Friday, October 05, 2007

Then and Now

I was planning to post about some of the music I've been listening to recently but found that I haven't done enough research. So I figured I'd post something simpler... however I still ended up spending quite a lot of time on this maybe I should have just stuck with my music post.... ^^ But it was really interesting though.

Some weeks ago, a friend sent me an email with the then-and-now photos of some male artistes. I've also seen photos of similar articles for female artistes. They really do look different. Of course, there are lots debate as to whether these artistes did go for cosmetic surgery. If you do a search on the internet, there is no lack of discussion on this topic. Except for a few who did admit to making some 'enhancements', most deny that any surgery has been done. Now, I don't know if the following did or not. It is also none of my business. As an artiste, what matters at the end of the day is that they perform well as an artiste.

But people do change as they grow up. And with age, experience, confidence and the financial means for better clothes, better stylist and hair stylist, it is not surprising that they can look vastly different. I mean, I look absolutely awful when I was in my teens...with my thick glasses and terrible permed hair.

Btw, those of you do do have these photos of mine---

So seeing as the weekend is coming up...let's play a little game. hehe! Do you know who the following artistes are? The answers would be at the bottom of the post, with their 'now' photos. No peeping!

The Female artistes


The Male artistes:

You ready with your answers?

The female artistes...from top to bottom, left to right:
Choi Ji Woo

Ha Ji Won

Han Ga In

Jang Na Ra

Jeon Ji Hyun

Kim Hee Seon

Kim Jung Hwa

Kim Tae Hee

Son Yeh Jin

Song Hye Kyo

Song Yoon Ah

The male artistes...from top to bottom, left to right:
An Jae Wook

Eric Moon

Jo In Sung

Kim Jae Won

Kown Sang Woo

Lee Dong Gun

Lee Jun Ki

Rain- Jung Ji Hoon

Ryu Si Won

So Ji Sub

Bae Yong Joon

The last 2 young photos are both of Bae Yong Joon. If you are a fan of his, you would obviously know. Doesn't he look cute?

Anyway, the moral of the story? Make sure you have some decent photos when you are never know when you will become famous and have your old photos circulated all over the internet.

One last photo....can you guess which star this is?


Anonymous said...

Oh my I guessed half of them but did not recognize Lee Jun Ki! Shame on me... Girls were way easier except for Ha Ji Won.

Lol Photoshop did not exist in their time. If you ever become famous make sure you photoshop all your pics :D


amanda han said...

Haha, I think most of them didn't do anything. I can easily recognize them, I think Ha Ji Won lost a lot of weight so may look different.
I also looked awful when I was teen with glasses.
And I'm sure BYJ dind't do anything, he was handsome even as a young boy. sigh.
and the last picture, was it you?? or your husband??

tiffany said...

Deedlith...hehe! I couldn't recognise quite a few of them as well. I say...make sure you ahve some decent young photos just in case...hahaha!

tiffany said...

Hehe!'s me....when I was very young....and look at least a little cute. You don't want to see photos of me when I was in my teens...coz I don't want to either... ^^

Mawee said...

heehee~ most of them didnt change at all,, well I guessed most of them right, LOL. Anyway had some of them had PS or plastic surgery or not, yes what matters is how they can perform as an artist or entertainer. I dont see the big fuss of hating/disliking an artist who've had PS. I mean its their own business. humans cant ever be satisfied, with looks and wants and needs. As long as an actor/actress does his/her job as an actor/actress~ thats what matters to me most too ^^

tiffany said...

Hi Mawee...yeah, it doesn't bother me much but sometimes, I do get a slight shock when I see artiste looking completey different from before.

amanda han said...

Hi, Tiff.
was it you??
You're so cute~!!!
Your mom can be proud of it!!
I don't want to see my teenage pictures with glasses either.. so ugly.

tiffany said...

hehe! I think I only look cute when I was very young...^^

Anonymous said...

LOL!Holy fetch,I didn't recognize rain.xD. Bae yong joon soo cute. I knew it was him. I am a great fan of him. I love how you pointed out the lesson.xD. So true!ROFL. You really never know.xDD

Anonymous said...

Jo In Sung looks the same just older..

Anonymous said...

I think is Lee Min Ho? :)))) hahaha