Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lee Min Ho & Etude House

By now, those are in tuned to K entertainment news would have known that Lee Min Ho aka Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers (꽃보다 남자) is scheduled to be in Singapore in October for Etude House's new store in ION. According to press release, he will be in Singapore for two days/one night. Originally, it was supposed to be 10th October but that seems to have been changed now from the 10th to the 24th October (according to news posted on soompi). But then again, I wouldn't bet on the date until it is really, really confirmed with a press release. October is too far away.

Etude House is the new kid on the Korean cosmetic chain block here in Singapore. I'm not sure when it appeared on the Korean scene. According to their English Global website, it was established in 1995. But I became aware of it only in 2006 during my trip to Korea. Two of my friends, had by coincidence, asked me to buy things back for them from Etude House. That of course raised my curiousity.

I remembered thinking how girlish Etude House was when I first visited their store in Myeongdong. The whole store was decked out in pink and it was very frilly. It was so obviously targeting the women or rather girls. I wasn't too sure what to make of it and didn't buy too many products from them (there were more than enough cosmetic shops to visit- The Face Shop, Missha, Skin Food, Beauty Credit etc). But I did try out the products that my friends asked me to buy:

Bright Eye Patch

I'm not too convinced about it although my friend swears by it as she said her eye bags disappear the very next day. Anyway, it seems this is not available any more. At least I can't seemed to find it on their Korean site. Although, they do have the following the Collagen Eye Patch. And I just found out that I have a sample pack and I'm going to try it out tomorrow night. Hehe!

Lavender Mask

Now this I like, especially the smell.

So during my trip to Korea in 2007, I went back with a bigger shopping list. I can't remember exactly all the things I bought but one of them was the Speedy Total Make-up Balm
I like it for the fact that it's SPF50 and it works well enough when I want a simple make-up base. I bought one for my aunt as well coz she wanted a all-in-one. ^^

Like I said, I can't remember what I bought, but it must been alot coz I was given lots of gifts. I love shopping in the cosmetic shops in Korea. They are really, really generous, unlike their counterparts here in Singapore. :(

Travel set

This is rather useful but I'm still working through my pile of samples and haven't had the opportunity to use this yet. Hmm...maybe can bring it along for my next holiday in December.

Hand-held mirror

Don't laugh. This mirror cost US$4.99 according to the Etude House USA site. But I haven't had much use for a hand held romantic mirror so far leh.


This cute elephant is very comfortable and cute. But again, not sure what to do with it. Maybe can let baby M play with it. She'll probably grab the nose. wahaha!


Like I said, all their things very frilly lor, which is not me. I'm guessing though bb might.

Now why the sudden spotlight on Etude House? Because of this boy of course:

Yes, yes, that's how he appeared in the latest CF for Etude House together with Park Shin Hye. You can watch the CF here.

But he can go the other extreme. The Cass CF is totally different. Btw, if you are like me and watched the shorter version first, you wouldn't get the story. But the full length one makes the story clear.

I rather like these two photos

Now will he create a wave when he comes to Singapore. I suspect so.

Just in case you want to contact Etude House Singapore:
Plaza Singapura branch: 68 Orchard Road #B1-26 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
Tel: : 65-6341-9139
ION branch: ION ORCHARD, #B2-54

You would probably get more updated infor by logging onto their facebook and twitter account.

Alamak...just look at the time. Now I will really need that eye patch tomorrow.

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