Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dancing with Jason Scott Lee in Singapore

I know I promised to write about my 'Dancing' session with Jason Scott Lee next but the past week has just been crazy......Mianhaeyo...

Anyway, I know some of you are waiting to hear about the rest of my story as an 'extra'. So here it is...

Did I mentioned to you that filming is a waiting profession? I did? Well, I'll say it again. It was a long wait from that last scene that I did to the next scene. Long enough to break for dinner. Although, whilst we were waiting, I think there was some filming done but it didn't involved the extras so we weren't allowed anywhere near the filming site.

When we're not needed, we had to wait in the holding area. So there we were, a small group of K crazy people...chatting away...about K drama and actors.....what else could we talk about right? Hehe! Anyway, whilst we were happily chatting away, guess who should walk by?

Yes, you guess it...

Jang Hyuk.......(with his manager of course)

Alamak... we saw him too late...before we know it, he had already gone through another door. What a waste! It seems the main cast wait in the room upstairs. So near and yet so far... Of course that got us all excited and we discussed plans about how to 'break in'. But we never did lah... we very good girls one... ^^

After dinner, there was even more waiting. Though we didn't really mind as we were having so much fun. I think our group was making the most noise and we were probably the smallest group. Hahaha!

And then, the assistant director (at least I think she's the assistant director or maybe she's the director in charge of the extras) came in...picking various people one by one...with request for umbrellas. Hmm.... does that mean that they're filming a raining scene? Who's going to be there? Jason? Fann? Or Jang Hyuk?

One by one, various people were picked. I honestly had no idea then what they were filming or what kind of people they were looking for at that time. It seemed to be really random. All those who were picked never returned....!

And then I was called but first I had to change into my black jacket.

When I reached the set...which was the same setting as this afternoon.. I saw it brightly lit and lots of the extras with umbrellas. Yes, it was a raining scene indeed.

The irony was, it was actually raining in the afternoon, when rain wasn't needed. So we were all a little drenched from filming in the light drizzle in the daytime. And then, when it was all bright and clear at night, rain was needed. Hahaha! But I guess they needed 'controlled' rain.

I must say it's really interesting to see first hand how the rain was reproduced, even though I do know how it is done. In case you didn't involves lots of fire hose. In this case, there was at least 4 hoses. It was a good thing it was raining in the afternoon, so quite a few of us had umbrellas coz I don't think the props department looked into this. Hopefully, the logo on my umbrealla- "Singapore Speedpost" will not be seen. Otherwise, it will become one of those bloopers. Wahaha!

Then I found out..... Jason Scott Lee would be in this scene. Wow! So I will be in the movie with both main leads. Hehe! Not bad.

You know,... the screen (whether TV or movie) is a strange thing. Jang Hyuk appeared rather big on the screen but in reality, he isn't really very big. But he does have a very nice and fit body.

And I always thought Jason Scott Lee isn't very big size but in reality, he's rather tall and big and he has a fit body too. You can see that he really does train hard.

He was dressed all in black for this scene...which I think could be related to the earlier scene we filmed this morning. Don't quote me on this though. I guess I'll know when I watch the movie next year.

So how close would I be to him? Hmmm...

Well, it turned out that I would be rather close to him.

I will be walking past him....just like when I walked past Jang Hyuk in the earlier scene. Only this time, I will be alone.

Oh dear, that means my fat butt will be seen again and this time will be even more obvious, as there's only one fat butt on the screen for that first few seconds. Sigh... I really should have not have eaten that piece of fried chicken from KFC in the afternoon. I am so paying the price for it now.

I was told to walk slowly...

But seriously folks, who walks slowly in the rain, even with an umbrella? I guess only in the reel world. ^^

Anyway, it went much smoothly than expected and after a couple of takes, the director was actually satisfied.

Wow! That's it.

It's a wrap for the day. Earlier than expected. I guess all the crew must have heaved a sigh of relief after the late hours the previous night.

And where was Jang Hyuk and Fann Wong?

It seems they had left as this scene didn't involve them. We guess they must have left whilst either when we were having dinner or whilst we were filming.

And that's it... my first experience as an extra on a hollywood movie. My only regret was I didn't get to 'dance' with Fann Wong. Oh well, maybe another time?

Did I have fun? Totally! Not just because I did get to see Jang Hyuk. But also because I had a chance to see just how the movie world is like...if only for an afternoon.

And after this experience, I have new found respect for many of those behind the scene. Not only for the director, but also the props people, the lighting people, the logistics people etc. A round of applause for these people who work so hard to bring us that few hours of entertainment.

Happy Birthday Bae Yong Joon
It's BYJ's birthday today. I heard he's still busy filming, so I guess he won't be taking that day off. I'm sure the crew will celebrate with him later. This song, 'You are Borned to be Loved' is often played during gatherings and is considered as 'his' song by the fans. It's a beautiful song. Enjoy!

생일 축하합니다, 용준씨..

만이 행복하세요...

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