Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Latest update on Jang Hyuk

I never knew Jang Hyuk had so many fans. Guess most of them are very low key... hehe!

Anyway, my handphone has been ringing practically non-stop with sms and calls. I've been getting quite a few emails. The K networking system is working at full speed. Thanks 친구. ^^

Ok...He's staying at one of the hotel in the suntec vicinity and should be there for 2 months...but don't know if he's staying there for the 2 full months or flying in and out. Filming supposed to start proper next month or so I'm told.

There should be a press conference soon.

And he was spoted at Central Square today. Don't ask me what he was doing ok...coz I don't have the time to rush down. I do have to work you know...

But one thing for sure...he should be filming at some of the well known places in Singapore and I'm pretty certain Orchard Road will be one of them...just don't know where and when.

So...keep your eyes open... hehehe!

And oh... he speaks English well enough. Well, as it is a hollywood movie, it will be mostly in English.

And May Choon says he is very nice after meeting him last night.

Ok...I want to see him in action. Preferably see him do ballroom dancing. Can people update me please? And Urs has offered to be his teacher for the ballroom dancing.. Urs...you should contact the production company lah. :p

To answer Han's question on Jang Hyuk's and Fann's height. I was also curious so I did a little check last night. hahaha!

Fann Wong is supposed to be 1.71
Jang Hyuk is supposed to be 1.77

According to wikepedia.

If anyone of you take any photos, please post ok..?

This is so exciting!


아이니 Aini said...

Heh heh...yeah..I also want to see him in action. It's been awhile.

So where should I start stalking?

han min chung said...

Thanks Tiff. ^^
I hope to meet him on the street accidently keke.

tiffany said...

ani... you going to stalk him? hehe! Err...today very quiet...no news from anyone at all. Don't know where he is hiding.

Maybe he's having a good time trying out the food here. I know most of them like the chilli crabs.^^

tiffany said...

If you see him, please take photo and show me ok? ^^

Btw, I seemed to have lost your email address. Can you drop me an email?


莉子(riko) said...

I am a Japanese fan of JangHyuk.
How I envy you!
I hope that you meet him accidentally!

tiffany said...

Hi Riko...I hope I get to see him in action too.^^

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany

I remember you once said you didn't quite take to Jang Hyuk - remember the array of hunks you posted and I asked if Jang Hyuk was included? Has it changed after watching "Thank you"?


tiffany said...

Hi xing-xing...

Am afraid JH is still not one of my side dish. However, he was brilliant in Thank You. He has confirmed himself in my book as a good solid actor and sometimes...I think that's probably mroe important for an actor than being known as an idol actor.