Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Remyeon 101- FAQ

Hehe! I never expected my post about Ramyeon to generate so much interest. That shows

a) how much K dramas/ movies we watch
b) how much food interests us

Anyway, Han (a Korean who has been visiting my site regularly) has posted some insights to those sought after questions. I'm posting her comments here just in case you people miss it...

1. The metal pot
Most of people eat ramen in the proper bowl, but some lazy people(usually boys) eat ramen straight out of the pot not to wash the bowl. :)

But also if you put the ramen to the new bowl, it's a bit colder than in pot. So if you really want to enjoy ramen pre-warm up the bowl, feel lazy? then just eat straight out of the pot.

2. The lid
It's preventing dripping the noodles and also ramen is too hot to ear right away from the pot. So use the lid you take a short cooling of noodles.

3. The taste
Most Korean prefer 'Nongshim' Brand. If you want to try real Korean ramen go to Korean supermarket and buy nongshim brand. And don't follow the instruction on the ramen package. The time for boiling should be shorter than 3 min and water also should be small amount than the direction.

While you have a first spoonful of noodles, the rest of noodle in the pot will be well done for eating.

4. The chocopie
Actually the orion brand is original. Lotte or other brands are coming to the market quite late after the orion chocopie.

The taste also orion is the best. I wouldn't buy lotte chocopie unless it's really really cheap.

And there you have it... the answers to Korean Ramyeon 101. Btw, her favourite ramyeon is 'bibimmen'. Ok...now I must go find out what it is... ^^

Thanks so much Han!

Dancing around Jang Hyuk in Singapore
T sms me last night.....She's going to be an extra today together with Sab. Wails!!!!!!!!

Sob! Sob! Anyway, I can't be involved even if I do get a call as I have 2 meetings this afternoon back to back. Hopefully there will be a chance later. I know T is already dreaming away...Alright...stop drooling T...and tell me all about it tonight.

I heard that he's moved into another hotel in town...hmmm........


Onki said...


Thanks soo much for posting Han's comments... Now my queries about Ramen is being answered...

tiffany said...

Hi Onki

hehe! I was so fascinated by Han's answers too...