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Sundown Festival- Press conference

Hello, hello...Happy New Year everyone. Hope all of you had a good time celebrating the new year. I had a wonderful break for the last couple of weeks and really wish it could last forever.

2009 ended on a high note with the Sundown Festival, of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I know this is a litle late, But it's never too late to relieve those moments right?

From all accounts, I believe everyone had a good time. Me too! Yes, there were glitches and things could have been a little better organised. BUT...on the whole, I think it was pretty ok. I'm looking forward to their next Sundown Festival this year.

But, before I go on to talk about the festival, I really should talk about the press conference first right? So, here it is..I'm sure everyone has read all about it in the media, from the internet, from fans etc. So this is my acccount...

Not sure why they needed so many chairs since FT Island (which is the biggest group) has only 5 members. The rooms was rather small but still, all of us fitted in, trying to occupy the best spot without blocking the others.

Mr Lim Sang Jun, the Director of Public Relations and Cultur of Korea Embassy and Mr Yang Moon Soo, the Director of Korea Tourism Organisation, Singapore, 2 very important organisations who were supporting this festival. ^^

First to arrive was T-Max because they had to perform at the official opening of HMV's latest store at @313 Somerset.

This was the first time I was seeing them in interviews. First impression- they are alot more fun in person although Min Chul did all the talking, whilst Kim Joon doodled away and Yoon Hwa just looked on. Still, I could feel their bond and closeness with each other.

T-Max (especially Min Chul) was quite excited about being in Singapore. He mentioned that he slipped and fell at the airpot when he arrived. hehe! Actually, Min Chul and the other 2 were really friendly and having lots of fun. Min Chul was even sitting on the lugguage belt. Watch the 2 clips here and here to see their antics during their arrival at the airport. I think they were really looking forward to the concert the next day. Watch their interview here about their wish to get to know Singaporeans better. here

Amongst the questions, T-Max was also asked about their solo acts in their latest album. This was their reply

One of the reporter asked if they were jealous of Kim Joon's popularity due to the drama, F4. I like Min Chul's answer. He said it was normal to feel jealous, but then again, they felt it was a good thing too. Kim Joon's popularity has also helped T-Max to be recognised. And he stressed that we should view T-Max as a whole. This Min Chul is really one funny guy, before he have his answer, he pretended to be angry and 'walked away' from the table and then proceeded to stranggle Kim Joon

Mario & Park See Nae
I was initially confused with another Mario. But this Mario sang the theme song for My Girl. Still the official photos given to me by the organisers were very different from the man that appeared before me.

Mario speaks perfect English and is partly based in the US. What I like about him? He came across to me as one who was humble and obviously very gratful for having been given the chance to sing the theme song and opportunities that came his way thereafter. Watch his reply here.

Mario was asked if it was harder to break into the US or Korean market (since he could do both) and he replied that it was both hard, though he would like to do it in both countries. And he can't dance. hehe! Watch the clip here
Park Si Nae didn't say a word. But she was very comfortable with Mario, and constantly held on to his arm. And Mario was a perfect gentleman and rather protective. I like this guy.

Lee Ji Su
Lee Ji Su was probably the quietest of all the artistes. I don't mean he didn't say anything but there were no queries from the media when it was opened to the floor, so his session was the fastest. I do feel a little sorry for him.

Like Mario, Lee Ji Su also rose to fame with his song in the hit drama, My Girl. (this drama remains one of my favourite drama because of the cast and the storyline. In particular, I discovered one of my favrouite, talented actor, Lee Jun Ki, through this drama). When asked about his source of inspiration, he replied Fly to the Sky, xxx and James Imgram. I put xxxx because I really, really could not catch singer's name and I don't think the translator did either. Anyone who could figure it out, please enlighten me. Here's his reply

Lee Ji Su released a new album last year, entitled, The Blue Memory. In this album, there are some new songs and also his hit song, 바보라서.

FT Island
FT Island created a mini stir (I could hear screamings from the fans outside) when they appear. I had missed their press conference and mini show case in Singapore earlier, so this was my first time at seeing them up close. First impresssion? They are really, really young. I mean I knew they are young (between 18-20), but gosh...they look young too.

As they were in Singapore about 6 months earlier, FT Island was no stranger to Singapore already and Jae Jin expressed their feelings about being back again.

Hong Ki was obviously the media's attention die to the recent hit drama, 'You Are Beautiful'. So amongst the many questions asked that was related to this-

1) How much similar is his character, Jeremy like him?- About 70%
2) What kind of girl would they want to join their group? (actually, the journalist wanted to ask what would they have done if they discovered a girl within their band)- Hong Ki replied that he wanted someone glamorous. Wahahaha! (he was really a live wire and the joker of the group) Jae Jin replied that he/ they wanted someone who could do the housework, look after them well, clean the fish (I wasn't sure if it was fish or fridge--hmmm...) and play the piano (does he want the girl to seranade to him???)

One of the stranger question asked- do they want their songs to bring happiness or do they want to change the world with their songs (huh??? so 'cheem', like Miss Universe kind of question). Anyway, Hong Ki replied that they want their songs to bring happiness. Pretty logical answer.

Hong Ki- he was still spotting the blond hair from the drama, 'You Are Beautiful'.

Credit:Red Spade

Brown Eyed Girls
Last to appear was the group, Brown Eyed Girls. Credit to them for looking fresh and beatiful despite having just touched down a couple of hours earlier.



I must say I never expected them to be so small and petite. In a strange way, I'm rather pleased to know that these 4 dynamites are not the typical tall, lanky, leggy Korean artistest that I've encountered so far. These girls radiate a sense of x-factor and Narsha especially packs a punch in her outfit. ^^

Asked about their music and their change of image in their latest album, Sound-G. Jea answered for the group that it was not their intention to mix R&B with hip-hop, but rather they wanted to present a variety of music to their fans. As for their new sexy image in the latest album, Miryo replied that they wanted to show some level of maturity. See her reply here.

They were also asked what was the crasiest thing that a male fans has ever done (given their sexy image). Now, my Korean is not great but either they didn't really answer the question or the translator didn't translate their answer, because the translated answer came out as 'Yes, the fans are very passionate, especially when they go to boys universities or participate in military events. The fans love them.' Hmmmm... how passionate were the male fans?

Abd finally, Ga In, who was appearing in the variety show, 'We Got Married' with Jo Kown of 2AM, was asked how he was like in person. Ga In actually appeared quite shy and said that he was pretty much the same as how he was in the show. They got along well though he nags and bullies her at times (but she found him attractive that way. Wah!). hahaha! Sounds like any married couple. Watch her answer here

Btw, Jo Kown and Ga In released a single, We Fell in Love in time for Christmas. I like it. Very happy and catchy. And I found a clip on Jo Kwon nagging Ga In. Watch it here. Hilarious!.

And that was the end of the press conference. The various artistes had individual interviews with selected media.

Now, all were looking forward to the concert the next day.

As Min Chul of T-Max said, Let's Party!

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