Thursday, January 03, 2008

Kim Kang Woo in Singapore

Once upon a time, hardly another Korean artiste would drop by Singapore to promote their it seems Singapore is no longer the desert it used to be. ^^

Kim Kang Woo arrived in Singapore last night and looking at the time now, he should be having his press conference at KTO's Korea Plaza now.

Whose Kim Kang Woo? I must admit I didn't know his name till about 2 week ago. He's the main star in the movie, 'Le Grand Chef'(食客)

It aired in Korea in November and did pretty well. I think it should do ok in Singapore too...especially if you like most Singaporeans do. hehe!
He's got a rather quiet, understated look about him. Quite nice... He's been in the news abit recently as he won the Best actor in the 25th Torino Film Festival in Italy fro the movie 'The Railroad' and was also in a thriller movie, 'Rainbow Eyes'.

Actually, he kinda remind me of Kang Dong Won...that kinda of vibe...

There's going to be a gala premiere tonight at GV Vivocity and he will be leaving tomorrow...not sure what time though... Those interested can try and find out and maybe catch him at the airport?

How? Handsome enough to chase? :p

I should be doing a review of the movie later.

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