Friday, October 30, 2009

Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ji Hwan's departure schedule

Hot off my phone!

Don't know how true but here's the latest update on their deparure schedule

Kang Ji Hwan- Phuket
MI754, 1320, T2

Kim Ha Neul- Incheon
SQ602, 2350, T3

Apparently Kang Ji Hwan will leave hotel around 11.30am.

Ok...hope everyone gets to see them before they leave. Good uck!


L said...


the guy must be thinking, since phuket is so near, might as well take the opportunity to go there...

he says he has no crazy fans in singapore, yet he changed his schedule like that, how to show him then???hahaha

rainy said...

yeah i agree.
He changed last minute hard to gather the crazy fans. lol..
But then since he is near to phuket and since he got time, why not have a break after this busy week. :)

Xuan said...

This is so last minute. I was still hoping to catch him at the airport tonight.. sigh.

tiffany said...

Haha! Poor guy. Was that why he voluntarily hugged that female contestant last night? And he wants a fan club....Rainy? Otte?

tiffany said...


I guess it was an opportunity too good to resist. If Kim Ha Neul did have an eye condition, I'm sure she would have opted to go on a holiday as well.

Let's hope he have a good break there.

snifez said...

Thanks for the flight info. I went to the airport to send Kim Ha Neul off tonight. It was worth it..

Happy fan.

lay yen said...


i would like to ask if anyone know Kang ji hwan under which company as i was planning to send something to him. I does not know he had changed his flight =((

i wanted to give him something important and i missed it.

tiffany said...

Glad you managed to see Kim Ha Neul at the airport. I'ms sure she must have been happy to see fans there. Were there alot of people at the airport?

tiffany said...

Lay Yen

Yeah, he changed plans at the last minute. This is the information I got off his thread on soompi:
His agency:
Jambo Entertainment- (
Address: Jambo Entertainment
242-37, Nonhyun-dong, kangnam-ku,
Seoul 135-010
South Korea

lay yen said...

I was sad never able to send him , actually wanted to pass him something. Afraid tat if i send to the company, they will throw it away.

Saw Ha Neul today at airport. The guy beside her in yellow is really a nice guy =)) Got her signature too!! So happy!!

goldie said...

Tiffany ..
Since I know KJH fly to Phuket yesterday..
I can't even sleep!

Other Thai Fanclub and I planed to go to Phuket ..
But We need to know his return flight to Inchoen ..
Please let me know his return flight ..
We can standby over the night at Phuket airport ..


Anonymous said...

To Lay Yen: Would you like to sell 1 of the 2 autographed photos to me? I'm willing to pay a high price for it. Pls kindly drop me an e-mail at if you're keen, I'd really like to have an autographed item of her :)

To Tiffany: My apologies on using this comment area to post such qn but I couldn't find a message area in Lay Yen's blog.


lay yen said...

To: Anonymous

I'm Sorry but to tell you that the photo is we took with them de, not her solo picture. Got our face. Haha...

from lay yen

tiffany said...


Sorry you did't managed to get your autographed photo. Hope you did managed to see her at least.

tiffany said...


Sorry, I don't know his schedule in Thailand. Am afraid you have to find out yourself.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Lay Yen,

Thanks you so much for your reply. I've replied to your mail too. It's perfectly alright, was just trying my luck though! :)

Have a great week ahead!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany,

Yeah, I managed to catch her at the airport... Must really extend my thanks to you for sharing their flight schedules with us! :)


snifez said...

Hi Tiffany,
No, not many fans at the aiport. But those where all happy fans! Kim Ha Neu lwas very nice and patient to sign all autographs. I regreted staying so quiet and for not asking for her autograph too. I should be screaming my head off to get hr attention..

I would like to send her some stuff too. Do you know where these shld be sent to?

Tiffany, I read your archives till 2.30pm last nite. Had many good laughs. You write very well. I enjoyed them. I have so many questions to ask you abt Kim Ha Neul and abt your regular Korean trips. Any plans?


tiffany said...

Hi snifez
Wow! You stayed up till so late? Hope you didn't have any eye bags the next day.

I only know that Kim Ha Neul has started her owne agency, J.One+ Entertainment. Ha Ga In was recently in the news as she has just joined the agency. But I can't seemed to find the addres. Sorry!

tiffany said...


Great you managed to catch her. Good thing she didn't change her flight schedule.

snifez said...

My Korean friend send this address, cant be sure though..

Kim Ha Neul
J One Plus Entertainment Company
6th Floor, PAX Tower
231-13, Nonhyun-dong, Kangnam-gu,
Seoul, 135-101
Republic of KOREA

In Korean
서울시 강남구 논현동 231-13, 팍스타워 6층
제이원플러스 엔터테인먼트 컴퍼니
김하늘 앞