Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Excuse me, are you a Korean?

Came back last night...was and still is tired out.

Took too many photos---over 1,000. Don't know how I'll finish sorting them but finish I must coz I know many are just waiting for a report of the trip. ^^

Anyway, this was taken on the last day of the trip, whilst waiting for the transport to take us to the bus stop where we can take the airport bus.

During this trip, I and the other girls have been approached quite a few times by Koreans for directions. I look like a Korean? hehehe! ^^

Most of the Koreans are stylishly stressed, especially the ladies. Many of young ones still wore shorts or bermudas, with black tights or stockings. Very nice. I remember my teacher was telling me even the housewives going to the market in the morning would be also beautifully dressed and made up. I totally agree. The lady selling sandwiches in a small shop near my hotel was carefully made up, with lipstick and eyebrow plucked. I so admire them for taking pride in their appearance andf their dress sense.

Otte? Can I pass off as a young Korean lady? hahaha!


dawn said...

Though I am anxiously waiting for your trip report but I think u better rest well first. :D

U look so adorable in winter wear!

Yee said...

You - young lady looks so cute, and very stylish.
Welcome back!!
Take a good rest before you give us the nice Christmas gift - Bae Land trip report.

Taro said...

you look so pretty! I miss my winter clothes now. Since I come to Singapore, no chance to wear them. My sister enjoy wearing them I'm sure. hahaha...
Welcome back, take good rest yah~

tiffany said...

Hi Dawn, after 2 weeks, I'm still not 100% well. This Korean flu bug super strong man.

tiffany said...

Hi Yee...hhe...just started on first report last night.....

Should hopefully be able to post more these few days provided I don't get too drunk with the merry making. ^^

tiffany said...


Really? Hehe! Nobody's said I looked pretty for a long time. Husband doesn't count coz he's been trained to do so. haha!

But I really like the Korean winter wear. They are so pretty.

amanda said...

Hi, Tiff
Welcome back to rainy Singapore.
You look more like Japanese than Korean.
Cute(kawai) Japanese girl look~!
and I never knew tourists can see BYJ on the film site.
I've never seen him in real.
Hope you get well soon.

tiffany said...

Hi Amanda, really? I look more Japanese than Korean? Hmmm...Actually, I very Singaporean one. hehe! Yeah, the fans will have their way of finding out the filming site. Not just BYJ, I think generally any drama being filmed, especially in Seoul, the fans will be able to find out.

We must meet up before you leave.