Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rain in Singapore for F1

Just received an text message from my friend...

Rain in Singapore for F1

Now that's Rain, as in the Korean singer and not rain, as in the weather (though that might make an appearance as well). Anyway, that got me interested. I hadn't heard any news about this. I kept hearing about all the other artistes like Travis, Chakka Khan, Neyonce, Jacky Cheung, A Mei, Backstreet Boys etc, but no one mentioned anything about Rain leh. (see SGF1 and F1 Rocks for artistes line up)

So I did a quick google search. Hmm...still not very much news....
According to my friend- it's for F1 party
According to Poparazzi, he's here as part of F1 Rocks presenter.

Hmm.... maybe he's here for both? I hope my source will be able to enlighten me soon. Does anyone know?

Besides, Rain, I'm wondering if Ryu Si Won will also be here.

His drama, Style ended early (16 episodes instead of the orginal 20), which means he will be free to attend F1 this weekend. I haven't watch the last few episodes yet but apparently, it slided downwards for lack of clear plot direction. Sigh...I think that seems to be the problem with most K dramas. Still, it was a rather respectable ratings of about 17%. Hmm...maybe, it ended early because he wants to be in Singapore for F1? hehe! Afterall, he is known to be a racing buff.

Anyway, from next year onwards, he won't have to be here to watch F1 already coz it will go to kimchiland in 2010 (read the BBC news here)

Well, I'm going to watch the F1 action this weekend too. Am looking forward to it. Hmm....wonder if I can spot Rain.....


ajumma said...

Hi there,
Am impressed that you can take care of baby and maintain blog! How do you do it?
BTW, if any S'poreans are interested in taking part in a KBS Radio sponsored contest, please check out the latest posting ( 25.9) in

tiffany said...

hihi! answer your question...very hard lor. Maintain blog, take care of baby and work at the same time. That's why time always no enough. Hey your blog prety interesting.

Let me do a proper posting about the KBS contest you wrote about on your blog tomorrow. Got to go zzz.... now. ^^