Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jang Hyuk........dancing

I managed to get involved over the past weekend as an extra again...hehehe! need to envy me. It was %$#2&^$#@ hard work. Actually, it wasn't so much hard work. I mean, seriously, how hard do we have to work as one of the faceless extras who appear for half a second? But it was hard work having to wait...and wait...and wait.....

It wasn't easy being cramped into a small place, with hundreds of others, sharing that few toilets and breathing space. And the hours were rather long too. On the last day, we were there from 7am till 1am in the morning. Three quarters of the time was spent waiting. Of the actual filming time, we would probably appear no more than a couple of minutes. Who says the life of an extra is easy?

Still, if you are a Jang Hyuk fan or even a Fann Wong fan, you would probably give a leg and an arm to be there right? Well, I wouldn't have given any part of my body (hehe! don't think any of them would want my fat butt) but I haven't regreted it as it was an interesting experience.

We were filming an important scene of the movie and would see....gasp! Jang Hyuk dancing....with Fann Wong. Well, the movie is called 'Dance of the Dragon' so of course got dancing lah.

Ok..those of you who are reading this and are his fans, please remember to breathe hor. ^^

We started very early...we had changed, make up and hair done and were just hanging around outside, waiting to be called by 8am....when someone walked by in a flash (literally and figuratively). It was difficult to miss him. ^^

It was rather funny actually. I'm not sure if he was shy with all our eyes on him or he is really the impatient sort. But he went into the first door that he saw...which was locked...and then he tried the next door...which was blocked...before he went into the third and correct door. Wahahaha! So blur! He was earlier than Fann.

Soon, we were called and filed into the place to do our job. And yes, we have front, full view of him.

Remember his 'flash' appearance? I can't really say what he was wearing but let's just say it reminds me a little of a matador. It showed off his figure very well. Hey, he's got a good v-shaped body and a rather nice butt. (Sorry, I'm an ajuma and I'm entitled to check out cute young man at my age. Just don't let my husband know. ^^) I'm sure there will be official pictures out soon, so not to worry.

Although I complained about having to wait most of the time, I think it's probably even harder on these artistes. That scene, which will probably be no more than 10 or 15 minutes took days to film. They had to film it from all angles...left, right, top, both he and Fann had to repeat the same dance moves over and over and over again.

No wonder he was totally drained by the end of the day.

And every spare moment that he had, he kept practising his dance steps...even during lunch. He was just not happy with the fact that he couldn't do the steps properly. At one point, the dance instructor was even telling him to stop and take a rest. But he didn't stop.

I think this was a point that impressed many of us, including me.

Now, you would all know that jang Hyuk is not on my list. I like his performance in 'Thank You' but he doesn't make my heart go pitter-patter. Sorry people, there's still no zap after all these close encounters.

BUT...I truely respect him for being professional..for trying up to do a good job up to the last minute. For this alone, I would be interested to see his future works. Perhaps as an actor, he would be even more pleased about this?

He seems quite down to earth as well (well, I've never heard of any Korean actor who eats out at a foodcourt). He was in the pantry with the rest of the crew and cast during a few of the breaks. During one of the break, I happened to see him listening to his ipod. I guess he must be quite stressed out. And a couple of times, he used the same common toilet as the rest of us, despite the fact he had a more 'exclusive' one on another floor.

And he was quite funny too...making his big gorrilla manager practice the same dance steps. And often, he would be aiming kicks at his manager (of course not really's just for fun).

So how was his dancing? I'm no dance expert, but they looked alright to me. I believe knowing martial arts helped as some of the postures are similar. He managed to pull off a few of those twills and thrills. Of course, they were not expertly done. Still, as a non professional dancer, with only 2 months to learn, it is a commendable effort. I really look forward to seeing the whole dance sequence when the movie is out next year. For the moment, I only know bits and pieces, and can't really picture the whole dance.

I think they are more or less wrapping up the movie. He has been here for about 2 months and I'm sure he's looking forward to going back to Korea and proper kimchi. hehe! (I wonder if he's tried our famous chicken rice and chilli crab yet).

It has truely been an interesting experience. I think my only regret would be that I have yet to hear speak in English. I guess I would really have to go to the cinema next year when it is out. Hey, maybe they may invite him over here for the premiere next year...hmmm....wonder if I got priority seating as one of the extra. hehehehe!

And this should be my last post on the Jang Hyuk dancing series...^^ To those JH fans who have been visiting this site (especially the Japanese fans), thank you for your support and interest. I hope you will still continue to visit my blog when you are free...even if I don't write about have Jang Hyuk for awhile.

For those who are sick of reading about him...hehe! fear not, I'll be posting about ....... Bae Yong Joon soon.....wahahahaha! And from the looks of it, I will be be writing more as his new drama, 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi' is capturing my interest.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Tiffany!
How do you dou?
Thank you very much for reporting on Jang Hyuk in Singapore.
I enjoyed reading your reports a lot.
Though your report on our Hyuk is over, I will visit you again.

Thank you!ARIGATO!!

---qoochan in Japan---

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your encounter^^
Met Jang Hyuk in person and his english is not so bad after all.

tiffany said...

Hi qoochan

Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm glad you've enjoyed reading my experiences. Whilst I do not know if the movie will do well when it is released next year, I will definitely support it as he and the rest of teh cats has put in alot of effort.

Yes, please come back and visit me agai. ^^

tiffany said...


Really? You're luckier than me then. I haven't heard him squeak a sound during all these times. :p

Anonymous said...

he went into the common toilet??
HUUU!!i didnt see!LOL!
NICE gorilla manager!
and he did the feet-stamping part of the dance too!ROFL!!

ps; i dont have your email!!


tiffany said...

Hi Riena

So you found your way here... ^^

He did...but the translator was paving the way for him. She went ahead first...hehe!

My email-

I'm still so jealous of you.

Sue said...

HI Tiffany!
Thanks for sharing your story. Very interesting read as usual. ^^
Wow, as expected they didn't finish up till 1am huh? You must be exhausted. Anything interesting happen after we left?

Anonymous said...


she shld have gone in with him! =X andd..i still dont like her(his translator)`spoiler* oh well....LOL!

u gers havent got the stuffs?@@
i thought he was supposed to pass it to suzy?andd..i've been reading ur blog for quite some time b4 i knew u larr!so i found my way here..hmm..awhile back?lols!

tiffany said...

Hi Sue....

Err...nothing exciting lah...just more waiting. By then, we were all so tired, as just wanted the whole thing to be over and done with. The director and the crew received a round of appluase from us when he finally wrapped up the filming. ^^

The director very nice guy. Very patient.

tiffany said... I detect a hibt of jealousy over the translator? ^^

Nope, haven't got anything...and may not either.....

Anonymous said...

Haha ... the translator again...

I also don't really like her...maybe she doesn't look that friendly lah :p Don't know why leh when I see her, even I have something to ask or say to JH words will automatically swallow back ... lol

PS : My friend gave me your blog and I will come more often ^^

sue said...

hi tiffany~
i agree that the director is nice.
he even helped the ladies when they are coming down from the clunky benches. i would give an applause to him anytime. ^^