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태왕군 & The Legend

Fans are strange...they are willing to go the extra mile for someone they hardly know and often, don't even meet. ^^ So when the dvd for Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (The Legend) became available in Singapore, we (ok, ok....I) called the distributor directly for more information. In all my correspondence with them, I think I was even more excited and anxious than them. And instead of them wanting to work with us, I was offering to do a bulk purchase with them. Super 'On' right? Wahaha!

And then instead of just doing a simple distribution to the members, we gave ourselves even more work by organising a gathering. Told you fans are strange right?

But the very nice people at Korea Tourism Organisation, whom I've gotten to know quite well, has always suggested that we hold one of our gathering at their new office. And well, this seems like a good time as the number of people attending should be manageable.

So on 23rd February, Joon's Family held a mini TWSSG dvd distribution/ gathering at KTO's 'newish' office.

As usual, I was 'walking' around (ok...I was kaypohing around), so I didn't take many photos. I will have to steal some photos from the other girls who took great photos. Sorry girls, I'm allowed to be the Queen right? ^^ Credit is on the photos posted.

Jos was the earliest...arriving at the office even before the KTO staf...^^ the rest of us arrived between 9.15am to 9.30am...and it was work from the word, 'Go'.

It's great to see this sign....

Whilst Lynn and her group was busy packing the dvds, poster etc into the plastic bags, Jos was busy with the laptop, making sure that it would work later. Jessica and Kelly were busy putting up the posters...and they were really nice.

Mini table calendar/ posters done by Jessica (I was warning her to keep a close eye on them...I'm sure many girls will be tempted to 'bring' Damdeok home ^^)

I especially like this picture:

Aren't they droolicious? Posters done by Kelly.

I ahve a soft spot for BYJ in military wear, on horseback. He's so dashing....

You know, even though this is just a simple gathering, there is still a lot of work setting the chairs, putting out the food etc.

Luckily, there were many willing hands and also after organising so many gatherings for the past 5 years, alot of thing run like clockwork liao. Like Jos said, after organising a fan meet for 1,000 people, nothing is impossible now. Wahahaha!

Some of the members turned up really, really early. ^^ In fact, a few of them said they've been around since 9.30am. Our members really the same time though, it' very gratifying to know that they are still keen to attend these gatherings after 5 years.

The JF distributors hard at work. ^^

Soon, the place was humming. It was good to see some of the members again and I think they were also having a good time catching up with each other.

Because we were only serving light refreshment this time, we decided to try out the Korean rice cakes.

The four beauties, with the rice cakes. Which is more appetising? Hehehe!

The rice cakes were ok though I wasn't too keen on the pumkin ones. But of course, nothing compared to the rice cakes that were served at Tea Loft...sigh...

Rice cakes from Tea Loft

I wished I had taken a photo of the eclairs that Ursula baked...they were delicious! (Ursula...hint! hint!) The 40 eclairs were gone in no time...luckily, I managed to grab one before they disappeared into the various stomachs.

After eating (very important for Singaporeans. hehe!), it was time for some video watching. But first, we presented a set of the dvd to Adeline, the Marketing Manager of KTO as a token of our appreciation. Of course, we are also hoping that they will play it at their office often and promote the drama. ulterior motive one. Wahahaha!

As the Singapore version of The Legend didn't have the special episode that was aired before the actual drama, we decided to show this to the members. It would be a great way for them to understand the drama better. And even though I have seen it before, I still find myself glued to the TV screen. Well, KTO's tv is bigger than my computer....The only slight drawback was the sound. As neither KTO nor us have external speakers to attach to the laptop, those sitting at the back found it rather hard to listen the clip. We tried closing the glass doors to shut out the noise but then it made the enclosed room rather stuffy....but I think nobody really complained too much. Too busy watching him on the screen. ^^

After the special episode, Jos showed a clip that she had especially made on the trip that we made last year to the various TWSSG sure brought back memories. She has uploaded it, you cna watch it here Aiyah! I want to go Korea again!

The 3 hours passed very quickly and by the time the whole programme ended, it was 1pm already. The Singapore Tae Wang army took a photo just outside Korea camera not very good, so some of the girls standing by the side are cut off. Kelly, you got better photos?

Just a little bit about KTO's office before I end. I had blogged about it here previously. That was last year, in October 2007 I think. Here are some more photos I took last Saturday. They've also changed some of the display as it's already Spring and no longer Winter..

Some of those items inside display cases looked really nice and apparently you can buy some of them. But I think they not very cheap lor. And oh, there are quite of brochures and phamlets that you can take home for reference.

And lastly, Kelly took some very pics of the dvd set, which I'm going to post here coz my photo skills definitely not as good as hers. I like the packaging. ^^

And the free poster that came with it. The distributor very smart...they only put BYJ's picture in the poster.

It was good to catch up with everyone again and I think all were excited at being able to watch the drama so soon after it ended in Korea. This is indeed rare. I know I'm enjoying it. ^^

Singapore 태왕군, 아자!

Jos has blogged about it here and of course bb has also blogged about it as well. You can read it here. Think she took mroe photos than me. ^^

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