Friday, August 31, 2007

Dong Bang Shin Ki rises with The King

The news came out yesterday that the popular group, Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ/DBSK) will be singing the theme song for Bae Yong Joon's latest drama, 'Great King Four Gods' (Tae Wang Sa Shin Gin/ 대왕사신긴). Well, that caused quite a bit of rippple...from both sides.

Fans of BYJ, who are not familiar with the pop scene in Korea are all wondering who they are and scrambling to find out more information. Fans of TVXQ are curious about BYJ's latest drama now. Actually, this is a good move.

Fans of the pop group belong mostly to the young crowd and would be less interested in watching a drama starring Bae Yong Joon (whom they probably feel is way to old for their taste). Fans of BYJ are slightly more matured and is more likely to find the group's mostly fast songs not quite their cup of tea. So now, both groups would be interested to find out more about the other party. Add to the fact that both Bae Yong Joon and TVXQ are popular in Japan and Asia, this can only help both parties in their advancement in Asia.

Dong Bang Shin Ki (동방신기/东方神起/Tohoshinki) roughly means Gods rising from the East. The group debuted in 2004, with the hit song Hug. They were only about 18 years old then. Young right? But most of the artistes in Korea start very young, especially the boy and girl bands.

I once blogged about all these boy bands and confessed that I don't know much about TVXQ as err...they are not really my style leh. Plus the fact that they all seemed to look alike to me with their blond hair. Ok, ok, I know they don't look alike but heck, it took me 6 months to figure the 6 members of Shinhwa. I'm now wondering if it will take me 5 months to get myself familiarise with these 5 boys. Well, maybe it will be a little faster as it's BYJ related. Wahaha! Someone told me to stick their poster on my wall so that I can recognise them. But what will my husband say when he finds me starring intently at these 5 young boys????

But... I got to give this a try, so here goes....

This is Hero (김재중). He's the oldest.

This is Max (심창민). He's the youngest.

This is Mickey (박유천).

This is U-Know (정윤호). He's the leader

This is Xiah (김준수).

They have 3 albums in Korea so far, the last album 'O' was released in Korea last year with at least 3 different versions!!!! Most recently, they also sang the theme song for 'Air City'. I actually rather like the song (which I'm playing now). You can watch the mv of the drama starring Choi Ji Woo and the droolicious Lee Jung Jae here.

They also appeared in the recent Seoul Dream concert and I must say I am impressed with their nifty dance steps. Of course, about half of the audience there was their fans. Wow!

You can catch some of their mvs below and decide if you like their songs. ^^

The theme song for 'Great Kings Four Gods' is entitled 'A Thousand Years Love Song' and you can catch part of it in the news clip here. Sounds rather nice, doesn't it? The composer is Joe Hisaishi, who also composed the beautiful music for 'Howl's Castle' and 'Spririted away'

I am really so happy to be able to finally watch Bae Yong Joon on screen again after a break of 2 years. 10 days more to go!

The Great King rises!


Yee said...

Yeah ... The Great King will be rising in 10 days !!
But I think we (from States) have to wait 2 or 3 months to see it here like Chumong.
I'm sure I can see some screen caps in your's and BB's blogs, while I am waiting for it's airing in the States.
I am so lucky to discover all my Bae sisters' blogs. Thanks ...
This boy band sounds good, doesn't sound wild so this ajumma can take it.
BTW, I found out from one of your postings that San Hyuk from WS (I cannot remember his name) sings the theme song of "All In", I like that song, I'm done watching it. I like Mr. LBH very much here, I think he has better hair style in here to my taste.
Now I'm starting Summer Scent, the actor is the same one from Autumn in my heart, but he looks better in this Summer Scent I think. Cannot believe myself accepting an asian with blonde hair again. Look what our BYJ did to me ...

tiffany said...

Hi Yee...

I'm sure bb'sblog will be more updated than mine with all the titbits. ^^

San Hyuk in WLS? H'es Park Yong Ha and he's concentrated on his singing career in Japan now. I haven't watch Summer Scent.... after reading all the reviews. So tell me how it is like when you're done. ^^