Monday, August 06, 2007

How much is that doggie in... Korea?

I'm recovering from my trip and have to find time to sort out pics and find the necessary infor for next post and at the same time try to find time to catch up on all the dramas that I didn't watch whilst I was away. Whew!

So, I'm afraid I'm going to cheat alittle for this post and write something simple. hehe!

The Blue Dog
This was taken during my first trip to Korea in 2003. It was in Dongdaemun in either Doota or Apm Mall. Not sure what the dog thinks of it's blue ears. hehe!

The Frisky Puppies
This was also taken during my first trip to Korea. The puppies were at one of the houses on 'Winter Sonta' Chom beach.

The Cool Dog
Errr...don't know when this was taken. But don't you think it looks like the dog in 'Thank You'?

The chocolate dog
This was taken in E Dae Ap. This dog was following me around and going into each of the shops. I'm sure it belongs to one of the shop's owner as it seems at ease running around that area. I was soooo.... tempted to bring it home.

I've just about managed to catch up on 'Coffee Prince Shop No 1'. Tonight should be good as Han Kyul finds out that Eun Chan is a girl in tonight's episode. But I hope they find enough material to do for another 8 episodes as it will ran of trying too hard if there's not enough story to tell.

Anyway, there were 2 dogs in the drama, though one had more screen time than the other.

The big, fluffy dog

The what-did-I-do-wrong-look dog
This dog dashed across the road in this scene. Eun Chan ran after it, wanting to save the dog and Han Kyul ran after Eun Chan, wanting to save Eun Chan. Hehe! Don't you think it was a very 'innocent' look?

This was really cute. Aigoo...should really see that scene where he slide down on all fours. haha!

Here's a gif of that sliding scene...cannot remember made by whom but it was taken from soompi. Thanks!

No, Urs... I cannot bring the dog in....

No news on Jang Hyuk in Singapore
It's been rather quiet for the past one week. Don't think he's been sighted at all the whole week. I heard he's busy filming. With his err..'not-so-great' English, I believe it will be hard work. There was a call for extras to film a scene involving Jason Scott Lee and Fann Wong last Saturday. But it was cancelled later. Wonder when we will be able to film in scenes involving Jang Hyuk.... ^^


Anonymous said...

i love dogs!!!
thanks 4 dis cute posting!
from a BYJ fan
mymy ^^

Mawee said...

I love dogs too~~ I wish I had one
(> <) anyway I love the choco dog~ gahh its soooo cute!!!!

and wow Taegwangashingi~ is already starting, ohmy! ^^

Onki said...


Thank you sooooo much for posting K.Will's Hario on your blog...You just made my day. =D

I was kinda shocked to hear his voice coming from your blog, even though his album was on your "I'm hearing" list for a while. I really hope that more people in Singapore will get to know him. His voice is just amazing. K.Will also sang a song each for the OST of "War of Money" and "A Love to Kill".

Can I have a small small request? Can you play "Left Heart" too? I love that song and every other song on that album.

PS: I love reading your blog.

tiffany said...

hello mymy...

I didn't know you visit my blog too...^^

The dogs are cute right?

tiffany said...


the chocolate dog was really very cute. almost wanted to bring it back to the hotel. hehe!

TWSSG- about a month more. ^^

tiffany said...

Hi onki

I first herad K Will on KBS when I herad him perform 'Left Heart' and was mersmerised by his voice.

I didn't watch 'A Love to Kill' nor 'War of Money' (well, I glanced through both of them but didn't actually watched it), so I didn't get to hear his songs.

But I will agree that K Will has got a pretty good voice. Unfortunately, Korean music scene is not the most updated in Singapore so I doubt if many Singaporeans will get to know him.

Strangely, 'Left Heart', though nice, was not one of my fav song from his album. I'm playing track 8 now and will play 'Left Heart' a little later.

Maybe someone from the music industry, who happens to visit this site, will listen and bring in his album.

Though if they bring in K Will, they better bring in SG Wannabe and Eru too! ^^

han min chung said...

Hi, Tiff
Every sunday morning 10:00 to 11:30 on channel 100 KBS world, there is a program called 'love letter' which is live music concert.
Sometimes you can see K.WILL, SG WANNABE, ERU.
I love this program quite good one. try~!

tiffany said...

Han... I was watching Music Bank on KBS for awhile but have not had the time recently.

I know about the Love Letter but really, really no time.

Ok..will try and find time this week. ^^

Onki said...

I agree, the korean music scene in Singapore is really .... sigh...

tiffany said...

Onki...I've always wondered how big or popular the K music scene is in Singapore. Judging from the sales of Shinhwa's was too encouraging.

I guess it's a chicken and egg question.

Do you promote the artiste so that more people will know about them and do you wait till more people know about them before you start promoting them?

Shinhwa and Rain were popular in Korea and other countries way before you could see any of their albums on sale in Singapore...

Anonymous said...

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Juliet said...

what breed is the big white fluffy dog from coffee prince?