Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kang Ji Hwan & Kim Ha Neul's secret schedule

I was going to finish my story on Lee Min Ho's press conference but guess I'll have to do it later as I've been getting quite a few enquries about the next guests to our little red dot- Kim ha Neul and Kang Ji Hwan.

As I've posted earlier here, the movie distributors- Encore Films and Cathay-Keris Films did not want to release the flight information as they are afraid of creating chaos at the airport (well, I guess Lee Min Ho's visit to Singapore last Saturday was pretty scary). But then again, I think it would be a little sad if there are not many fans to welcome these 2 A-list veteran artistes during their first visit to Singapore. It really isn't too difficult to guess...afterall, there are only that many number of flight from Hong Kong to Singapore in the afternoon. Some kind souls have given me the possible flight details. But please don't throw bricks at me if it's wrong.

28th October
Arrival- SQ859, 1420. Will have to check if it's T2 or T3 tomorrow as SQ flights can land at either terminal. Please note- this is not confirmed.

Gala Premiere- there will be a private cocktail session at 8.45pm followed by a stage appearance at the Gala premiere of the movie at The Cathay, Hall 1.

There were some giveaways for the tickets by Korea Tourism Organisation, KBox, St James Power Station and The Hereen. But I'm not sure how many pairs were given away. To those who did manage to get your hands on these elusive tickets- congratulations!

29th October
Press conference- 10am, Movida, St James (Yup, 2nd visit within a week)
There will be various individual media interviews after this..so look out for the various magazines and newspapers. The usual lah. (I can only say that all entertainment media has been kept extremely busy this past one week with all these stars arrival).

Mall appearance- 6.30pm, The Hereen. There was a contest held last week on the radio station, Yes93.3 from Monday till Friday. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if everyone knows about it...Anyway, these 5 contestants will get up 'close and personal' (I quote the press release) with the 2 stars. Hmm.... how close har? ^^ They also stand to win $1,500 prizes...by trying to be an agent. I'm sure it's not going to be too hard. I remember one of the question last week was- 'If you are a secret agent, what profession would you choose in order not to arouse suspicion from your partner'. One of the answer was a nurse. The explaination was that as a nurse, she would be able to work late hours (I thought it was pretty good). In the movie, Kim Ha Neul's character is a tour guide. ^^

30th October
They leave for Korea in the evening, so it could be Singapore Airline, Korean Airline or Asiana Airline. This was the flight guessed by a 'source'. Don't ask me which source ok, coz by the time I get the infor...it's already from a source of a source of a source. So again, please don't throw bricks at me if it's wrong.

Departure- SQ602, 2350 * no confirmation!!!!!

The rest of the day, they are free. I'm guessing they may go to SG Flyer...maybe...Would they go try out our famous chilli crab? They really should.

Hotel- ???
I really don't know. But my guess is- it would probably be one of the hotels in the Marina site.

Happy searching!!!

And in case you people forget, the movie opens on the 5th November hor, which really is the whole purpose of this visit.

Will post about their press conference later.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the schedule. Do you have any idea if the press conference is going to be a closed-door event?

tiffany said...


Yes, it is a closed door event. Most press conferences are. ^^

Anonymous said...

Oh i see... Thanks.. No chance to see them there then :)

Secret Agent said...

Mr Kang Ji Hwan is leaving Singapore this afternoon to Thailand.

Tonight only Ms Kim Ha Neul taking SQ602 departure 2350 @ Terminal 3 back to Korea.

tiffany said...

Hi Secret Agent. Thanks for the update. I was informed by a friend earlier about the change of plans and so have posted the news on my blog already. But still, I'm not sure how many made it to the airpor as the change was so last minute. Did you managed to see him at the airport?

Thanks once again for all the news & infor. Much appreciated.

snifez said...

Thanks Tiffany.
Do you know if Kim Ha Neul speaks or read or understand English? Does she have an English fan site?