Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sexily dangerous and dangerously sexy

There was much interests in the female leads when 'Tae wang Sa Shin Gi/Legend' aired recently. Moon So Ri and Lee Ji Ah, as women warriors Ka Jin and Seo O, were getting lots of attention after the 1st episode aired. I think most of the viewers were getting a kick out of watching them fight . No, not cat fight (though those can be quite vicious as well) but as proper warriors and chief of their tribes. I think the appearance of Ka Jin and Seo O contributed much to the success of the high ratings.

The same reaction arose when Lee Da Hee appeared as Kak Dan, a woman warrior in the army, who was guarding Dam Deok. Her fight with him was one of the highlight of the drama.

Now just what is it about these 3 characters that drew so much attention?

It's because they look so dangerously sexy whilst being sexily dangerous.

A woman can be dangerous.

A woman can be sexy

But if you combine the two...it's lethal. ^^

Just think of Halle Berry emerging from the sea, with a knife in her belt in the James Bond movie or Angelina Jolie whipping through the jungle in Tomb Raider movie.

I mean it's got even me, a woman, hyperventilating. Whew! Seriously, don't you people get a high seeing them kick 屁股? (sorry for the undignified word ^^).

This was also one of the reason why I like the drama, 'Forbidden Love/ 구미호 (Tale of 9 Tail Wolves )'.

Don't they remind you of 'Men In Black'? hehe!

The story was unusual..also incorporating fanatsy elements. The myth of 9-Tail Wolves, who take on the form of humans, but still needing to eat a human's liver to stay alive...Yes, it was interesting. Ok...I like this kind of story. I like fantasy stories.

The acting though, unfortunately, was only so-so....with Kim Tae Hee still having hangovers from her 'Stairways to Heaven' days. (I kid you not...it's the same looks from that drama). Thank goodness she got better in 'Love Story in Harvard'. And Jo Hyun Jae didn't fare much better either. Sigh. The only saving grace was Jun Jin (although his acting was only also so-so, he at least look really droolicious in it). And of course the biggest find was Uhm Tae Woong.

But, but what really captivated me were the clothes and their image. Don't they look cool? Especially the women.

Don't these 2 'lady wolves' look extremely, extremely hip. I'm sure no men would object to being 'killed' by them. wahahaha!

And if you have watched 'Damo', then you would have agreed that Ha Ji Won was one great swordswoman...

And one other recent character that I find totally sexily dangerous.

Song Joo in 'Capital Scandal'. Aiyoh...when she gets dressed up in her super sexy clothes, with those red pouty lips and that low voice... holding a gun. Man...

Rest assured I'm not gay.... I like men but these women sets my heart a fluttering too. Hmm...me thinks there is a link there somewhere as I do like bad boys (rebels). hehehe!

Now all these are not to be confused with tomboyish girl, which seems to be a growing trend recently as well. Yoon Eun Hye in the recent hit drama, 'Coffee Prince Shop No 1'

and Park Shin Hye in her current weekend drama, 'Gaduki'.

Not sure what Park Shin Hye's character is like in the drama though....anybody knows?

Now both of them look cute and are probably cute...as tomboyish girls. In fact, I think Yoon Eun Hye did a brilliant job in 'Coffee Prince'.

But hor...being tomboyish as a young girl is cute...being tomboyish as a woman is not....

Go Hyun Jung in this year's drama, 'H.I.T'

And before you start pelting eggs at me... I did read that it was a good drama and I believe the ratings were quite good too...but...but...I could not get past the 1st episode where she was sitting in the car, scratching her foot. Really, really cannot.

And so girls, you know what to do if you want to be sexy and attract lots of men...just pick up a weapon.


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