Thursday, October 25, 2007

Singapore KNTO's new home

For most of us who visit Korea often on F&E, one of the place we almost always visit is the KNTO (Korea National Tourism Office) main office. There's lots of informative brochures available there, English speaking help and most importantly...hehehe! there's free internet access.

I've been going to the KNTO Singapore office for the past 5 years (since I got into this Korean wave thing) and I always felt the office here was a little err....cramp. Those of you who've been there would know what I mean.

KNTO in Singapore has a new home finally.

Last week, I was very happy to be invited to the opening ceremony. ^^ I was rubbing shoulders with the Korean Ambassador and the top people from KNTO...I was kinda of hoping to get closer to them and convince them to send me on a trip to Korea at least once a year to help them promote Korea. kekeke! (Ooops...I should be promoting Singapore, shouldn't I? Hmm..maybe can promote both?)

I know the KNTO was trying very hard to get a Korean artiste in for the opening ceremony...but hor...all these artistes nowadays are probably even busier than the dignitaries. If only they opened a little earlier, then they probably would have been able to get Jang Hyuk to be there. What a waste right?

But they did managed to get an interesting act - Nanta.

Have you seen this group? If not, you really must coz their act is amazing. They use kitchen utensils to make music.

Here are 3 short clips I took for their performance. Cool right?

Th grand ribbon cutting ceremony. Hmm.. I've always been curious. How come they always have to use white gloves?

The new office is definitely much better in terms of space and accessibility. winter scene backdrop to take photos. But the real thing much better. hahaha!

The only 2 drama-related posters displayed. The 2 dramas that made the most impact for the popularity of Korea wave.... ^^


Dolls, wedding and tea ceremony. I think the ceremonies should be interesting...especially the wedding one. Wondering if they will stage it on a regular basis. They had it last week during the opening week.

Ok... do go and check out the place yourself. Their new address:

3 Church Stret
Singapore 049483

T: 6533 0441

The nearest mrt station is Raffles Place. And oh...there's a Coffee Bean right next to it. So you can grab your brochures and browse at them whilst having a cup of coffee.

p/s- the travel booklet and the brochure food recipes are interesting and a must get.


amanda han said...

Were you in the ceremony?
I was there. I attended the ceremony and greet to Korean ambassador and other people.
We should have met!!
I like the place but the wedding ceremony thing the mannequin look so odd with the hanbok.
Anyway so do you work for Singapore Tourism Board?
Interesting. If you come to Seoul next time, I can be your tour guide since I was born and brought up in Seoul. haha

taro said...

hi tiffany!
I was there too. Some of my friends join the traditional wedding ceremony, so that I went down there and help them take some photos.
If you want put here together, I can send you it. It's quite beautiful and happy moments to remember.
2 couples join it, and both couple are real husband and wife, 10 and 11 years after get marrige. ^ ^

tiffany said...

Hi Amanda...

Hehe! I didn't attend the wedding and tea ceremonies even though I was invited. I was busy working...and no I do not work for the Singapore Tourism Board but as a Singaporean, I should be promoting my own country right?

Err....I may be going to Korea in Dec..are you going to be in Seoul then? ^^

And did you receive my email?

tiffany said... were there too?

Looks like I really should have gone,then I can meet both you and amanda. Do you both know each other?

If your friends don't mind having their photos on my blog...I would be more than happy to post them.

My email:


taro said...

Just sent them!
^ ^

tiffany said...

Thanks Taro! Received your mail. Will put it in later. ^^

amanda han said...

Hi, tiff

Strange enough, I've never gotten any of your e-mails.
Can you send it again to my new e-mail address