Thursday, September 06, 2007

Jang Hyuk dancing in a......foodcourt

I was having lunch today when my handphone sounded. It was an sms from Urs...:

Jang Hyuk is having lunch in front of her

How often can you say that you have a Korean actor sitting down in front of you to have lunch? I was so surprised.

So I texted back: "Which restaurant are you in?"

I assume it was a fact, half expecting it to be a Korean restuarant. That's where most Korean artistes have their meal.

I almost fell of my chair and choke on my food when she told me.

A foodcourt in a popular mall.

A foodcourt?

And then I almost fell of my chair again at the next piece of news:

He actually queued up to buy his own food. ^^ Ooorrrrr.... How cute. He was standing in line and carrying his own tray of food like any one of us. I think he has just gone up one notch on my scale.

And being a typical Singaporean, instead of asking how he was looking and what he was dressed in... I actually asked.. "What was he eating?" Wahahaha!

And bless them, both Urs and Jess (who was having lunch with Urs) trooped off to investigate some more.

It seems JH, his manager and their translator were having lunch in a quiet corner in the foodcourt, near a dessert stall. It was such a quiet corner that nobody noticed them. Nobody that is, except for Urs and Jess.

To see them more clearly, both the girls bought dessert and then took up a seat near them to observe.

He was dressed in a very nice purple top, white pants and carrying a slim white bag. No beanie. And he was eating.....fried rice miniwok. hehehe!

For those not's normal fried rice, placed in a small metal miniwok, with a small basket enclosing the wok. The fried rice comes with an egg. Rather like bibimbap, only without the chilli paste. I wonder if he has tried our chicken rice?

The 2 girls were debating...should they or shouldn't they?

It seems so intrusive as he was obviously enjoying his lunch. Urs said he looks hungry. Poor boy. We would have gladly bought him lunch. hehehe!

Time was ticking away and their lunchtime was almost they decided to go for it.

They went and up and asked: "Are you Mr Jang Hyuk?"

Aiyoh...what a line (Excuse me, are you an actor?). I wonder what they were going to do if he or the manager says no, he isn't Jang Hyuk...

The manager stood up and shook their hands. The 2 girls said the manager was very polite and nice. Jang Hyuk's back was towards them and he turned around to face them at this point.

All the usual phrases came out....'Welcome to Singapore', 'Hope you're enjoying your stay' etc...STB would have been so proud of them.

And then he shook hands with the 2 girls.

The next question on my mind: "Did he speak?"

Nope. Seems he was chewing his food and shaking their hands at the same time. Poor boy was caught off guard.

And then the 2 girls left, leaving Jang Hyuk to finish his fried rice in peace and the 2 girls floating in the air.

Last I know, Urs is still having a big smile on her face. She said she can tackle any work problem now.

Now if the people at the foodcourt know any better, they should probably preserve that table where he was sitting and put up a sign that said: "Jang Hyuk ate here". Better still if they place his photo there. Then can then start renting out the table for fans to take photos.


There's major filming this weekend. Hopefully I will have some news to blog later. ^^

I still can't get over it... Jang Hyuk eating in a foodcourt.


Anonymous said...

thanks for your experience.

You are so lucky

tiffany said...


Errr...It wasn't me. I wasn't the lucky one to see him. It was m friends. ^^

zoi said...

Thank you.

We were very glad.

Anonymous said...

are u going for e filming on saturday?i am going too ^^

Anonymous said...

wow your friends are so lucky....didn't expect him to eat at the foodcourt haha....