 at Raffles Hotel

Appearance at Etude House-
16.00 at Etude House, Plaza Singapura (B1-26). And yes, he will go to the shop itself. The event does not involved Plaza Singapura, so his appearance will take place at the shop. Got photo taking with that 2 lucky winners. I can only imagine how chaotic it will be. Let's hope there won't be any accidents....

Fan meeting-
16.30 at Movida, St James. Press release state that Lee Min Ho is expected to arrive at 17.00 and no entry for those who arrived after Lee Min Ho. So those of you with tickets to the fan meet and plan to be at Plaza Singapura as well, take note hor. You maybe be able to get in if you are late.

MI 336 (Silkair)
12.50 at T2, Changi Airport

He will have 3 days of activities in Malaysia. From what I've been reading, think the schedule and venue for public appearance better leh.

Anyway, though I'm not a huge Lee Min Ho fan, I must say I like his casual looks. This was taken just yesterday at Incheon Airport, on his way to Taiwan. Poor guy, every night sleep in different cities. Wonder if he will look just as fresh tomorrow when he arrives.

Picture lifted from soompi and credit as listed on the photo.

BYJ in The Face Shop, Singapore
Finally started to see his pictures in the store. But have yet to ask if there's any giveaways. Must go call on Monday. ^^ So nice to se his pictures up.

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hey, his flight is 12.50pm is it? omggg